Question regarding price of a Ring

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    I don't see any other suitable section to ask questions with regards to this so I posted here, sorry!

    How much would this kind of ring sell for on auction house?

    lvl 50 requirement
    +7-14 damage
    +40 int
    + 40 vit
    +24 lightning resistance
    +115 armor

    Thanks :)
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    The prices on the auction house are all over the place. Things that are good can sell for 10000 gold one day and several 100.000 the next.
    But my guess from that ring, around 30-45k buyout is what I would put it for.

    A tip for later so you dont have to post on the forum every item you find is to search for similar items you want to put on the AH, with the search function you can narrow your choices down pretty good.
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    thanks for ur tip! that will come in handy sorry!
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