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    Quote from Darkennz

    I ll just ignore random ppl hiding behind the computer apreading "bad" words.

    Mature is something hard to see in the forums. I want the opinion of mature ppl, not some kids thinking about how awesome they are saying to me "jerk, fuck off, blah blah".

    Grown up, words like that doesnt ensure your point, if you want to make it valid, say it in a polity way.

    Talk about mature and then can't spell words correctly. LOL. Anyway back on point, We get to say fuck off because well your point is 100% invalid. D2 had the same randomness. You're just upset that you didn't find the perfect item, which by the way is supposed to take hard work to find. So please stop whining, play the game, loot the monsters and you'll get that item eventually.
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    If you're looking for 'progression', go play WoW. If you want no-commitment farming, play D3.
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    Quote from Maxemilian

    I farmed a boss in WoW for 8 months (in ICC) I never ever saw that specific item. RNG is RNG, exists in both games. And I like em both.

    Dat DBW.

    @OP I like both games still play both (mostly WoW only when D3 is down for whatever reason xD ). I'll agree with you mostly, but I still consider D2 and D3 similar enough as far as gameplay and storyline. Just my opinion, no big deal.
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    Friggin' WoW to Diablo noobs. If you don't like the random drops in D3, don't play. This isn't new to Diablo games, it's always been like this. Go back to WoW if you want your set gear drops. Jeez, damn whiners. Think they should get everything handed to them.
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