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    Basic Information
    Questing is important in Diablo III. The game is played through by completing one quest after another, moving along the story of the game. Some will require you to kill a certain demon while another may have you collecting pieces of some magical item. While killing millions of demons is fun enough, the quests in Diablo III give your kills meaning.
    • Games are now started by quest.
    • There will be a string of quests that walks the player through the story of Diablo III.
    • There will be smaller optional quests that will appear in each game randomly.
    • Story quests are mandatory to complete, the randomized quests are not.
    • There will be many more quests in Diablo III compared to Diablo II.
    • While working through a quest, checkpoints will be awarded at certain places. In case of death you will be resurrected at the last checkpoint reached.
    • There are also waypoints that allow players to instantly travel to an area.
    • You can only use waypoints that you have previously activated.
    • Once quests are completed there is generally an NPC around that will give you your next quest immediately.
    • Random quests will be found throughout the world and will be started, usually, after interacting some object or person.
    • Players are able to play the same quest over as many times as they want.
    • The bulk of the story is centered around Belial and Azmodan invading Sanctuary.
    • The game will conclude with a fight against Diablo.

    Opening Cinematic
    Blizzard released the opening cinematic that will begin our quests through Sanctuary.

    Black Soulstone Cinematic
    The Black Soulstone was a video released during the 2011 Blizzcon that portrays the peril that our heroes are under while questing through Sanctuary.

    Beta Quests
    There were four story quests included in the beta. These four quests will begin the game and story that our heroes will take. There were also two extra quests included that were found in the Defiled Crypts.


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