For the love of god

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    What makes you think a deamon hunter that just dinged lvl 10 can afford paying 1 million gold for a crossbow?

    BE REALISTIC WHEN YOU MAKE AUCTIONS, u only got 10 at a time, why waste it...
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    Hahaha some people shoot for the stars with the hope that some random idiot will bite.

    Its just like when someone trys to sell a ps3 on for $1200.
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    Heh, yeah. The suggested items the Auction House lists are hilarious too.. always like 100,000K +. It's like.. dude, can't it tell how much gold I have? Why recommend something I don't even have 1/10th the gold for.
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    sometimes people just do that to show off their drops w/o intending to sell it for anything reasonable
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    yeah, its fun sorting through the stupid posts for ones that are worth getting. I also like how something being a legendary means it will automatically be astronomically more expensive then similar or better rares.
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