Question about Hell level gear

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    I'm a level 56 Barbarian in the middle of Act 1 Hell. I read tons of threads about how Inferno is hard and you need to gear up for it to get better. I am having these same troubles (Yellow and Blue packs of monsters kill me lots) but in Hell level.

    I like the idea of farming gear and not just buying all the best stuff out of the Auction House. Is there a way to know how good of stuff it is possible to find in Hell level Act 1? I play through a few quest, get tons of blues, and most of it doesnt seem that great at all, but sometimes I do find upgrades that are way better. I feel like I am still wearing stuff from normal(lvl rq

    Thank you for any help.
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    its hellmode its meant to be hard, I had to change my full setup on my wiz because I was getting roflstomped aswell, inferno is not meant to be playable for the avrg player so dont even worry about that for now

    P.S. I bought my wep from the AH and some vit gear but the rest im just gona farm [and yes I had some level 25items and still have some level 35items on aswell] so dont worry tomuch there are others inthe same boat

    oh and also im pretty sure till your in later acts 3-4 items wont be much better then what you got on :\ atleast I havent found much good in act 1
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    I read the buff at 60 helps find more drops so I am going to focus on making it to 60 and progressing further into Hell, but I do know good items do drop in Act 1. I have gotten some upgrades that are much better then what I had, but I am just having trouble knowing what is the best stuff I can expect to see from this stage of the game.
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