(Recap) Diablo III - Crafting

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    work in progress

    Crafting is a new system added to Diablo III. The main goal of the system is to help players supplement drops that they may not get while playing. For example, if a player never gets a good chest piece, he will be able to craft one. Players will be able to craft armor and weapons as well as gems. There are two Artisans who will help the player with their crafting; the Blacksmith and the Jeweler.
    • Artisans are shared account wide so any progress made will be seen on any character on the same account.
    • Hardcore characters are an exclusion to the rule. They will have their own Artisans progress.

    • The Blacksmith will craft armor and weapons as well as salvage items for crafting materials.
    • Materials for crafting are gathered by breaking down non-needed items.
    • Breaking down items is done through the use of the Blacksmith.
    • There are a range of crafting materials and qualities.
    • Different item qualities will produce different crafting materials, the rarer the item, the rarer the crafting material gained.
    • Crafting will require specific crafting materials as well as a monetary fee.
    • There are currently 2 (Magical and Rare) crafting materials for Normal, Nightmare and Hell and 3 (Magical, Rare and Legendary) for Inferno.
    • In Normal players will find DiabloWiki.com - Subtle Essence Subtle Essence and DiabloWiki.com - Fallen Tooth Fallen Tooth, in Nightmare - DiabloWiki.com - Shimmering Essence Shimmering Essence and DiabloWiki.com - Lizard Eye Lizard Eye, in Hell - DiabloWiki.com - Wishful Essence Wishful Essence and DiabloWiki.com - Encrusted Hoof Encrusted Hoof and in Inferno - DiabloWiki.com - Exquisite Essence Exquisite Essence, DiabloWiki.com - Iridescent Tear Iridescent Tear and DiabloWiki.com - Fiery Brimstone Fiery Brimstone.
    • Crafted items will not be the best in the game but should help fill the gap of those few items that you do not get from random world drops.
    • Some crafted items will have set attributes while others may have some random properties that will change every time the item is crafted.
    • Set item recipes can be found which will unlock the ability to craft each individual item of the set.
    • The Blacksmith will require DiabloWiki.com - Page of Blacksmithing Page of Blacksmithing, DiabloWiki.com - Tome of Blacksmithing Tome of Blacksmithing and DiabloWiki.com - Tome of Secrets Tome of Secrets in order to increase his level.


    Unofficial Jewler Preview can be found here
    • There are 4 types of Gems: Amethyst, Emerald, Ruby and Topaz.
    • Each type of Gem has 14 grades: Chipped, Flawed, Regular, Flawless, Perfect, Radiant, Squared, Flawless Square, Perfect Square, Radiant Square, Star, Flawless Star, Perfect Star and Radiant Star.
    • Only Gems up to grade 8 (Flawless Square) will drop from regular mobs. The others will have to be crafted by the Jeweler, combining Gems of the previous grade.
    • Gems add different bonuses depending on which type of item you put them in: Helms, Weapons, Armor and other, not yet specified slots.
    • Each type of Gem can add different stats to the different equipment it can be socketed in, but only Helms and Weapons bonuses have so far been revealed:
    Amethyst - Helm: +% Life; Weapon: Each Hit Adds +X Life.
    Emerald - Helm: +% Extra Gold from Monsters; Weapon: +% Crit Damage.
    Ruby - Helm: Increases Experience per Kill by X%; Weapon: +X-Y Damage.
    Topaz - Helm: +% Better Chance of Finding Magic Items; Weapon: Melee Attackers Take X Damage on Hit.



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    There is a mistake. The Gem Bonis are known in other slots. Rubys give Strength for example. In the last Video on the mainpage "what is diablo" were some gems socket into legs. you can see the bonus. (min 2:26)

    I think it was a ruby 2nd grade with +10 str. amy +10 vita
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    Awesome recap ! Keep up the good work.

    There is something I'd like to clarify though, during the time spent on beta, I salvaged a sh*tload of blues, and gained "Petrified Bark" several times. If I'm not wrong, it is a Normal Legendary crafting material. Has it been wiped out of the game ? Now that I think about it, I didn't get any with the last few patches... last one was maybe on patch 14 or something.
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    ''Crafted items will not be the best in the game but should help fill the gap of those few items that you do not get from random world drops.''

    and where is that from?

    ''To Renos' point, there are only 2 Mighty Weapons (1h and 2h) that are level 60 in the game? :(
    Again, this does not differ greatly from Diablo II. Also, rares and crafted are end-game competitive. Our goal was to balance, not dominate with legendaries''

    Sadly I'm pretty sure you can get the best (or close to) item in the game by crafting a rare with 6 affixes.
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    Quote from Windex7

    Sadly I'm pretty sure you can get the best (or close to) item in the game by crafting a rare with 6 affixes.

    Why sadly ?
    From what we've gathered so far, we can guess that crafting end game stuff will be hugely expensive (mass comps, gold etc.)
    Moreover, every affixe should be widely random, so before poping a "perfect" craft, which is supposed to be close to the better stuff, you'd probably need to craft sh*tload of items.
    It could be millions of gold before getting a decent craft, so it doesn't seem to be "the easy way" of getting overpowered.

    Once again, you could just also pop the perfect craft the first time... but it's not different from running through the game and getting a Legendary from a barrel.
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