Belial Inferno, problem Wizard

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    Hey people,

    Lately i've been trying Belial on inferno for hours on my Wizard but it seems i just cant get anywhere close to kill him. I've tried different builds, i've tried many public games but all ended up in failure. I managed to solo the 1st part where the adds come in but , once belial gets involved i die.

    Maybe anyone who managed to pull this off could help me with some tactics or tips.
    What i've been trying is teleport to the corner and archon blast all adds to pieces. This way the adds will die before they even reach me. But once Belial's first form enters it gets allot tougher , i try to kite him and use Arcane hydra to deal some damage and do some arcane orbs. This works fine untill the adds pop up and it's really hard to avoid them + his Aoe attacks. , tried to kill them but i ended up dieng everytime.

    So yeah this is the part where i'm kind of stuck , all the other bosses i've been able to solo , except this one. I think it's due the the small walk space you have which makes it so hard to survive on this boss.

    Char info:
    34k HP
    21K DPS
    350+ All resist
    4k armor

    Hopefully someone can help me out with some tips :P
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