Down on my luck, Anyone have and extra friends pass. PM me plzzzzz

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    I wont be able to get diabblo 3 for another and I was wondering If anyone, anyone at all had an extra friends pass code I could have so I can play untill I Buy it next week. plsssss help. PM me the pass, ty
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    nice try
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    What do you mean nice try?? Im just wanting to play the game untill I get my paycheck to buy it. What kind of scam can a person do with a trail code. ppl these days........
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    This is actually a legitimate post. I know the OP IRL, and while he may not be keen on forum etiquette, he really is unable to buy d3 til next week. He's just asking because i told him that i was able to get one from here, and that people were nice.

    Good luck friend.
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