Cow Level

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    Hey! I just found complete Cow level recipe!
    I was looking over youtube and i found a video with everything(links at the end). So i copy pasted the recipe and reformat it.... And here you have it!

    Here is the list:
    -Black Mushroom: Act 1: Next to Adrias House.
    -Leroic's Shinbone: Act 1: In Leorics Mansion Fireplace "Random Spawn"
    -Liquid Rainbow: Act 2: Dahlgur Oasis, find Zaven the Alchemist and enter the Mysterious Cave, then find the Mysterious Chest.
    -Gibbering Gemstone: Act 3: In Caverns of Frost, dropped by Chiltara. "Random Spawn"
    -Wirt's Bell - Act 2: Any act: Bought from the Little Girl in the City cost's 100k.
    (Warning! All are random except for bell)

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