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    So bros :D

    Went into Nightmare level Diablo and was aiming to get the achieve to punch diablo... I got that and thought to myself "you know what epiclipto? (cuz I always have a self-dialogue in my head) Diablo is easy, try being creative. what do you mean epiclipto? I dunno... try punching him to death" so I did.... twice... first time server maintenance DC/d me near the end and I ddn't get the kill (THANK YOU BLIZZ!!).. second time I killed him but the last 5 shots were cut out because my fraps had an "error b:ram7" and cut out :/ ..but they are both recorded and will upload to youtube soon... each attempt took about 2 hours-ish

    I'll be uploading the best parts of the fight and will keep the first attempt and kill video (full length) incase people start yelling for "fakeness"

    Also soon (not sure when but soon after I finish my exams) I'll be putting together a 4 man "Inferno - Let's Brofist Diablo to death" event.. 2 of the 3 places are accounted for there is still one more for a lucky person... hope you enjoy :D

    Here's the video :
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    You're going to run into an enrage timer on Diablo trying to do that on inferno.
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    Quote from Nightmare13

    You're going to run into an enrage timer on Diablo trying to do that on inferno.

    hmmm how bout hell then? I haven't been doing much reading on it cuz of the lack of time due to end of year exams etc.
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    you didn't punch him to death? you used Frenzy? Barely impressive. Punch him to death with zero abilities and I'll be impressed. :cheers:
    EDIT: the video and this thread should be renamed "Killed Diablo without using a weapon" rather than saying you punched him to death.
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    Awesome is spelled wrong in your video.

    That seemed like fun... next time try doing it without Frenzy, just a regular melee punch.
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    you simply get the punch achieve when figth is at the and and you take out weapon and primary skill..
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    only thing i can think is... who would ever do diablo without weapons on nightmare over normal?
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