Can my Laptop run Diablo 3?

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    Hey guys,

    I'd like to buy Diablo 3 but I'm not sure if my Laptop can handle it. I tried out and the Game-O-Meter of Yourgamers, but the first one says it wont work and the second even doesn't work itself. So I bet it would work but don't want to throw 60€ away if it isn't.

    So all I want to do is try it out with a guest pass.

    It would be really, really nice if someone of you could send me one to my E-Mail-adress: [email protected]

    I need an EU Version, 'cause I'm german ;)

    And yeah. Bayern really sucked at CLfinal ._."

    Thank you :)
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    (don't know how to do that, I'm very sorry :/)
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