Diablo 3 and the constructive improvement thread..

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    Ok I wanted to make a thread to build and post onto the official forums but first I wanted to see everyones thoughts and ideas.


    First lets go over the good things.
    Core of the game:

    Isometric view is great and I love the feel of leveling, virgin kills in normal giving rares is also a great incentive to progress through the story. The classes are great just balancing changes need to be made. The rune system is an awesome idea and i love playing with different builds.

    Ok lets get on to the changes cause this is the crux of the thread.

    My thoughts:

    1) Leveling system is too fast. I love getting stronger but I feel many people are completing a difficulty and trying to jump straight into the next. I think that we could solve this by making the leveling process a bit slower being able to hit 60 in 1 day was not something I felt I should have been able to do. I feel if leveling was a bit slower it would give people more incentive to do a little farming in that difficulty before progressing to the next.

    2) Virgin kills: while it is great for normal I think it should be extended to all difficulties minus inferno. It would provide a better incentive and allow people a better chance at gear while leveling without having the nephalam buff.

    Another idea is to make a difficulty version of the nephalam buff so once you beat a difficulty maybe you could get the nephalam buff for that difficulty and then inferno at 60.

    3) Itemization is out of wack. This is clear and has already be detailed by many people. I think by buffing legendaries to be the same as they were in d2 LOD is a good place to start. But I think nerfing some of the magical items that are 300 dps higher than legendaries is really not good itemization for an item hunt game. I want to wear my class set not wear blues and rares that are miles ahead.

    Some of the dual wielding vs 2h needs to be addressed as well. The fact that for DH bows vastly vastly outweigh dual wielding kind of sucks. I would love to use hizzys and be viable but at this time it just isn't.

    4) Balancing there is clearly a large gap and hurdle in the inferno difficulties and we need to know how to progress. I don't feel I should have to have 90% perfect rares in each slot to progress in act 2 inferno or use silly cheap builds and long long kiting strategies.

    Will add more later when i get some feedback and help I need to do a butcher run lol.
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    1) People need to grow up and learn to farm gear or stop playing this game.
    2) The AH and BS (when ever Blizz fixes the prices) make up for this.
    3) Agreed, hopefully soon but I'm not holding my breath
    4) Drop monster damage but boost their HP and possibly throw in more packs of champs/rares, that should make it interesting enough.
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