The Big Install/Update Issues/Errors Thread

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    The installer was unable to read the file "Diablo III/Diablo".

    On Mac OS X. Anyone know why this is happening?

    Sounds like an installation permission issue. When you launched Diablo III Setup, did it prompt you for your administrative password? The entire Diablo III folder (and enclosed contents) are owned by "system". I didn't install mine into the default /Applications/Diablo III folder though. I pointed it to another disk where I keep my non-Apple applications.

    Before the setup launches, he asked me for my password .. So why does he keep telling me that erorr ?
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    You can resolve Diablo 3 Error 108 by going through the solution steps mentioned in the presentation tutorial. The tutorial mentions that clean your Windows registry, diable secondary logon, turn off firewall and security software, update agent.

    Good Luck!
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    Necro. And problem no longer exists.
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