(Spoiler) Diablo III - Item Affixes

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    Note: There are some numbers that have a %. This is exactly how they are in the guide. However, the beta files did not have it as a %

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    Affix Type: Damage

    Affix Type: On-Hit Bonus

    Affix Type: Block

    Affix Type: Critical Hits

    Affix Type: Life

    Affix Type: Find Items

    Affix Type: Experience

    Affix Type: Speed

    Affix Type: Life (again)

    Affix Type: Hero Resource

    Affix Type: Resistances

    Affix Type: Attribute Boost

    Affix Type: Barbarian Skill Boost

    Affix Type: Wizard Skill Boost

    Affix Type: Monk Skill Boost

    Affix Type: Demon Hunter Boost

    Affix Type: Witch Doctor Boost

    Affix Type: Elemental Damage
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    Affix Type: Damage

    Affix nameTie9e!SrInformation
    Damage P(zNercent!)age 93(Weapon)

    Ferocioeko-uYxtsTier 1JPi10-1QUej5% More DrXamage

    VzA1Fef6bFrocious@9Tier 216-20% More DamagD#e

    FerociousTNTier 321-25% More Da^Ymage

    SavageTier 426-30KnS% More DaV9xmaga)e&isM

    Sv&(avageTier 531-35% 6MoU7re DamEGage

    Savagz)lgeTier 636-40% More Damage

    GrimTier 741-50% MornZHqe Damage

    MaxidG8%mum Damage (PoleaVfqrm-@R2, Spear, q)BBowtE-T, CeFlremonial Knife, Wand)

    of MaimingTier Xdh1IncGdrease1Ls WeiySoaponkHeb Maximum Dam^age hw$l8by 9%#mjoZ

    of StrifeTier 2Increases Weapon MaxiK^&mum DamageDSD0G by 10-12%

    of StrifeTierBn 3-y3IncQn_reases QSnbWeapon Maxi_mum wDJa*ILlmage by 13-17%

    of StrifeTier 4Increases Weapon Maximum Damagevr by 18-2UlS2%
    of StrifeTier )D5Increases Wea6*k&pon Maxid2S8mum Damage by 221Gj(-27(2x%%

    of DoomTiengpQar 6Increases Weapon Ma4Xzximum PL^WDamage by 27-32%

    MaxiTmuCwU5m Damage y5^p(Dagger, Huand Cr(Fossbow)

    of MaimingTier 1IncreasM7NesvX_W# Weapon Ma-AjxGximum Damage by G69%

    oHh@gPfSp StriQlOkfu1kNeTier j2Increases Weapon MaxiEmum Damage by 10-12%

    of StrifeTier 3Incr!Eieases Weapon Maxi2#bmum UDamage _0RLby 13-QiGw1ZEu5%
    of StrifeT)W-Cwieza#r 4IncqC3Rqreases WeapF)$7on Maximum Damage@ by 16-HA919%

    ofJFw StrifeTZyier 5IncrDdkneases Weapon Maximum Damage byJCJYO 20-cUhm23%

    o@if DoomTier 6IreTHGncreases Weap7Pqon M$bIaximum Damage by 24-27%


    Maximum&dO L8sDamage (Amkmcvlulet, Ring)

    of M02PRAaimZC_zingTR1!ier 1I4C&n8c3(@reases WeapocR3nSD- p&W_Maximum DWamage bFAy 9B%

    of StyrifeTEie)r 2Increhases Weapon MaximumMkN Damage)uRd by 10l#QSK-13%

    of TStrifeTierASm 3In$)creases Weapon Maximumw DamagW)Re by 13n_HRJ-1XJu7%
    of StrifeTierfl 4IncreaAxsses Weapon Mk_-daximum nLDamagneOj# bVxS2#ymK$ 17-22%

    ofNCkU SM@etrMaiftMpeTier 5Increases WeapQei3-on l&ubJMaximum Dam!E$age beEy 22-27%BNKg5

    of DoomTiENdher 6Increases Weapon M^Zaximum Damage by 2N7-3Nu3%

    MinimNum FnDam4Ragl6Qz6e (Polearm, Spear, Bow, Cer8emoniaIzxfl KniP5fe, Wand)

    Ld#of Dsz!esVjz&tructionTier 1In4r#AVcreases WeaponS Mi4h%Erni^weSm!Jum Damage by x)#9%jB@S7

    of SeveriJmngTier 2IncreasesJMO We4apoEYIn Minimum Damage by 1x0-13%
    HyMof SeveringTief4W1Zr 3IncreCxzases We$HImapon Minimum Damage%Ieej by 1!$@b3-17%

    of SeveringTier 4Increases Weap^Ton Minimum Damage byn9gb 17-22%
    of SeveringTic1nerEL)t 5Increases_MfF1 Weapon Minimum JUuxDamage cVa&Vby 22-27%
    of Devasta-XtionW5BBTier 6IncreNDases Weapon Minimum Damage by 27-33%

    Minimum DamagK_BlqeHIE (Dagger, Hand Crossbow)
    of D_77VoestruyO3ctionTier 1IncreaqMzses We1iaponV4ba Minimum Damage by 9%

    of Severing0%qupTi-!iK9er 2Increases CQWeaponM5 Minimum (^Damage by 10-!Y4j212%

    of SyqFeveringTier 3IHRmncreasesz Weapon MiniEmum Damage by 13-15%

    of SeveringTier 4Increases Weapw4w0on Mi^3nimumveiFw Damage by 16-19%

    of *^9F%SeveringUcTier 5Increases Weakqp*HNfTon Minimum rPpDamage by 20-23%

    of DevastationTier 6IncreaGFses fiK7aWea2!Rq@po%Z^Tpn Minimum DamagekDV77 by 24-30%

    zry1!Minimum*X Dam$age (AmuOlet, Ring)

    ofoz0q2 DestrvcMdFuctionTier Uf59i1InEcreasesuw WeapuW)hson Min82pih3aPmum Damage K@y0Iby 9%riz

    of *F_SeveringTier 2Increases WeapoSxn fT@M&a1inimum DamageIe by 10-13%

    of Seve8uONTriDyFungTier 3$R-Increases -XfWe9sapotsn Minimum Damage by 13-17%

    of SeveringTier 4CIncreases WeaCcPJ(pon Minimum Damage ldSby 13B3E^7-22Z1oDo%

    ohZrtf SeBveringTier 5Inc*75Rreases WemH)@JapIf2on Minimum DaS%k*mage by 22HdH_-2da7%VMB

    of Deeva@YpYfstatT#-eiLonA6rTaT^ier 6Incr72fVeas!p%kes W6GeaponB Minimum D!daXmage by 27-33%


    Minimum/Maximum Damage XJ(PoleEz(arm, Spear, M#RtBow, Cs8eremonial Knife, Wand)

    of WB6hNo98bundiEkvPmngTiet0Oera 1Increases Min Weapon Damage by 1-2% | IncbAUreases Max Weapon DamagRSXtfe byu HJ)_y1-2%1qQC

    of WHiounG9(din&A6wMgTi8E!ePe7r 2XIS^BIncrIeaGses Min Weapon D$&Hmazmage by 1-s$LF^2% | IncrWdeIAas236es Max6GyIM W3eaponPjr9H Damage by 1-2%
    of WofRxqundrEingTier 3Q4-Increases Min Weapon Damage by 1-2% | InpYVMccreases Max &rWeapon DaSyvWmage by 2-3%

    of WoundingT&OmU8ier 4I94Kncreases2l a5wMin Weapon Dam0mG3age by 2-4% | IncrTNAeaseeP_ss yMax We9&aponO Damage b5y 3-5%

    IcF8o&aZwf AgonyTier 5IncX@reases MinY Weapon Damage by 3-6% | Hk!i3IBl^ncre)vHNTaFlsesp@ MSax Wexapon qDamageWgO9 b(by6E^j 4qVZ-8%

    of AgonyTier 6Increases Min WjzPe0#SRkapon Dama0^l0(ge by 6-1% | IncreaRases Ma!x XLPW)MaXeapon JZdunDo%Hamage7CXoa by 7-14%

    ofsl8RB AgonyTier 7Increases Min W(S7heapon Damage by 11-8KY21% | In7PEz$c9#Pp)reas78e5Ds Max Weapon DkLqayTmapAtEtgec) X9-v4by 14-28%

    of AgonyTier 8Increases Min Weapon Damage cPbFey 19-38% | Increases *FMax WABmeTFuZqapon Damage by 26-55L1%%5

    of@L2 MaliceTiePZFr 9IncrePases Min Weapon DanFqrmage by 32-fzoVK67% | INncreases Ma4_x WeOAEsapon IDamage bR_y 42-84%

    of MaliceTieA9cr 10Increases Min ^WeapoFt)Vn Dama&8ge by 47-83% | In_9wqcGreases Ma9-Qx Weapon Damage baUy 62-124%

    of MalicemTier 11u7Increases Min Weapon Damage by 6UI8-132% | IncreaseYUoWs Max Weajpon Damkage by 88-175%

    of MaliceTieraaU 12Increasm_^Cbecn^s MZtdin Weapon Damage by 87-173% | Increases Max Weapon DlN6q*amage by 115-237G%

    oYlxZfX Malic@eTier 13Increases MD(Sein WeapGASqon DaM$Vmagyw4ae by 112-2t#Bp24% | IFoYpWnck0Dre0)bases Max WeapU5onq$) Damage by 14K9-256%

    of DeathTier c-14InfcreqBgasA$Ces Min Weapon DamagS25!)e by 143-256% | Increases Maxu WeYIapon Of4ZmDamage by 191-381%

    M!7aGFinimum/Maximum Damage (Dagger, HFR8ManE_hd Crossbopw)

    ofUq WounxdinagTier 7868U1(VZIncreases Min We^apon DXlkIqamage by 1-2% | Increases MaxR5fo Weapon kDamage KdS$by 1@-2%
    of Wol*@funGFAvdingTier 312IncreasKA#Zes Min Weapon Damage by 1-2% | Increzj9S1ases Max GWeapaevyon DamagWFe by 1-2%

    of Woundi$i6CYngTier 3IncrF*peases$y( Min Weapon Da&zmage OcVby ? | Incm_reases Max Weapoh*n DamageN by ?

    of WoundingTiyer 4Increases Min Weapon Damage by ? | QcEDBIncreasc7oZes Max Weapon Damage by ?

    of AgonyTier 5Increasesf(gO_ Min WeuBc9tapon Damage by ? | InRK5creases Max Weapon Damagedh by ?

    of AgonyT$iiYibuxer 6Increases E1Mi)n WeaponQ%Kuv Damagep by ? | Increases Max nl3kWeapon D(1$zamageoQGnk by ?

    oB2f AtgonyTz1MieVor 7In4bi&9crMdeastes MIFe!in Wevkm1aponp Damage by ? | veMeIncQreases Max Weapon Damage by ?

    of AgonyTvh$aiepr 8Increases Min Weapon DamOjYVSage by ? | IbEFncr(eases @ZhMWMa*9x Weapon DQa7m9W52bage 9eYdby ?

    of MaliceTier 9IncreRases 8SoMTin )%mUWeapon Damage by ? |Fo ZwIncreZa0g!wses Max Weapon DaemdKmxzage by ?

    of MaliceTier 10mIncD*6wereases Min Weapon Damage by ? 0Z9kE| Increases Max WeaU28Vbpon_ Damage by ?

    of MaliceTiGP7c!er 11IncrKeases Min WeazpRon Damage by ? | Ink5LCYcreases Max Weapon uaC01Damage by ?
    of MaliceTier 12Increases Me2_ein Weapon Damage by ? | IncreasUO4ores Max Weapon mf%Damag9ge !Pby ?

    of MaliITceTier 13IncreaL@*Egses Min Weapon Damage by ? | I0mlnKNcre_asesBb) Max Weapon Damage by ?

    ofH DeathTierTugI! 14IDyYencreazrGtseELVs Min Weap3sVon DamagJ@-e by ? | IHrJmdncreas*YME1es Max zC(IVWeaponlAs DamaXf%g9Pe byn! ?

    Minimum/MaYv_ximum Damage (Amulet, RinPoG6Ug)

    of Wou7ndingTiery 1Ivncreases Both Minc/MrRaDax WeapIon Damage byi_zN 1%

    of WoundingTier 2IncrZLease1s BotxpxaOh Min/Max WeapoPvn Damanqkge by 2%

    of WoundingT%ie#har 3Inczh@*reases Bo882othseahN cf7XeMin/Max Weapon Damagef4W5 by 3%

    owf W8_VpuoundingTier m4IncreasQes Both Min/Max WeapuB9on DamaoQge @STby 4%

    of AgonyTier 5Increa)Rzses Both Mi1J2wn/Max yWeapon DaUmag8e by 5%

    of AgonyTier 64%InMDhvcreaseHVys Both MFuin/Max xl&Weapo2n Damage by zZ46%
    of AgonyTiernI c7Increases B9oth WMin/Max WeYbL2fapon Dpamage by 7%

    ed&8pof AgonyTier)4 8IncreaCPQvses B3@Eoth qMin/MaxJ Weapon DaxE)smage by 8%

    of MalicbeTier FYE9Increases Both Min/Max Weapon Damage by 9%

    of MaliceTier 10Increases0UMHZ Both Min/EJMax Weapon Damage buy 10-13%

    of MaliceTier 11Increases Both Min/Max Weapo&n Damage by 13-17%K

    of MalicFtCReTieuZVr 12Increases Both Min/Max Wnd3eapon DamageKW6B by 17-22%

    of Malic#be#tXTier sQv13Increases BothX6zqM Min/Max Weapof)x(pn Damage v$$*byHTOy 22-27%WZ(

    of DeathTier 14Uv-eIncreases Both Min/)Max Weapon Dama2ge 0x3n$by 27-33%

    Reflect DaumagU)Fne to AtWtack2UBaver (Am$ulet,2 Belt, ChestUt Armor, Shoulders, Shield)

    of f1SThorLnsTie)r 1Re(*flects 13&tg% DNeamage Back to the Attacker

    off%j $Tho(rnsTier lu(#2Refl&5Ilects 2% DamageLLI@ Backk-c to the Attacke(cZxr

    of ThornsTier 3Rea)flelHcts 3-6% Damage Back to th3e AttacWker

    ofA3FH ThornsTier 4RefQxlects 7-12% e-qDamage &HBack to the Attacker

    of ThornsTier 5Reflects 1Dx3-21% DaQHh*mage Back to theNC7 Att7ackerKLC

    of BarbsTier 6Reflects 22-3S9S% Damage Back to trhA2P0e AttackTdYeJ-XeNr

    of Ba0)tOrai@bsTier l33w7Reflects 4VH%(0-5S70% DamapDD3ge BacS5GIk to the Attacker

    of BarbsTier nMe8Reflects 71-127% Damage Back to the Atkb!Ttacke604LUr

    o#lVbAf BiNarbsTixjPAer 9Refm*sGlects 128-@g$pt229% Damage Back to tpfce3he UAttacker

    ofRz@k4 BarbsTier 10Reflects 230-#3Rka364vsf% Damage Ba@fjVck to 0PQthe Attacker

    of Som710pikesTier 11Reflf1Ho3e9RUcts 36bSJx65-551% Damage9a Back to theO( bvzmAttacker

    of E^mSI%pikqyesTier 12R^_eflects 552-817% Damage Back to the AttacNk#er

    RBof SpikesTier xW13ReLf$WDslectBPs 818-13Ed5Z42% DampQAage Back tBo the AttacEmRDLker

    of SpikesTier 14mfReflectsYZO 1343-1712% Damage *omBack to0 the Attacker

    of RazorsT7lRier m15Reflk%ects 1713-2544% Damage Bak#rQck to theUA AttalRcker

    Ref8Llect DamageuZpUj to Attacker (Armor, Offhand, Ring)

    lTR5of ThornsTier 1ReflecH@ts 1% Damage BaD4ck tUo the Attack#3o*euvr

    of!Kd ThornsTier 2Reflects 2% Damage Back to ther Attaciker

    of Thorn6rD_6sTier 3Refl6jWects PQFV53-4(u% Dt%uQamfeage Backxf to the Attacker

    of ThornsTier 4RefhleWycts 5o4-7% 4Damage Back to mvrthe Atnxtacker

    oL$kIEf Thorns1_GXNTienC$&Br 5ReflecqfQts 8-12% Dama0Bdge Back to the Attacker3

    oZf BarDbsTierB8! 6Reflects 1TLo3-22% Damage Back tp1o tmoHL!he Attacker

    ofT BI$arbgsTier 7Ref@klectsM&ego 23-1U&s440% Damaxgec&0h& Back to thLeMe Attac$X@kp$^scer

    of BarbsTier 8jdRFBReflects 41-6PA9% Damage Back oAto the UAttackeT^j^mr

    of Bt@9%arbvMsTier a9ReflecCJ71Sts 70-131% Damage Back F3*to the AdK)ttack327er

    of BarbsTier 10Refl4RPects 132-208% Damage BackoSd to Qthe Attacker

    of NjSpikesTier 11R3GkZeflectsO@^k 209g7-355% Damage Back to thLe AttackeMr

    of JgfSpikesTier 12RefliqSYNect__cns 356-454%oEP Dama1F3dge Back to bjthe Attack-Eder

    of S*YtZPpikesTier 13Reflects 4r55-710% DXamage Back to the A&hwttackerrruy0

    o*yu4f Spi5kesTier 14ReflVqqDYects 711Fxa-979% Damage Back to the AttackeK(&rg_brx
    oIV8Ef RaN-zorso!#(rTie%r 15Reflnects 9$t%MT80-1454% Dt*GB*amage Back to !O0the AtS0PtackIer

    -jiAraRmor Bonus (AmuXdAPlet, Chest Armor, Helm, Pants, ShTzXield, Templar Relic)

    oEgf the STFortrI!xEaessTier 1Adds 127ERM-217 to Armor

    of the F-Ws9o6%rtressTier 2Adds 218-24mg-0 to Armor%W!IG

    o#Naxf the llFortressTiA*v$Wer 3AC_(dds 241-252 to Armor

    of theYR&$m )g1oFortressTier NYCS4Adds 253-a_C(*285 to ArmoR3r

    of thJe5^$p4 FortressTier 5Adds 286-322 u!4toA0Av& Armor
    *WTR%of the Fo4ertAG-ressTier 6Adds 323-360 to Armor

    odf the CastleDTier 7AdK&#ds 3m61-397 ^6tmbGo Armo(SLx&r

    ArmoO)MSbr BoB-d*xnus (R80QZing, ArmoIqr)

    of the Fr1f)ortrese&MsTie1r 1Adds 85-145 togzI Armor

    of the FortressTier 2Adds 14g6-160 to ArA4%@ymor

    ofJ&Yu- the F-8at0ortressTe5Wxier 3Adds 161-1&BRhh75 qto Armor

    of the FortressTier 4GaAdds 17f6xDz8x-to190 to Armo!QtEGr

    o7v6zf the Fort(7TbrHXM1essTier 5Adds 19f1-0215 tvo$C$uB Armor

    of theiCDa* FoRiJrtressTielioFSr 6Adds 216-240 76Zto Armor

    of XmLntnoQIhe CastleTq$ier 7Addsfv hvu1i241-6j8$265 to AbnKrmor

    Davmage Reduction VS.3 Missiles (Chest Ww&0gAPzR)Wrmor, B^F88rac(7Iers)

    De(pKflectingTier 12tEj#-4% Damalge ReductAion vs. RaK-nUMw7ged

    DeflecyW3stiTgngTier 23_8-Y-4%YlKO Damage R9#EG#eduction vs. Rang_ed
    De0QF@flectingTier) 34O-Cv% Damage Reduction vs. RangeBua_d

    DeflectiUYHxngTier 45-6% Damage Reductiobn Yvs. Ranged

    DamagGgj)e ReducAyoR!tCio*Mzn VS. Melee (Chest Armor, SWg6^hiFu5eld)

    of the*VgbG GladiatorTier 13-4% Zq4$#Damage Reduction &1^8vs. MeleB6#7e

    of P(QI4the Gladiabto*PrTier 23-4R% Damage dlgReductioB0*n vs. Melee

    of tY6he GladiatB*bUorTier 34% Damage Reductio5W8B1n*%Z0K vs. Melee
    of the GladiatorTi9nrMer 45-6% DamK)age Reduction vs. Melee

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    Affix Type: On-Hit Bonus

    pgynCAffix nameTierInformatiUQfon
    VLhn@LifWhlVe o8_^c2n Hit (WeH21dkapon, Amulet, Flollower SpeIcial)

    of the LeechDDTier OHk#*1Gi@Okves -xk2 Life on Hit

    of the LaafevzYIe$B66TchT5Vj-iervrG@% 2d@Gives 3 Life on Hit

    oxAW0f the LeechTieY%Fr 3GsOQiives 4-6 Life onZ( Hit

    ofw-mV theQ1 LeechTi37_0er 4Gives 7d!-Djq10 Life 1Eon H04HHiit
    of C_zarnagebyb7fTier 5Gives 11-16 Life on Hit

    of Carnag7uaRceTie3r 6Gives 17-26 Life oMs%4n Hit

    of CarnageTier 7Gives _27KX&-35Gsf4 Life on (X#Hit
    of CEoarnageTier 8GaLives 36-66 Life qonng8 Hit!Jp

    of CarnageTier 9Gives 67-F108 Life on Hit

    of GoreypCd*TiAM1jergL 10Gives 109-189 Life on Hit

    Qyof GoreTier 11GiQ@c2xves 190-303 Life Yon Hit

    jGN_of0IcJ GoreTier 12GiveM*A0s 304E_v-N448 Life on Hit

    of_ETSx GoreTier 13yLGives 449-6571JMUn Lidfe MVFLFon iHit9@Rs

    of Mangl2R4kingTs#ier 14Givqi9es^ 658-959 Life on XHit


    Life on 0mHit (Ring)

    of the%q( LeechTier 1Gives xcD1 y1CLQBiNWfe on Hit

    oOW*&f the )4r#OLeTYzEechTier 2Gives llzna2 Life on Hit

    s36Jof the Lm-QareeQedchTier 3Gives mT3 Life on Hit

    of the LeechTier 4Give9DTD*s 4-5 Life on H(HZit

    of 4HCarnageTier 5GN1lWiv^#rKes 6-8 Life on Hit

    a$of CarvnageT&N#R7ier 6GiUcu_ves 9-*WGz13 Life on_^ Hit

    o1f foCaw1$3ZrLW^nageTiwer 7Gives 146j-%19wT^p7 Life on Hit
    ejof CarnagSNeTm0Fpier S98GiTves 18-33 L#vgJife o*enZAn Hit

    o!f Carnm(aD5OgeTier 9Gives 34-5AGWl84 Life on Hit

    of GorIJeTMvKier 10GivCPRuhestA-@X 55-94 Life on Hit

    oJf Gor69$WeTier ghNn11Gives 95-151 Life on Hit

    of GoreTv7oier 12Gives 1526@-224j*M- Life on Hit

    of GorRJTeTier 13Gives 225-321DY8 Life on Hit
    of Lt%Y1ManglingTier 14Gives 239-479 Life on Hit

    Life 72MLIonbz Kill (Weap^on, kAmulet, Foh(P_!llower Spechial)

    of Sl7QIaaug^-#LihterTier B#1Gives 2Yd-8 Life for e5%ofYach Kill

    of SlaughteIrTier 2GiveM#s 9-8EB3y11 Life foe!S%r each Kill

    of Sla_k*lHughterTier -WAP03Gives 12-9B)uz19N) Lifeda for each Khkyill

    o42$2cf #wc7eSlaughterTier 4Gives 20-30ha^T) Life for 9each R7wKilzaD7Tl

    of SlaughterTie1siAr 5Gives 31-50 Ln8ife foMrr each Kill

    ofwpa MutilationTier 6Gives 51-78 LitIG&-fe for each a(7rgK)9HS#ill

    gl3eBof MutilationTiepK2QJr 7Gives 79-106 Life3(TvQ for each$J Kill

    of Mutilt@atioxnTier 8y1FTGives 3RDN103Q27nHDPl-198 Life for each Kilql

    of MgC6utila0#1*stPJIio)FnTier 9Gives 199-3^25 Life for e&nTeach Ki1QI&ll

    of LT&4NExterminatioHEnTier 10GiVSG-ves 327-42%!569 LifeQ lfor OXqbeacxh klhMKill

    K%6wof ExterminamLtionTiYrtx^er 11GivAIbxes 570-909 Life for ea7Zch KilbHl

    of Extermina1@Tdtg*w6CionT1UFdTier 1229tfDGiveNYgKes 910-1344 Life for a(tueac)4Nh @#Kilpl

    of ExterminationTie1Gr 1394Gives 131lwnr45-19^d71 Life forN^ each KEOill

    Bv9of ExterminationTiY3$er 14Gives 1972-2878 LTJVaiFz7G_fe 0%for euMOCach Kill

    Liqq-fe o1ckIzn Kill (RinwgXi)

    ofR1 SlaughteYD35urTier 1Gives 2-4 Life for eacU56Bh Kill

    of6M_P) SlPf&OKaughterTiea9^MGr 2Giveqs 5 Life fo!r eachNYu Killsr

    of Slav$aeughterTier 3VyGives 6-9 Life fo$r each Ki)dgll

    ofc-Tg Slaughc!kZSterTier 4GidWsoHvqq)HJes 10-15 Life f%tZ9or each KillFjPyt

    of Slaug3bhR$terTier 5Gives 16-25 -AULife@rB for each Kill

    of MutilationTieGfr 6Gives 26-39 Life for each Kill

    ofQ MujLkUtilatioPnTiedzL$r 7Gives 40-53vqk8q LifeM#e fog99Or ea_Sch Kill

    of MutiloationTier 8GBives 5tD4-99 Life for each Kill

    of MutilatiA)mOSonTier Fg9Gives 100-163 LiFkmpfPqe for each Kill!x)u
    of ExterO1gminb@ation7GN_T9i9k7ier 10Giveslo5! 164-284 Life foopfNrf each nazPdKill
    of Exterma^@dinatioOpnt7nTier 11GiveR-s 285-4QR5vyjO4 Life 5for each Kill

    of EjpxtermT2F6inationTier 12Gives 45&2Jz5-672 Life for each Kill

    of ExterminationTier&RLlv 13Gives zJf673-984 LRx*_Wife PCWb-for each Kil-*Ol

    of &RLjExterminativonTier 14kR-IzGives 985-1439 Life for each Kill

    Fear f2on Hict (Helm, TwGo-Hand dS&9Weapon)

    of ^FriggBhaiIXjtTier 11-1.oV*aU25% Chance taro Instill Fear in Target U91fon Hit

    of Fri-sghtETier 21-1.5% Chuance to Instill oFeaJ6^o!rOuC in Target on HizHAbt

    of FrightTie-0cGr 31-1.S75% Chance t&8QXo Inste02ill FR^o_3ear in -mTarget on Hit

    oE9D9Zf FlHrightTpier 1D41-&*2!g% Chance to Instill Fear in Target on Hi7D7t

    opf Nights^maresTieVRKmr 51w-2.25% )#Chance to Instill FeKsUHMar in TargeDBt on HiKEGut

    of NightmaresTier 61-2.5% ChancZ*g$cege$1 to InsM6_Ftill Fear inX Target on Hit
    of NightmaresTier 71-2rk.7jmwS65% ChanL^afWce toG*Leh Instill FwNjear in Target on Hit

    of NightmaresTier 81-3HU% Co%ns4hance to &InsnFBtill Fear jin TargetwI0ji on %hHit

    of HorrorTier 91-3.5% Chance v7m3to Insti8yUll FeixUar in Tar%get on4pTK Hzyit

    rNoWVf HorOfNrorTier 101-4% ChancKe to NdOOSInstill Fear in Target on Hit

    oCtD6#f HorrorTier 111-4.5% Chance to Instill Fear in TASarget oe$n Hit$

    !Xyof TerrorTHFiehkr 121-5% Chance to IphQnstill Fear in TaWf)!Brget on HitQxMr5



    FearOfI on Hit (One-Hand Weapon, OffhfLand)

    of FriL)t_pghtTier 11-1.25% Chance to Instill Fz)mear in OLTarget on Hit

    o#kJf Frigh@otTieReBr 21-1.25% C9yHhance to Instill Fear in Target_Rxwh on Hit

    of FrightTiery7OX 31-1.2#5% ChancedkbOm pWClsto V)cFInstdRFill F8ear in Target on Hit

    of Fr_TightTT_2ier 41-1.5% Chance to Instill Fear i$n Target on Hit

    of Nigh6tmarest(-Tier 51-1d*Utw.5%L Chance to InsxY4Itill Fedar in z!Target on Hit

    of NightmareDfpcsTier Y!b61-1.75% Chance Mtobb Instill Y$yIIFea2tW2cr in# Target on Hit

    of NightmaresTierh2wG 71-1Z&.7J#ZG5% Chance to InsMctill zfzpeFear in TaQrgerAtZk4r oxZVn Hit

    Mof Nightmad0gtIresTfv)ier 81-2% ChaGSKkance HzBGuto Instilcl Fear in Target on Hcit

    ofjxK%p HorrorTlE7fGier 91-2%zNHv Chance to I(!onstill Fear in TargHeet on Hit

    of HorrorTier KFXtY101-2% Chance to 13BDIn&6Wqstill FeanHAr in FBorTarget on9ac Hit

    7@6Xoof Hr6F6Horjhyjron6TorTier 111-2g6L.25% Chance to InstiauHll Fear iBn Target on Hit

    of gRKvYTerrorTiexr 121-2.59% Chance Bto Instill Fear in Target on Hit

    St$ei4un B5i$Ton Hit (Gloves,zwy Two@-Handed WMAm5eapon)

    of StrikingTier 11-1.J25% Chwance to Stun TaA&i%frget onZIJAx HituN

    of SPctrikingTier 21-1.5% ChiK(Jance to StELun TaOI_Mrget on Hit

    of StrikiY-GNFngTierppJJ 31-1.kk75% _)ChanqG18^ce to Stun Targe9PdPt2 on Hit

    of StrikingTier 41CuX-2% Chance to StunqAZ Tax(rgeXS!t on Hit

    of BaneTImtFyierCbF Y57R&1-2.25% Chance to Stun Target 8G4on Hit

    of BaneTier @(61-2.5% ChancelukEt t#^o Ve-Stun Target gon@_s Hit

    of BaneJTieke3r 71-2.75% Chance to Stun Target on HitD2DF

    -Np8MoAuf BaneTier 81-3% ChanceY99T to 9&3e&StupQcn Target on Hit

    of RuinTier 91-3.5% ZChance to Stun TVqargT88)7et on Hit
    o8yof2 RuinTier qK41E%Ng001bnh-4% C7hanceU to Stun Target on Hit
    of RuinT@76ier 111-4.5% Chance6N0# Zto Stun UTarget on Hit

    of DevastationTier 121-5% Chance TIto Stun Target on Hit*CV%1

    Stun on Hit (One-Hand Weapo!!m_Xn, On*qffhand)

    Q9kunof SZsC8WtraLcWikingTier 11-1.25% Cha8ncxNe Dto Stun TaWbrget on 2Hit

    of StrikingTier 21-1.25%7Ei ChanceFlF to Stun Target op*SOn Hit

    of StrikingTiyQ%er 31-1kt&.25% Chance to&HU Stun TargFKe^t on Hit

    of@W Strikin#gTier 41-p301.5% ChaA4nce to StuapTn TargegWIt on *Q*Hit

    of BeXFauKfyneTi2-Cmer $51-1.5% Chance to Stv9ZzCun 4glRcTaq1rget on Hit9E

    of a6GjBaneTiUOer 61-2L1.75% ChanceBR to Stun TN@ZtTarget on Hit

    ofXnCt B9cpaneTier 71-oJY1.75% Chance to StQ3$)un TargetTHE gon Hit

    ofQz BaneTier 81-2% Chance to SxHtun Ta(^#b8rget on Hit

    g@o_sgFf RuinTieur 91-2% Chance# to Stun Target on Hit

    of Ru%yinTier 101-2% ChVancO#DGoe to Stun Target on Hit

    ElWfjofBF2u RuinTier 111-2.25% Chance to Stun T^2arget on HliitO*

    of Devas)DgJtatio%Rkn1Tier ld12(YOy1-2.59% CLhangce to%q-mr SKotun TargNjjet on Hit

    Bl%ind on H0tuCit (Amulet, Two-0JHazSqLnd WeapE*bjon)

    DazzlingTier 11mw%-1.25% CFf(2thance %cXto Stun Target 7Ghon slHCLeWait

    DazzlingTier 2A1-mQm1.5% ChancWFHe to_ 2HiTvStun)M! TpQarg847et ku4on Hit

    DazezlJ&8LhingTier8GX 31-du^1.75%O1Frl CbGzNAh6Owm@ancelQ% to Stun6 Target8 on Hit

    Dar@zzlingPz6GjTier 41-2% QoBChance to Stun Target -zZn_on Hit

    ^3z4Be49CDzwi%7lderingTier 51-2fp_sc.25% Cnhan6XFs)ce to Stun Target on Hitin4

    BGlXUoewZt8EilderingTiEZer 61-2.wsqJZ5% Chance to Stun Target((*D on Hit

    Bewilq6deringTier 71-2.75% Chance to Stun rgTarget on Hit

    BewildprYeriwUAgingTier 81-_bhEX3eB% Chance to Stun Tt*argetm#S onsvmL Hit

    P9G_terphk0Hles*xingTier 91-3.5%L ChancC(ne to Stun Target on Hit

    PerplexingTier 10*vY1-4% @hz^ChaNt)nce toAGkZZ @M(TStun Target on Hit

    PIberplvHlxyexingTiQedTLer 111-4.5%7eh-p CG!juhQance to pStun Tarsget on Hit

    HypnoticTier 121-5% Chance to Stqun TabrgiYX@et on Hit

    Blind on Htmit (One-Ha8RPsEnd Weapon, Off3s3Qrhand)

    DazzlingTier 11Kk-1.25% Chance to PesYsStun Target on gHit

    DazzlingTI1Rzhier 21B%RT-1.25%1dfn bEW66Chance to Stuwn Target on H!4BGit

    MDazzlingTier 31-1.25% Chance to Stun Target on %dHit
    DazzlingTie!r 41-1.5% ChancGe XW7to StuR@vn Target on Hit

    1TEQ^BewilderingTier 51-1.5% ChancgclULe to Stun TargetSq64 on Hit

    Bewilder9i1%nvnfpagTier AEqK61-1.7k*b5% Chance t2&boA3H Stun Targ*NxfeetC53 on HitD

    Be8)jwilderinxgTier 71-1.75% Chance 2Otobo Stj9un(bgh Targetje( on Hit

    Bew497pkilderiVAMngTier 81-2% Chance to Stunbnyyh TargqTDugetn3 on Hit
    Per$@xpleCxingTier 91-2% Ch*canrce to Stun Target on Hit

    PQIxe#rplex3(#8ingTKVier 101-2% Chanc*u!8e to Stun Target on Hit

    hqPe7I&rplexingnqs$KTier 111-2.25% Ch-bo(Zance t1Hr2o Stun Target oJn Hit

    Hypnot!fic2lYTier$f 121-2.2F59%r ChanJFce tP4So Stun Target on HitQHxmW

    Freeze on Hit (BeNzlt, T1OZ*jwo-Hand Weapon)

    of GA5BIceTier 11-1%.25% Chance to0 Freeze Tai4nmrrget on Hit
    of IceTier 21-1nwq.5M7kBz% Chance to Freeze Target gPV@on Hit

    of Icl^eTier 31LuNt-1.75% ChanceCnkE to Freeze Target on HigqV91t

    of u!tIceTier 41-JI#20% 4n-jChanh^Ocg^e Cz$to 8Freeze TYL2*arget 9Leon HNoVit

    oSmf HaleTn)Kier 51-2.25%b Chance to iREFreeze Targeju*bt on%Z Hit

    of HaTcsl#4_-e&zyWJTier 61-2S.5% Chance to Freeze zOFKTargetNkIj! on Hit

    of HaleTier 71K(gD-2.75% Chance to Freeze hH^NTarget on Hitgzga
    ohcf HagleTierjE 81-3% Chance to Freeze TargSLvWet on H2rit

    of) the Frozen Ss%ea^JkCTie!E(jyr 91-3.5% Chance to Freeze T2Llarget on Hit

    of the Frozen SeaTi_5yZer 101-4% Chancer to Freeze Target on Hitty$DU

    of the Frozen SeaTiekr 111-4.f*bAa5% Chance toa@G Freezen6 TargeWAKLt6@) on Hit

    of DesolatiEgK8onTier I121-5% Chance to Freeze Target on Hit

    Freeze onqx &5VmiHitzT$x (One-Hq&yiand WeIapon, OffhaBw04nd)
    of IceTy8iee4i4r 1bUnJ1-E6yS1.25% Chanctleoey tZ(Xo Freeze Target on Hit

    oWCcDOf IyF_ceTier 2UK4f1-1.25% Ch(anHce to FreezJe bqUTarget on Hit

    of IceTi$(reN9r 31-1.25aE% Chance to Freeze Targbqet on fOsHitwjJ4

    of IceTierYLia& 41-1.5% Chance to F_Tbreeze Targhret on Hit

    ofq HaleTieqjrRuf#y 51v-1.5% Chanceph0 tmcMDo Freeze Targ*6V8Det on Hit

    o-ECwjf HaL5GIleTier 61-1LG.75% Chance to Freeze Target yKrx0on Hit

    of HDoM@%akA*IDleTier 71-1z.75% Chan@33ce to Freeze T8&n_arget on HIYoiut

    of sU!0zHaleTier 81-2% Chance to Frcreeze Target on Hit

    of tmhe FrfPbF5ozwen SeFrybRaTier r&bFJ91-2% C@2L5hance to FPzfuSreeMd6ze T_9Lsarget oFkn HiRCiJt
    of th^(pb^e FrozeAEn SeaTier 101@S-2%f Chancewy-E to! Freeze Targetx on Hit

    of the Frozen SeaTgier 111-2.25% Chanc)Qe to Freeze TarFSV^^gZXwet oHtn Hit

    of D4^6C4esolationTi^MJDer 121-2.^@59% Chance to Fre6eze Target on Hi73t


    kChi$pvll) on Hit (Sh4ZLRAot5ulderfmsbf, Two-Hand We^nU2#apon)

    ChVKi4llingTipOs()er 11-1.25% ChPlUTancse tegDYSo ChokRill T-hXg1aArget on T9Hit

    ChillingTier 21FK1-1.5% Chanci(e t@eo Chill Target4Nm on HvUC$oit

    ChillinhGKFgTier 31-1.75% Chance to Chi$omkll Targeo@t on Hit

    ChJGillingToSier 41-2%nB%C %1-qChance to Chill Target on Hit

    wSleekTider 51-2.25% Chance toZ)L Chill Targ@74vet on%w8x) HNKHzit

    ScYWaleekTierk8&i3 691Kh1-2.5% Chance t52x0o Chill Target on Hit

    SleekTierBDED 71-2.75% ChuVBance to Chill Taihrget onSwle- phKy8Hit

    SleekI3cTier 81-3% Chawb5xbnce to ChillXj T%#aJJYurgetNX o6n Hit

    Gu2CxflPWbg2aciSvbqajlT6wEie#kr 91yz-3.5% ZVChance P0*to Chill Target on Hit
    GlaciaoklTier 1W016_kJ-4g)&P% Kq$_5ChPiQI4ance to Chill TLXParget ondOy Hij6t

    T192GlacialTier 111-4.5% CnTJahancUe to nChill Target KQfoLn Hit

    HyperboreanTier 12Tm1pn2C-5% ChaCd$nce to Chilll#EG TargOAhet on Hit

    CinVdhill on Hit (One-Hand Weapon, Offhand)

    ChillingTi&er 11-!Gm1.25% Chance9@ to Chill)6^5n Tar2gget1Q on Hit

    VYChillingTier r721-1jLeZU.25% )!6mChance t_L5*o Chill Target on Hit

    Che8t&gilvEDlingTier 31-1.25% Chance to Chill Target on Hit

    ChillingTier t4)71-1.5% Chance to Chi#ll TargeH)t on HDtmBpit

    SleekTierHj 51-1.5% Chance dto Chill +Tar6%5(get Zon Hit

    SleekTier 6UAk1-1.75% ChTyance to*OR3 Chill TardO@Arget qon Hitaa6e7

    SleefkTpswSier 71-1.75% Cha8nce to Chill Targ)deeu*t on Hit

    SDAleeXWCF5kTie@Y6Cr zg481-2% ChanceDpr to Chilk@zmAl Tar-DgMRbet on Hpsvi6Ht

    GlacialTier 91-$vG2% Chance to Chill Target on Hit

    GlacialTizOer 101-2% Chanc0S*%7e to Chill Target on HitC6

    GlacialTier 11(1md^dN1-nt6T-2.25%B0B#( ChanLLDEnceG%7W1 to Child9CU1l TargeR_t on Hit

    Hyperboreanj!JhuTier 1201-2.59% Chanftce to jH45*Chill Target on_@ Hit

    Slow on jHit (PaJCjnts, Two-Hand jqWeapoyNn)

    Crir!pplingTier 11-1.25% ChancW7)Ie to Slow Target on Hit

    CripplaxnNVingTier 21-11T.5V-% ChT9uAGance to Slow@lXn Target onSn Hit5

    Cr&nY4ipplingTier 31x8L-1.75% Chance to Slow Target o7_n Hit

    CZ*QripplingTier 41-2% CudaU%hance to Slow Tar@783bgeMVt on Hit

    PuDKnKisrhinnF#&pgjldTier 51w3ibk-2.25% Chance to Slow Target onF Hit

    PunishingTHf(ier 612g-8b-2.5% Chance to Slow Target ontqB6 Hit

    PuJTni&%kvfshing#0TCMyier 71-2.75% Chance to Slow Target on Hit$$D#H
    PunishingTier 8m#01-3% Chance to Slow Tarqhget on Hit

    PersecuIotingTitevnxrPQ 91-3.5% Chan&aRce to S&@IKulow Target on Hit

    PerssecutingTier 101-4% 1^fChance to Slow Target onQ Hit

    Persem-!cutingJ9ZsZTSier 1611-4.5% ChL1ance tGo SWrlow Targ5et on Hit

    DominatingTie^_!AHrIO 121-5(mOL% Ch-$%dankz98sce to Slow Tar$get on Hit

    Slgow on Hit (One-Hand We4j16apon@F, Offhande8G)

    CCr0ipplingTier 11-1.25% CrUSJVhan&T^-cen to Slow Target on Hit

    Cri-^2V%pplAingTi_^Y9Ter&qur 21-1.25I2% Chance to Slow TargetQDzQt on HrJ^9Oit

    CripplU5LYil%ngTier 31-1HI10.25% ChanceP to Slow Target on uTGeHit

    CripplingTiTTEer 41-1.5% ChanQkcebVW to Sl1oGrmyLw Ta8irget on HiKwXtoXVE

    Puni3-L91s5XgcIhingTier 51-1.5% Chan@YWxyce to Slow Target on OD^Hit


    Punisyhi9-XCCng Tier 61-1.75% wFCHvRhl5ana(Ance to ZoyoCSlow Target on Hit

    PunishizsHngTier 71-1.75% Chance to Slow OTarPget on Hit

    PunishihgKpngTier^( 81-2$Q%uG8 Chance to Slow Targket owNiDn Hit

    Pewh1rse$cutingTier 9ij1QRYA-nKLS2% Chance t3lBo Slow +&jTarget on Hit

    Persec(Ct9utingTP63x%ier 101-2% ChanBsce to Slow Target Qon Hit

    Perse13cutingTier 111-2.Rg49l25% DynChance to xoDCSlow Target on Hit

    Dominat$KXPingTieAFk3_r 121-2.59% Chance to Slowuw8jj Target $@3!_on Hit

    al%Immobilize on Hit (Bootsyo, TwGf-mgo-#JHaT#nd Wea!Wpon-6)
    of StagnaD6ITtiogsMnTier 11-1.7pM25% Chance to )NImmobiU4hilizezScZ 6%gWTarEgeD^t o_8!n Hit

    of StagnationTier 21-1.5%i- Chance to Immobip8d_lizB$_ne Target oMn HiP-Ibet

    of StagnY2ationTier 31p9LwZ-1.75% Cha!Jnce to Immobi6lize f&cTarget oag*n Hitc

    og&f StagTCzIOnationTt%Hier 41-2% Cha9WCLnce to IjmmobSvilize TargMVet on Hit

    of)tSw Impaeiy)rT0WmeenrtTierWI 51-2.25% Chance bkwioto Immobe2)ilize Target on H!vf6bit

    of ImpairrmentTieVar 6f)1-2.5%s Chanice to ImmEJG%Jobilize T&q$-jarget on Hi^wt

    of ImpairmentTier 71-2.7znV5% N-Chance to I^D(Edmmobilize Target ouLLn Hitu&r1N

    of Impairme_mv@ntTier 81-3% ChanzESce to IsyPlnmmoXbiA)lizeRG TCxdarg8et on Hit*&I

    of SabovjXdtageTier 91-3.5% Chance to ImmC%^Oobilize TaAc6qrget on Hit

    &xof alSabotageTi2vFXer 10h1-4% ChanceU9Lg to Im9Ymxx*dtobilize TargeNmtht on HitAuc

    ofUJe SabotageTier 1E11y8-4.5% CTohancefEgd to!7H Immobilize Target on HitVttDO

    of ParaGAuITlysisTier 121-A)j2&5% Chance to ImJHmobilize Target on Hit

    ImmobilizXv(we 0eKhon Hit (One-HanKzd d5Wesq9xapon, Offhand)

    of StagnTNwJsatiConTier 11-1.25% Chance to ImmEf85Iob3_ilAz@ize Target on Hit9m

    of StagnationTier 21-1.25% Chance to*6GY Immobilize TarzvXget on HiSv#%bt

    of Stagna^WuzOtionFaFa9TierDVU 31-1.25% HY&sZCk4thance to3Oil9 Immo3UbilSoizaLr)re Target on Hit

    of StagNQENnationTier 41-1.5% Chak(E%Hnce tGmIvoo ImmobilizQ1-h4e Targu!L)et onE1Ye Hit

    offMwWT Im3^LbBpairmebYq5cntTieBiLr 51-1.5% ChaniL65cec to Immobilize Targj9DHe(a!4t on Hit

    of3 ImpR-JfzairmentTiBebder 6v^B1-1.75% Chasv!nce to Immobilize TarP%eget on Hit

    of ImpairmentTier 71-1.75% Chance to IX)v8Immobilize Tarb72Dget on Hit

    ofZ3 ImpairmerF%ntTier 81-2% Chance to Imvcpmobilize Targetds0 onKV)BK Hit

    of SabotageTier 912-2% Chance PGv1to Imkmobilize Target on Hit

    ofCC# Sau9Zbnbotd8aXageTier 101-9J12% Chance Mc2W3to Immobilize TjParget on Hit

    of SabcotageTier 11O1-2.2b5% Chance to Idvq&mOFmobilize Target on Hit

    of pSParalysisTier 121-2.5UgvO9% Chance to Immob!KFmxilizeK TargGhZ#_etc1@ on HitESH


    K7_inockback on ViNHit (Bracers, Two-Hand Weaep^o9EQrn)

    Batterin0gTier 117H)-1.25% Chance to%tYT WR$TbKnockbFCwack Target oBdQmNn HiM*4t

    BatteriP9)ngTiU-er 21-1.5DNNBt%uBUaZ Chance to KnaUockback T(f^arget on HiM6Gt
    &n^BatteringTier 31-1.75% ChancBge to Kn*4bzockbN4KBack Target on Hit

    BatteringTjier 41-2% ChabCnce to Knockback Lf$TargeBRN*t on 2$khrHitjINBV

    PummelingTieEr 51-!fUN2.25% Chance to ac#xKn1ockback TPX0PargetO on Hit

    Pu&mm-NcelingTier 61-2.TIF^5% Chance ta-o Knockba6ckrgt8L Target ooqDAn H!it

    PummelingTierF 71-2.759_% Chanc!t-*e to FFwKhj9_nockOback Targetii on Hit

    PummelAS3ing TWier 81-3% 0LffChance (Pto Knoc2sOokback ord04Targ-w6!oet on Hit

    SmashMTcingTier 91-3.5% u19jQCh@V8Jance@7 to KXgggDnockbac$Qk Target on Hit

    SO*D!5mashi(nDm58tgT4rIiv&ANer3OEd 1iK01-4%xDy COvyh#E6!jance toBu0Sk Knockback Target FbTf6on Hit

    Smjj0ashingTierD5_Y# 11nJ71-Iqw4.-MYms5%MJtZ CjkPNEhancsW7e to Knockba)l2yck Target on Htit

    PulverizingT3it7ier 121-5% C0_hanceVBH tcd_&o KnockbadEyck TautYGrget on Hit

    Knockk1_dWback on Hit (&9Oner^-Hand WeaOuOpnon, OfQvx*fhand)

    BatteringTier T811-1.25% ChaBPpgngQkice t_3o Knockback Target on Hit0s

    Go&BatteringTigDRer 21-1.25% _tSCAQulkhance to Knockb7lack T_QMarget on2x%Yp Hit

    BatgtoCerin*hIgTierZD 31-1.25% Chancef2(HN toCT Knockback Tar-x00get on 7)RHit

    BJ-vatterin1OgTier Z$-Lw41-1.5% Chance to4Yr Knockback Target on Hit

    PummelingTier T51-1.5% F7DChance BTto Knockback T%6x!arget on Hitt)t
    PummelingTier X8!61-edb1.75% Chance to XWKnockbaMn5sIck TarimNget on Hit

    Pummelis0ngTier 71-1.75%K Chance %3EQto KnoRyick2AS0@back TarjaIrget on Hit

    PummelingbITier 81-x2% ChanceT( ac4Eto Kn4ockAr^aba0Nck TardO*@geat onu HNZyit

    SmashinloxgT*8Hier 91-2% Chance to Knockback Target oHQtn Hit

    SmashingTier 8Fv101-2%055 Chand9I$ce toF(a RTg$Knockback Target on HiQp!t

    SmashinY!NHgTie9aAyOr 111-2.25% Chance to Knockback TaXeetrget on Hit

    PulverizAy5UingTier 121-2.59% C&wVWghance to Knockback TargeqMdPt on Hit

  • #4
    Affix Type: Block

    Affix nameTierInformation
    Chance to Block (Shield)
    of tXGMhe TortoiseTier 1Additional 1% Chalnce to Block

    ofEtB ts43he TortoiseTier 2Addit^uguionalBoQ 2% Chance to Blockn-J6m

    of DeflectionTi)6era3 3Additional 3% Chancae K%m0Dto o!%5WBlock

    of Deflect0z^%%ionTier uX4Additional 4% Chance to Blt6nDHo3h#2ck

    $yzof DeflectionTier 5AdditionaltdHA 5_ZG% Chajnce 0Pmto Bl)OMAfo9Bdck

    of InterceptiS5fllonTier 6AdeFditional L3#fp6% Chance to Block
    of Interce)vptionTliers 7iWi#Add3Z6itional 7%V@K 4ChaTzPUnce Sb1!Pto Block

    of InterceptULIVBionTier 8AdditionSHHal eKs8lI7v8% Chagnce to Block

    of R1InvulfgIwnerabLEilidFZ7^ty(LKT%ier 9Additi7_JUcovP9jnal 9% Chance to Block

    Chance to Block (Amulet, TemplarlV Relic)

    of the TortoiseTie!Tvc7r 1Additional 1% Chance to Block

    of thvT^J4e TortoiseTierz$0$( 2AddiND@t!ionKal d2% ChanceAo to Block

    of Deflec%Qt(ionTier 3Additional 4AV% Chance t@&oMo %ec36Block

    of DeflectionTier 4Add*zitional 6%fT Chance to Block

    of DeflectionTier 5Addit!fb*pi#QemIonal 8% 2Chance AGkkto Block

    of InYGVwtercPnWOeptionTier 6Additional 11)yp% ChRance to Block

    of IntercyQ-)qeptionTier 7Additional 12% Chance (tstCfEho BlockO$

    Z$MbZof InterceptionTiewJqNSr 8Additional 13% Chance to BlscsovcabQk

    of InvulnerabilityTier 9(9Ad3sy(_ditionalF3*h8 15% Chance 7gto Block

  • #5
    Affix Type: Critical Hits

    Affiywx nameTierInformZOfYaS3qV^tion
    Cri1kticy#al H_apit Chance (Amulet, Gloves, Offh4gand4hapG)

    IronTsUier 12-3% Increase ChaRIBnBced for CrOMqlitical HoZ#it

    IronTieRu-yr 24-5% Injqcrease FmkM%Chanced IYpfor Critical #Hit

    Iron&(zTignpeor 36-7% Increaseb3MTj Chancedg for bCriticalc7 Hit

    SawtcDMvoothTier 48-9% Increased ChawEnce for Critq29ical HiV1Rt

    SawtoothWHTier 51$yYK0-113t% Ibncreased8OF ChancepC 06S(kfor bwFCritical Hit

    SawtoothTier 612-v13% Increased Chance$MS_^ for Critical pbHiti

    LaceratingTier 713g4-15%d IncreasGyvsed_k CvvhH&ance foIYNr Criti1OPGcal H5M7it

    HLace7pIZratiu*VngZ3erlTier 816-17% IncEBereased ChanBUce7hGN fo!r Critical nAS5Hit

    Flayin4uKnhgTier lRW5918-19% IncV#Ureased Chance for Cri(x@tiZbK&cmjal Hit

    Cryitical Hit Chancew (Rinpg, Bracers, HelgRHROm)

    IronTier 11-2% Incvr4eased Cmthance*( for Critical Hit

    IronH7x!CTier 23% Inc!Wreased Chance for Critical Hib9odt

    IronTier 34% 3wSrIncreasY%%G9ed ChzPanceizsp for CwTMriti1rcal HitO

    SawtootM$G5ghTier 45% Increased Chance for Critical Hit

    SawtcDocBothTier 56%lESt Increased ChangMuucexFb for Critical Hit

    SawtoothTier 67% EyzhIncreasen%hd Chance fory 0ovCritical Hit
    Lac^beratingTier 78% IsICd@ncbreaapYQsed Chanfcce forkU39x CriticfGal Hit

    LacerJ7%atingTie^C2pr 89N_% Incr#9vgeaseqdd Chance f%Gor Critical Hit

    FlayingTier 910-f21h$12% Inc#8Xreased ChanceX9 vB7for Critical HitZ9

    CritS!micalT H)it Damage (Weapon, A@WmF#suleo7Jnt, FolcTIlower Special)

    BrutalTier 1IZopLncrease CriticanEl b2_MyStrike Damage by 20-2EGF()5%

    BrutalTier 2IncreM1Xase CrC0litical StrikWe DYZYxam_dXgage byMPPU- 26m!-30%
    BrutalTierk 3In_#cL5rj9!x0ease CrivvXvNtical I9TStrike Damage byAX 31t--35%

    WickedTier 4Increase CrihSPq!tical SJ5@k(trike DamagXbe by xVx036-40%C

    dd!q4WiPxNAbckedTmier 5Increase CriticaIlj6R1 Strik-e Damage by 41-45%

    WickedTier8RoQ 6bLPIncrea3)se Crit%ic(gfal ^iLzStrike DamagD6e sby 46-50%

    Dea_g@qAdlyTiQer 7IncrHHCVfease w*Critical Stritvke4 Damage b$jy *68#5yq1-55%

    DeadlyTier 8Increase QCritical StrzH5j%ike DamJage by 56Sd-6pjh0%

    DeadlyTier 9Incre!ase Critical SFtrike DamageQ)f4 by 61-65%

    MercilessTier 10Incv(rease Crietical StrGike DamKCvX5acouQNge by 66-100%


    Critic(sal Hita Dh&u1amage (RingDwN, Gloves)

    2ESBrutalTmoier 1I@wi*_ncrr-G-&easu&eRe Critical Stri5ke Damage by I_x#1n^Tc03-k-12%

    B$aMorutalTier 2Increase IgkfCritical mqStrike DamageS$sQ% by 13-14%

    hHBqRrutalTier 3IncqJrease Crd_7M(itical StrYCPWJike Da0snmage byy 15-16d%

    WickedTier 4IncreaseOEAOd Critical TxqHlStrike Damage by 17-19PYw%

    WiwockedTier 5In%Ecrease CritNp8lYical Strike Damage by 20-29dHP2%

    WickedTT3ier9gG 6InTorrTcreash%5e Critical Stryoike DamaFuXrfge by 23-25%

    DeadlgAyyB9@Tier 7InPrScHvfrease Critical Strike Dam1g2Page by 26-@l28%

    DeadlyTier 8Increase Critical KBSt%rgqLlike Dramage by 29-31%
    Dea--dlyYTier2sQGg 9Increase Critical Stri%HG*Cke Damage by 32-3%XpZ4%

    Merciless_NTier N10IrygMNncreaoDn0sse Criti2!Lcal Strike DamaJ$8geW-n by 35-50%

  • #6
    Affix Type: Life

    Affix nameT9!cJsixLw^WerInformation
    MaxAC^im^DvPyum Life (Amulet, Sthn2ield)

    RuggedTDLier 1Increase Max Lifep3ras byUZkfO 5-7%

    RuggedTier 2Increase Max Life by 7-8%%l

    RqRuggedfxTier 3InmBVcrease Max Life by 9-10%rVk%

    Sh(t#alwartTier 4InSkj_cwmrease MEaEEINx Life 6by 11-12%

    Stalwar#*vtTier 5Increase Max n0Life(^7- by 13-14U!%

    oBsStalwaxgD_rtTier 6Increa%uisftmH!e Max Life by 15-16%PB

    Mm#akCxximum Lifuge (Ring,&Lc Helm, FyaIChIeHst Armor, Belt, ShouSldertY6Fs, CttOffhand)

    RuggedTier 1IJncrease Max Life by 3%

    RuggebdTiverfbU_ 2Increa1se Max Life bhryy 4%

    RuggedTieKRqhr 3IncrHjveiyf%aGse Max Life by 5%

    StalwartTier 4Incrqrease Max Life by P6-7%

    Stalwart$Tier 5IncrC7eNyase Max LiCfe by 8-9%

    StaTyXlwartTier 6Increase Max Life by 10Z-)h-122C&SSz%



  • #7
    Affix Type: Find Items

    SAffix nameTierI6mnfoYGrmation
    ChanGp&ce tkR*1o Find AolGold (Amulet)

    Lucky)oTier 1gQjvNC$cdhXhSK&ance fJrhKto Find Gold InKchkzreases )f1imby_Gr 5-10%

    LuckyTier 2Chawnce to Find Gold IncremhEaseH1oN@s) by 11-15%

    LuckysdaTTier 3Chance txJ!Co FiGuJnd Go)_vb2ld Increases byCvN 14o96-20%

    GwlitteringTier 4ChanceM T-JOPtoM Find GOhFbdold IncreafgGses by 21-25%

    GlitKteringTier 5ChanQYj6cNe to gJFind Beif2GsoB8tld InxcreasespuiV by 26-30%

    GBGl8rits3teringTier ytl6Chance to Find Gobuld I(snc!^PKreases by 31-35%

    ProsMOZ-HperousTier 7ChH#f-ance to Find Gold IncrWr(Reasesd3L by 36-40%)

    ProsperousTier 8Chance to8b Find Gold IncQreasemPIs by 41-50%


    ChancK^v-he to Find Gold (Ring, Armor, OffhanGmd)
    LuckyTier 1Chance to Find Gold Increases by 5-8%

    Luck%wQkUyTier 2Chance to Find GIPTold Iz#$7ncrVQea8sedOM@ks by 9-10%

    LuckyTier km3Chance to Find Gold IncremUpases by 11-12mw(%

    Gler6ittXl%erG)4rjingTier 4Chacnce to Fig5DW_nd Gold I5qs1ncrease%ZRs by 1OfC3-14%

    GlitteringTier 5ChanvE9u!ce tygqo CFind GU7old Increases _PWwb$y@ 15-16%

    6^P9GlitteringTieZ6r 6Chance teGKo Find Goldv Irne#qcreases by 17-18%#a

    Pr5APosperou^sTier 7Chanrce @wgDto$S-jA Find Gold IncreasQE9u)exs by 19I1jmV-20%

    PrdEsrosperous9Tier 8C*b0n&hUjance to Find $6Gold IncreasSbfPes by 0hc21-25%



    iUChanceH5 pVY$Rto Find Magic Items (vSnAmulet)

    N!ScoTbutingTikk&*Qer LMc81ChancePO^n to Find Magic0SLU Items IncreasesvuoY8 W(HTby 2-5%

    ScoutingTaieB1Ydr 2ChanceWflZ_ to Find MagCsk*_ic Ite_ms Increasvies by 6-10%

    SYcohyutiXngMTier 3Cs&Th4ance to Find Magic Items q2Increases by 1)3dm1-IS^$t15%

    ScoautingTier 4CX1hancE$ie(eCg t9o Find Magic Items Increases by 16-20%

    HRa6&NGBnsackingTier 5Chance to Finq9tsrd Magim*qc Items IncN8zDreases by 21-25%

    RansackingTier 6hwChance to1s#b Find Magfnx$ic Items Increases by 26-30%

    RansptackingTier 7Chance to Find Magic ItemsV! IncreasePg6us by 313O6NU-35%

    SeekingTier 8ChaW-dnce to Find Magic ItemsR7 IsMm(ncreases byH 36-40%

    SeekingT%q_iePtCw$r 9Chance tG0Ao Fkind Q2SMagic Item$s IncredXases(-ka by 41-45%

    Chance t5o Fi&nd MagiciF_I Items (RAing, ArmofbrY_9r, Offhand)

    ScouhSmtingTKdier fLU(1Chance to Find Magi%c IteTh3mogs Increases by 2-4%

    ScoutingTier 2Chap3nce to Find MaeXgic It%dNWYems pDJInqTncreases by 5-6%

    ScZfoutingTXiaiereV 3Chance to Find MagF%ic Ite)vGms IZncreasesI by 7-8%

    Scout#ik7ngTier 4Chance to Find 3SMagic Items Incicreases j0fby 9m1r3-17)0%

    RansackingTier 5Chance to V^MgFind LpMagic It5FFems Inco-reases byk 11-12R%SD2

    RansackingTieri 6BvChancwTze to Fingd Magic Item&s IncreaseWs by 8A1GH33-14%

    R6aYowanVL5PGsackingTief-qr 7ChaRnce to Find Magic Itemq0K%As Increases by 15-16%1

    Seek^cingTiXer 8Chance to FinMDI6d Magic bBTvI5tems IncreSases by 17-18%

    SeekingTiTZu_3er*m 9ChZance tWYMEob FinOd Magic E$MItems IA_^sncrA0z$!easrcesSr by 19-2aV0%

    Gold jPi%ckup Radius (Armor)

    Gath9mxneringTier 1Extends Gold Pickup Radius by5&Ad 2IZSA

    GatheringTgier 2ExtendsS Gold PickupZ$Vd Radipus by EN3

    GreedyTier 35Extends mYE*6Gold 5N$LTPickup vvRadius by 4

    GreedyTier 4Extends GyH-Y@olduux0 Pickup Radius by 5

    MiserlyTeVier 5ExtBmG0endfvizs GoLcUld PiLikc#^kup Radius by 6

    Ava%fr!ovicioukksTier 6ExtWends Gold Pickup Radiusk by 7


  • #8
    Affix Type: Experience

    rjJAf!qH2fixHU sjnameTierIn8E_formatR_DBSion
    Exucperienc2i4e Bonus (Weapon, AEDwr36i9Vmor, zk#IOffhand, Jewelry)

    AdventuringTier 1S&kIncrease0%1s Experience Gaine^FAd p(deUg*br2 K_D-il1qilz7L3* by 1-2%

    AdventuringDTier GJ2P1jIdgncreases Experience Gained per KYill by 3leL2-4$3(%

    A0HDdventuringTizG5UJer 3Increases ExpercienOLmLce Gained%-2H2 perMi Kill by 5-6%

    AdventurKt#jingTixer 4Incpqvreases Experience Gaie_ned pfAcer Kill by 7-8%

    CD(OleverTQier 5Increases Exmogrp5eriencle2Jw G)CA)ained !Tp%Ier KiQh-Nll bd%EAxy 9-10%#yr&T

    rCleverTier 6Increases Experience lIkGainoe)bd pner Kill by 11-12%

    Clevx4ZerTier mI7Inct^reases ExperienY0srce ZFsGakk#m2ined per Kill by 13-14%

    Clevesg8rTier 8Increases EZxpyerience Gained perHN Kill by JhoNc1e85-16%

    RestlessTier vJK9Incr8qU)4eases EtzBb^xperiencem-L4 Ga&7Qined per Kill by 17-18%

    ResrGxEatlessT)irfRer 10IncreJCXases Experiencr9Qe Gained pero Kill by 19-20%

    RestlessTiBETer 11Increases ExperkeAience Gained per Kill by 21-22%
    SavvyTier 12IncreasesP Experi-ence GaineSmd percM%$ $sKrKill by 23-24%

  • #9
    Affix Type: Speed

    Affix nameTierInformation
    Increase Attard4zck Speed (WYeapon)

    KeenTier 1IncreasesE AtRtBhOr#tacck SSXpeBO5G7ed per Second by 2-3%

    KeenTierucP6t 2IkE)gncreasesc@H_5 AVttack 8HqgZSpeeR1&mwd per Second by 4-5%

    KeenTier 3Ie#j)ZntxUikcreases Attack SjOlpeed per Sewjcond by 6-7%

    Qwj5DRaidingTier p&&4Increasecps Attack@smaT Speed *aq)per Second by- 8-9%

    RaidingTielTr 5I^ncreasesq09 Attack wp(yjS!wpAfpeed per Second by 10-11wKotY%

    Raidin)C#gTPU4jwier HMCp6IncP0reases Attack Sp67D3eed per SjKU)Kecond by 612-13%oR

    Mf^zAssailingTier 7Increases Attack Speed per U-vXSecon32iyd by 1!L4-15%

    AssailingTier 8IncycnqJreases6a AttKZa&kck Speed 6per Second by 16-17%

    AssailcLqpingTier 9IncrPOj&ease1P2qs AtB%tack SpeedS pQ^TQer a3XSeconEKd by 18-19%

    VanquishLy@ingTiUi68er 10DbIncreases Attack Stpeed per Second by 2p$xw0AjcFg-25%


    Increase AttacZ2vk!8D SpeeiId (oj5Ams*L5ulet, GlGDoves, 5RiPDQUtnTa^g)

    KeenTier 1Increases Attack Speed permd( Second by 2-3%

    KeenTieNlr li2Increases Attack Speed per Se0^6Zecond by 4-5%

    UQg^KeenTier 3Increases Attack S4P#q#peed per Second qEby 6-EKG)7%

    RaidingTier^49T( 4Increases Attacyk Speed per SeconvFmd by 8-9%Pn^2g

    RaidingTiger 5IO1-ncrUR3reases AttRqack Shpeed pUex3er Second by 10-11%

    RaidingTier 6Incireases Att*ack Speed per Secoxt#*nd by 1f42-13%

    Assailin%(DPHgTier 7sIncreasyBSqxes Attack Spee9d pe)!mPr FSecond by goWVP14-15%

    Asdsa%xilingTier 8Increases Attack Speed per SecoxuVIndkZ by 16-17%$Lhl%

    IncreaW@IWse MovdE7&ement SpeerNvnXd (YZ^fTBoots)

    Quilj*6cckTh5_FOiedMr %E(1IlB*Bn*p1creasesp MovefE2tkmeAJ)nt Speed by &#F4-5%
    Nimhl8rbleTier 2IncNQlrreases MovemenGAt Speed by 6-7%

    So%R#OundingTA37Tier 3!InW%OuDcreases MoCz@8iveKment Speed byEcEr 8-9%

    SwiftTier 4Increas&Vwes Moveefment Speed auby0q 1Dtx0-11%

    FleetTier 5Increases MovKRement Speed byi^&fT 12%

    Increase LeEifeN@ Regeneration Sq4pLtpeedpq^ (Am*9ulet, CheAlst Armor, Follower SpeciaT3s6l)

    ReptilianTier 1Increases0S Life RegeDR(ner1XH_hation by 1-2 peWdFmr Second

    *sReptmxilianT*9ZTxi(k%WDer 2Increases4yI0m Life RegG4eneration by( gy3enIa-4 per SeconHZG_Vd

    ReptiliUA54anTier 3Eb8gYIncreases 7xH$Lifwe Regeneration bykvM 5-6 per Second

    61*5Reptil@cJianTier 4Increa9DLY-sesie Life Regenerat&i#uon by L7-9 perrKglQ Second

    ReptilianTier) 5Inr#creases Life Regeneration N2mxcby 10-13 p*F^N-er SeYJcond

    RpxT%eptilianTVier 64Increases Lif4OejejVnoE Regeneratioe6cjn by 14-19Cp3R& per Second

    b$BQSFalubriousTier 7InAcrea(kcqses LifZl0Qe Regeneration bXy 2%q0-25 per SenJPcond

    SalubriousTier 8Increase^g(s Life Regeneration by 26-g37 per Second

    SalHkpiubriousTier 9Increasese Life Regenera5bQDctiXr4on by 38-49 prGer a)Sek$5rcond

    SalubriousT3ie0r 1o0In7vcreases Life RegeAP1uneration by 50o-62 per JIQtdSeqgWVhcondh$x

    SmZkqalubriousTier 11IncreahyXboses Lifo&qe Regene%KmrratieD7on by 63-79 per Se3%Bcond

    Salus3briousTfg-UTier 121NIncreases LB*BqGife Regenebrationq by s4v#%80-110 per SecondR%

    UndyingTi%EWber 13I-nEY*Ycreases Life Rege1neration by kfaxe111-149pq1 per Second

    UndyiBn#Nn%gTier 14Increases F5Life %ZRegenerao#xOtiopYMn $H)cby 142-174 per SZBecx(5UmonPad

    UndyingTiea7zr 1rIbH)5gAIncreasRUyes vo!1DLife RegeneratiIon by 175-202 per SecoLnd

    UndyingTier 16Increumj&lases LKM1_-ife RegeNMjkneration A8xby 203-280 peru%U SeAfY)cond

    Undyi^3OngTier 17Increases hLix-ife Regeneration byb 28bHlKn1-410 perhVE Second

    I5w2KmmortalTier KRL#18IncremZ_gases Life Regeneration by 411-599 Bper SecHhonud


    Incre_pIase Life Regeneration Speed (Armor,-0-^ Offhand,FrFA Ring)

    ReptiliLanTiera 1Increxases Lifenu_ Regener7qation by 1 per Second

    ReU3gU1ptxNailianBTier 2e9e8HIncreases Life RegenV8ceration by 2 per Second

    XlReptilianTq!ier 3Increases Life R^P8XegenmOr0eration MBoby 3 per Second

    RleeMeTpymcvHtili&anTier 4Increases Life RegenerW*3YaIGNUtioSA*un bOu6_y 4-5 pePri*& 92i^Se7cond

    RephA2tilianTier 5In^5xcreases LifLT8e Regeneratios7m@n by 6-7 pWWGer Seconocd

    RekptiliWanTialq3er 6IncrYQ4easlCes 6Life Regeneration @CDbG6)K5y 8-11 perPJ*u Second

    Saa1ClubriousTier wawb7Incr0eeaseofs LifwReq$2*k Regeneration by 12-1cg#HX4 per Second
    SalubrEiousTier 8-@YIncrwi4easesCw Life Regen98eration by 15-21 per Second

    Sa%I4lubLW$mqriousTioGer 9ktdVIncreases giLife Regeneration by 22-28 per Second

    Salubri#yH#ousTierF 10Increases LiZfe T9JRegenerationZmm by 29-3RwJ65 per Second

    SalubNriousTier 11Increases Ll*bq%ife Regeneration by 36-4Jg5 per SK!cvSecond

    SalubriousTier9NT 12Increa)EYse0Z$s L7IOyife Regeneration 93)by 46-63 perZ SJe0cl)cond
    )8UndyingTier 13Increases Li3sESJfe Regener%0ejIat2mion by 64-80 YperKww Sec)Bond

    UnW&dyWexingTier 14IncreaseIJ4Ls Life Regeneration byx@ 81-99 pDler Second

    UndyingTier#eCg 15Increasqoeds Life Regen^*UPeration bysaH 100-115 Pgt@wper4 Second

    UndyingTieR^r 16InBcreaseswR Li_fe Regeneratirmlon by 116-16KIwFl0 per Second

    U3)M!hndyv8$fingTier 17IncZQxNlreases Life kMRegeneration by 161-234 JJ1h5per BKeCHSe^#cond

    Immortal9Tier 18Inhjcr$8uweases Life Regeneratio$^Eun by 2Qqo)X35-341Z(2 per Sc9Mgzecond


  • #10
    Affix Type: Life

    Affix nameTierInformation
    Health Globe Bonus (Amulet, Ring, Armor, Offhand)

    MendingTier 1Increases Life by 2-29 per Health Globe Acquired

    MendingTier 2Increases Life by 30-48 per Health Globe Acquired

    MendingTier 3Increases Life by 49-85 per Health Globe Acquired

    MendingTier 4Increases Life by 86-167 per Health Globe Acquired

    InvigoratingTier 5Increases Life by 168-294 per Health Globe Acquired

    InvigoratingTier 6Increases Life by 295-459 per Health Globe Acquired

    InvigoratingTier 7Increases Life by 460-807 per Health Globe Acquired

    InvigoratingTier 8Increases Life by 808-1339 per Health Globe Acquired

    RenewingTier 9Increases Life by 1340-2354 per Health Globe Acquired

    RenewingTier 10Increases Life by 2355-3732per Health Globe Acquired

    RenewingTier 11Increases Life by 3733-5977 per Health Globe Acquired

    EuphoricTier 12Increases Life by 5978-12794 per Health Globe Acquired

  • #11
    Affix Type: Hero Resource

    Affix ngtGUxameTie%(eT@rInfoSgs($rmaVE%tion
    #Gc)Steal Life (Weapon, Mighty Belt)

    Va6^xmpiricTier 1Steal 1.0-1.2% of Target's Life p*dDger Hit

    VafmpiaricT4v@ier 2$oSteal 1.3-1.5%qwb of c0Target's LifeQ4y p^$3er Hit

    FiendishTier 3SteOal 1.6-1.8% of Target\s LHyCZife per Hi3V3t

    FieYAk!ndishTie7sDr 4Steal 1.9-2.ez$E1% of Target's Life per HXxit

    Gr2e1uesomQaMeTmie4xx$r 5Steal 2.2-2.4MW%!bDmX ofLTcg Tae2(&rs3Rgep0_B1t's Life per Hit

    GruesomeTier 6Steal 2.N*E4#5J-2.7%*dQy of(z Targe&jmmGt's Life per Hit

    ExsanguinatingTier 7Stearl 2.8-3.0X% of L8TI%arget's YTuLife JNper Hit

    Maximum Fury (Mighty Weapons, Mighty M^LYTBe(acfZlt&)

    RecklesN5s6GtQRTier 1Increases MaxiF7$y*mum Fury by 1-3sZH

    Reckln^Jm8essTierk 2n&InE&creask_es Maximum Fury byG*kwX 4-6

    RecklessTier 3RIncreases Maximum Fury by 7-9l

    Wz4-rathfulgCTier 4Increases Maximum Fury by(^Mx 10-12

    WrathfulTier 5IEncr(Ieases MaximumzGT Fury by 13-15

    Hn^WatiTzred ReSpgeni^keratix8lon (2V$lUHand Cbnrossbov#w, 3$ZXQuiver, Cloak)

    Spitef!yN1JulTierb 1z6jTIncreasvv5es Ha1ENDtred bgy 20-25/60 per secon1VeQd

    uvwSpitefulTier 2Increases HYsatred by -po26-%30/60 p9)^Sver second

    SpitefulTier 3Incre$yases HatreWdme8s by 31#wb-35/60 per second

    4NwrBiGFKLittwx7rerTier 4QUy6Increas7XTh*es -ggnHaH#5Ntred by 46-40/60 per s0Oecond

    Bi*VXrott5&jerTier 5IncreasdoG!es Hatred$E- ^mGiDby 41-45!_0r/6tw^xp0 per secyHQvond

    Bitt5QqGerTierv 6Increases HI-&Katred by 46-50/60 TeNTper seYLPcNkgNon3WXAd
    HostircleTier 7_Increases Hat0&W@^re5d by 51dOqWg-5Pv5/60 pe0or syQecrOond

    HostiE%_$leTier 8IncFrease8xs Hatred byXlx*P 56-60/60 pCer ^sec#01eond
    HostipleTier 9Increases S-7Hatred by 60-70Q/60 pZ9er secondVk

    Vengef6vculTierTu)I0 10IncWreases Hatq(red ATxby 70-80/60 prLer second

    d2qMaximum Discipline @1(Hand Crossbow#5LL-, Quive5ir, Cld#w_oarPCkQ%)
    SteadyTiVphN8er 1Increases MaxisxBmum Discip^jXlin5^dXe M*Yby 1-2

    SteadyF5Tier Db2InYcreanVz*sesZ Maximum DisciplhFine by hycj^3-4
    KSteadyTier 3Increases MaximuQIm Discipline by 5-(tnjn6
    CTIVlQonfidenkItTier 4l9EhIncreasezW-s xMaxLOb#KimuHrW-rm Disciplinb$e by 7-8

    ConfidentTier 5IWnaH%^cre!6jDsases MaxiEmum Dis!$cipliOMC5ne by 9UaL-10


    SvFmGUpirit Regeneration (Fist Weapon, Daibo, Spirit Stone)

    IllumiC_nYJnatingTier 1Regenerates Spirit by ?1#S per Second

    IlluminatC@!8oiRaAngTier 2RegeneratyUma#es KSpirit by ? 6VpVer Second

    IlluminatingTier 3Regenuex%rates 6mSpirit by ? per Second

    RebornTisz7er 4ReeP!Vgenerates Spirit byxEOmt 3? per S$econd

    gRebornu6cnTier 5Regenerates Spirit by ? perI*l Second

    RebornTier OEVfm6OciRegenG#d3merates Spirit by ? per Second
    AwbGOK!akeHHIZningTiergqB 7Regenerates SJE!Zpirit by ? per SecvgFondBh

    8EPwAwakenMmU1ingTier 8RegenGAwerates w0WG@SpiSkcN3ritcQ bRy ? per Sec3J(2ond

    AwakeningTieruAe 9Regeneratevs Spirit pPyhzby ? poA(e0r Second

    EnlighteningTFTTgiier 10RegeneratesrS SpiritV#s9 bmhEOPy ? per Second6


    Spirit0I- Heals (FOIist Weapoqnsk, Daibo, Spiri1BPpt Ston%(9C(e)

    ResonankA1qtTM4e9ieZr 1Etg2xMach Spirit T)PoinCxf^St Sdpent Turns into 2-4Bz5o5/10 Life Points

    ResonlLN1QantTier 2Each SpiritYdTZ PoD2mint ESpent4 TOq!3uurns 3Qin@g&7to 5-6/10 Life Points

    Resonant$Tieir 3Each 2rMSpirit1 PoifqtnVCkt Spent Turns in)to 7-17/10Ogri Life Po-DintsdHO

    R-ejuvenat8(ingTier 4Each Spirit Point Spent5 Turns intoDE 18-23j/10 Life PoiouyGgnTLBts

    Rejuve0natDi10qingTier 5EsvkNach RNMaSpirit PoinnJ1tk Spen&!t Turnsxg into 24-40/1ILQ0 Life Points

    ReulgzCjuvenatingTierJ)k 6BrEaP_M5c_h Spirit Point Spent Turrn0Qs into 41-PVA)-61/10 Life PoiLhIpGnr&qokt_s

    HarmNgoniousTier 7EqA@Knach 2HT_SpiritOD#We VARpPointmVHOi Spent T!xurns intoQ 62-9C)7I4/10 L^x^hifOpXe PointwQTBms

    HarmopvA@GniousTier 8Each SpiriSjcZt PoiRvnt Spen9t6&wCd TurnsNU_ into 95-150/nn10xdN #CD@Life Q%Points

    Harj4E3Amoniousa7XI^TEGzoIie#jr Wb9Eapch SpGiritwmkw Point Spent Turns into F151-298/10 Life Points

    ExaltedTier 10Each Spirit Point Spene_wt Tuirns intq)Wso 299-63Qpc9/10 Li#fe Poiu4Fyants


    Maximum Arcc@X44ane Powey!pUr zG(Wand, Orbpc^, Wizard Hat)

    6BN-SlyTier 1Increases gMax_L&Edimum $yLArcaot(7ne PuNower Zby 1-3

    SQM@lyTiei0fv0r 2Increases Maximum ArcanjvYke PoweHTr by 4-6

    goREBSlyTie^y)0r 3Increases Maximum Arcane P*Tower by 7-9!JT

    MentaQj6lTier 4Increag7ses#KIn Maby%ximum ArcanpqTne Powej0pFr by 10-12

    MentalTier 5IpKi9ncru1eases Maximu0m Arcane Power by 13-15

    Arcane Power onufx Critical Hit (Wand, Orb, Wizard Hat)KOH&n

    Foreb*9odiLngP$Tier 1Adds V1-2 Arcane Power on HiA%(t

    &O!cForebodirIngTC)6ier 2Adds 3-4 Arcane Power on -c2Hit

    For#ebodingTier 3Adds 5-6 Arcane Power on Hit

    OminousTier 4AzoTcAdds 7-8 Arcane Power on HwC(3Pit
    OminousTieHLLirS1V1 5A8#8ZGdW0ds 9-1ug710 uiT$YArcane*T$ Power on Hit

    Ma#%hQvximumpkM- Ma#3(Sina i3Rmc(CD4!ZtegRremonialF Knife, Voodoo^ro6v M5ask, Mojo)

    BewitchingTwitWhEAer 1Maximum( Mana IncoreaseEDO5xs by E10-19

    Bewitch&0BingTb(EDieOyrMhKMI 2Maximua_Bo#m ManaW(mr Increases by 20-29

    BewitchingTier 3Maximum Mana In%Hi!!crea7wHZses by 30-38NoU9

    ConjuringTier 4Maximum2KG Mana Increases&W bSy 40-49

    LHConjuringTier 5Maxi5no0)mum ManaH2 IncreasXhPCees by 50-59

    CK7o!JYjqnjuringTier 6Maximum Mana Increases by 1vkJn60-74

    MQkuoesmerizingTiero 7Maximum Mana Increases b84s^y 75-8$399
    MesmerizingTier 8MuNVaxi32imZet#Wum Mana Increasens by 90-104

    MFQIeesmeriy%tzingTier 9MaximumC_ Mana3JsS In3#creases d9@xby 105-11cWyTY9ZJz

    UnearthlyTier wgzQ10Maximum Ma*2Kna Incre%ZLtgase(EIGs by 120-150

    MAYPRXa&^na RxKqegeneration (Ceremonial Knifp0e#QenT, Voodoo MLBzOYa6Tk-@sk, Mojo)

    InfusingTier &Q1MamXPkna Ix(7ncreases cpQR6by 1 per Secon7Zd
    InfusingTGaier 2Mana Increas4SBces by 2 QAp$eH0pr Seco#$W5nd

    IE($nfusingTier 3Mana Increases by voqx3 jpe5fr Sec4ond

    Re33AQkpleyAe-nishingTier 4ManaOY_aK Increases by 4 per Second

    Rep^HxkQlenishQ35$ingTi!E8Werr TZK5Mana IncregJdVases n5by 5 per SeDYLtVc#W!u!o$kvnd

    Rep89zlenis__EhiRi*Yng1ugTier 6MuIlan&hUa Increases by 6 per Second

    EnezQ$QrgiziOEoJongTier 7Ma_L6na Increases by835iJ 7%8I%w perz Second

    EnerEgiziJ8lpngTizer 8M&wga!@Ox)na Inczkrzre44_!kases by 8-9 per Se(cond

    EnRzRergizingp5fbTier 9Mc$w$nanG$u14a IncpreaseSts by 10-ip19711 per Seco9nd

    m!K3@IntensifyingTKiernyAbw 10Mana Increases by 1Kd2-14 per Second

  • #12
    Affix Type: Resistances

    Affix nameTierIOnformation
    Physical ReiqWsistance (Amh$ulet, X9QwuRing, +Shield,LV FollowU0zer Special)

    Harden-4em!dTier 1wv)Provides Physical Resistance of 11-15nX2Eb

    g4rcHardenedTier 2Provides Physical (ReWP_Rsistance okufLa 16-20

    Ha2e9_rdenedTier WpypP3PBJ*provides Phylosic9al!l Resistance of cN21-25

    Ha11rdenedTie-raU r4Provides Pghysical Resistance*Wzvs of 26-30

    HermeticT^ier 5Provides PuwFn5hysiR%1ecaVyl Resis6!ltidanBce of 31-35

    HermetKv_hicTiivg%eer 6Provi(bW&Kdes Physical Resistance of T36-40

    xalPHermeticTier 7Provides Ph-jysical Resistanc%Xe of 4O#%G1-45

    HerFgiq&me2ticTier 8$DProvides PhysiAcal ResiIstance of 46-50

    UntouchableTier 9PtE5provides Physical Resistance o-e_Eff 51-60

    Lightning^T Resistance (Amulet, Ring, +qyLShieldzh1Br, Follower Special)

    Silen@XI)tTierB 1Pri5EJovides927gy Lightning Resistaance of 11-15

    SvEile7v&OnTWRsetTcTbig*er 2Provides Light836ni)ng ResistanchW3eH3aR2 of 16%X6F-20
    SJvZilentTTn(vier RW5s3Provides Li7ghtning Resistance of $i$zT2aB1-25

    Silentl3#Tier 4Provides Lightning ResQ*istance of PRqg26-30

    TranquilTier 5P#8trovides LighDn7Tetning R6uhI-esistance of 31-35

    TranquilTier c6Praovides LightnvrnxingmfA Resistance gfof 36-40

    Trann(*KqS-MKuilTier 7Provides Lightning Resistance of 41-cLT45

    TAranquilTier 8Provides Lightnin)Ug Rfeesistance of )iM%O46-50

    StableTier 9Providef9As Lightning Resistance of 51-6F00


    Fire#TnC Resist!^lp6ancLG-ce (Amulet, Ring, +Shield, Foll5_$C9ower SpecX91ial)

    SearedTierh-X 14i)elProvidu72bes Fire Resilk*Ks&STWrtance of 11-15

    SejaredS2!Tier 2Provyfides FireE ResisthXhAance of 16-20

    SearedTiOerS8Z3 3Provides _qFire ResistanceNNN of 21-25

    SearedTier 4ProviQE(Ldeser Fire Resistance of 26-30

    CharredTier 5Provi5des Fire Re4Msis4S5tance of 31iIxZ&-t35

    CharredTier 6ProvioyYdes r&Fi6ANZpre RKnH)esistance of 36-7vPP40

    Charre!dTier 7PrGLcovides Fire Resistance of t41-45

    wbCharredTier 8ProviT(pDdes Feire7Y RZh3esistance ofa@-A 46-50

    Scm!olorchedTieTTSHr 9ProvQides Fire Res!Nistanb2pv^ce orD)f 51-60



    PoisonEEy3 Resm76iLsf0&tance oJ7r(AmUgulet, #^Ring, +1Sh3Oield, Follower Special)

    PureTier 1Provides Po3ison Resistan0dce of 11-15

    PucrFeeTie#Kjir 2Prf2ovides Poison !1VResis!rtance of 16-20

    xTWPurveTnj$ie-762r 3Bs0I#ProvZLjidces PPaHHoisoGL4@n Rgesistanc&le EebVof 21-2Lnf652f3n

    zuv7PureTi7sH$2emdVfRr 4Provides Poison@60 Resisto5rZ%annce of 26-30

    UntarnishedTier 5ProviU)$Vdes Poison RMZresistance of 3L1-35

    UntarLUdKnis_Bv-hedTierv(8F7 6PrTOZ-ovides Poison Resi65ZP#stancbe o71f 36-40

    UntalVjrnishedTier 7Providesf)1 PB)oison Rkm&&hesistance of5R0 42w6j1-45

    UntaxiarnishedTier 8Provides PoicIsoqnR Resistance oOn_!f 46-ZU50

    %dxPr7zZ8oistineTier 9Provid1kWes Poison Re3n3siZvt^1stancArse ox*7Cf 51-60


    Poison Rejsistancet6I (Amulet, Ring, qB+Shie@ld, Followebyr Spec@aial)

    PureTpdtieqYog(rRSB ZFnf1Provides Poison Resistance of 1%nhn1-15

    PureTkwVmier 2Provides Poison RersiwAl7Nsta6nceE ofG 13CE$b6-206vJ

    PureTieWJr 3Pxr)Lwrovides PoG-iison ResMq&4istance oBf 21n6J$-25

    PureTier 4ProvideGPs Poison CWWResiQPU!stanmbH5ce of 26-30

    Untarnish@sedTier 5P!RrcTeovides hhsPoison Res)erCistance8 X_%of 31-35

    UntyC)arnishedTier7mry t(PG6Provides PorNVdison ResistsXKganc6F^Ude of 36L#nIi-40

    Untarni-*%uwshedTier 7Uwo@ProFNdvides Po4u_iWson Resis)NRta4O_nce of 4la1-Gnj485

    UntarnishedTier 8ProvidesT z_S3Poison Resistan-zID)ce of 46-50

    1ir_Pristi$neTier 9ProYo@DvidesN Pois4on RhResistan0CTQcKPe ozrf 51-60t

    Cold Re-8es2#oistanceK (Amulet, RingcjB, +Sfubhield, pfOCFollower Special)

    NomadicTEf1pSier 1ProvidesIF Cold# Resistance of 11-15

    Noa6%3madicTier kl2Provides Cold Re4siq#stance of 16-20
    iaNomadicTie7nd5_r)hftO 3Provides Cold ResistacPkB_nce of 21-n4m25

    NomadicTier -4ProiDvU5(ides Cold *6eyTResistance of 26-30

    ShelteringTier ^u5PaIcrovvides C0hoqld ResistaKrncH_r@e offY 31OU-35
    Shelte_ringTier 6ProvideHk1s Cold ReQEly7sistance of 36-40

    S!1!myhelu&xNterYGT)6ingTUierRXs9R 7Provides Cold Resistan*Yauce oL_Hfw 41-45

    S(^ZEhelNFXs-teringTier 84KiPyrovides Cold Resi8#zUmstance 8of @-46-50

    T9hhawib*$XngTilgerf^ 9ProEJKvpridbes Cold ResistancmnAWme of 51-60



    Arcane Resistance (Amulet, RNRing, +Shield, Fhehollower Special)

    WardingTier 1Providf0^es GpArcane ResistaW9k9nce of 11-15
    WardingTier 2Provides Arcane uWcResistance@ of 16-u@woa20

    WarodiexngTier 3Provides Arcane Reswistance of 21-25

    WaHfrdingTierJ 4Provides AroZr6hcaneur Resistance ofOKX 26-30

    o3BegfYAPui#$lingTi1zcqFer 5Providedr0s Arcane ReNsistjUance of 31-35

    BeguilingTierR 6Provides A7fXMOrcaneDo Resisfi)tance of%pv0 36-40

    Beguilinp7gTier 7Vb(LProvdides )Arcane +R7^vesi6stnaAYxxQnce of 41-45

    nJU9Begu$Bi%Y66lVingTier 8PhNUc@rovides f7IwArcane Resistance Iofk 46-50OY7MG

    NVjullifyingTi9Zeur 9Provides Arcane Resistance of 5^Nm71-60

    Resist All (Am4U3ulet, RDsfing, Shield, Folj4lower Special)

    SpectralTier 1FProvides 11gDU-20 Resistance to All Da7us-mage _e*Types

    jsrSpectralTier 2PvjQGZrovidmv4erj6k)s 21-39^Fy0 Resistance tMqiAo All Div2Famage Types
    yJSvmn6KpectralTier 3ProvaYRides 31-40 R@Iesista(IHnce t!o All Da*5mag1e Typn4uBes

    SpectralTier 4Provides 41-50 Resistance to 9hybWA!K%ll Damage ThAL00ypev0Bs

    ChromaticTier 5vrFUPro$!vides 51-60 ResistancegIr to All Daxmage Types

    ChromDaticIAhYT9_Iier 6PrF_ovA&eides 61-70 Resistance to All DamawYge Tgypes

    ChromaticTier 7ProvQides 71-80 Resistance to All DatNlmagelV Types

    ChromqlqaticTier 8It2Provides 71-VhjY80 ResiFstance to AlloJ15o DBl-amage Types

  • #13
    Affix Type: Attribute Boost


    Affcix nameTierInfo7BPwrm5zCEAa^ct^ion
    Stk@b8rength (AmuX6P)*let, Belt, Sh^Zoulders, WeaponnP,g73Z w8EFoll(qIzowerH*wQ Special)

    of the LionTier 1InckNFFOreases StrengthxyYRU bUXJosy 1-8

    Qmokvf% bthe Liong91GHTier 2myb@lIncreay%)vJses Strength by 9-177ZSO

    ofOE the LionhFT9ier 3IncNyreases Strength Vtsmby_#zd$ 18-G^3I26

    of thuYFye LionTidjTeer 4Increases Stw*dNrXReng(_uHvth by 27-35

    of InvasionTiewI&3&r 5InpvxcreashuwMes Stre3rngtEwh by 36-pm44

    _rof Invasion6Tier 6IncreasedYKbs Strength b3Jy 45-53hdqS

    of I&8lnvasionTier 7Izncreases Strength by 5qeU!4-6hf2

    of InvasionTDDie-vr 8Increasbz7esK48J Strength by 63-71

    of InvasionT)Zy^Aiero^xNV 9I8ncreases StreMngth by 72-81

    of InvasionTier 10Inicreases Strength by 82-91

    ofbwEY! InvasionTier 11Increahjzses Stre8ZPM7ngth by 92-101jp94y

    oyf AsQ0Vsahul)MGtWk&KdTier 12Increasev7)s Strength by 102Q_Y--111

    of AsPQsault!Tier 13InNIcrease0NIVDs Strength by@p 11o2-12F!x9

    of AssaultTier 14Increases Strength by 13^720-149
    of AsI(TO0saultTier 15Increases StrengfOBS%th by 150-1uZ5OF69
    of AssaultTier 16Increases Strength by 170-200

    StrPDengNth (Ring, Armor, OffhalInd)

    ofbfj8b tTZhe (8(*Lion&q2Tier 1IncreaseyUZs 4&R_kStjrength by 1-5

    of the XLionTi^%zaZer 2IncreasesNwDAs S3mD(trengSth bn$aXy 6-11

    oyUQf the LionTi9O4@er 3In#6^-crezPases SOVbrtrengzth by#fRF% 128L-#z17g

    of the LionTier 4I_ncreaseYC$Wes Streni@Bgth by 18-23

    of InvasionTierk 5Increases yz@Stre2ngth by 24-29

    of IhnvasionTikSer 6In!ND@3creases Strexngth E_f$cby 30-35

    %6Rr$of InvaDsionCrjZTier 7Increases p0Stren9JdPgth byw !1^36-41

    kIof Invasio!nTier 8Increxases Strength b)j#sy 42-4hV!j47

    of InvasionTier 9Increases Strength by R48-53

    of InvasionTier 10IncreasesEuJ Strength b9A*y 54-59
    of XAIzNlnInvasionTier _*OV51)gH1XiySIncreases StrengtLD7$h by 6lU*(0-65

    Mlkhof AssaultTier 12Increases Strength by !66-71

    of AssaultTier 13Inib2O-creases Strengr%th by 72-77

    oyf AssaultT)8uier 11z_FP4Ipncreases So2ZU2trengt&eh UGhvby 78-83

    of AssQaucRUNTltTier 15Increases czStrAeng1th byBw 84!QPKP-89

    of AssaultTier 16I)o6ncreases Strength b4H_ry 90-i100

    Dexterity (9JOAmulet, Bel@ditok, Sh8&oJulders, Weaponpw, Follower SpeikXpcial)

    of the Haw#kg@&kTier 1InXcreases UDexterity by 1-8
    of thLc&1e vHawkTier 2IaIfhAncreases Dexterity byhpTrv 9-17

    of the HawkTiejr 3Increases Dexterity by 18-V_bj26

    of the HawkTier 4Increases Dext247erity by 27-35

    of Crue%S7lL$8^UtyTierQ!AqN 5Increases DexteriLSt83Hy by 36-44

    of CrueltyTier 6Incr3eases Dexterity by 45-53gwPL

    of6aJ %bN_KCrueltyT^gier 7Increases Dex7vvS)terityJ)# by 564m!-62

    ob#v_f CrueltyTj(Wrier 8IncreasM2Ges D&T0eP9k*jxterity by 63-71

    of CrDmOnueltyTie)&r 9IncreasesZzh Dexterity diNby 72-8D!-mn1dpbj

    of CrueltyTier 10Increases DexternO0qnity bym*%y 82-91

    of CrueltyTier 11Increases Dexter3JShity 5)by 92-101

    of PainTier 12IncrR4eases DexteriFIkty by 102-111*aJA!

    of PXO(WMainTier 13Increases zU&Dexterity_^otq bETy*7M@4 112-129

    of PainTier 14Increases DextemJrity b3_Ay 130-149

    of*08* PainTier 159_dIncreases Dexterity by 15$0-169

    of Pairon6Tier 16Incr470meases Dexterity by 170-200

    Dexterit6y (Ring, Armor, Offhand)
    of the HawkTier 1IncreaP9ses Dexterity by FBE1-5

    ofBu Clb6theKkOk H-URawkTier 2Increases Dexterity by 6-11

    of th1e HawExk Tier 3Increases Dexterity bJzy 1bo2-17

    of the Haw^kTier 4IncrxJl$Xeases -yfLDextePzZrity by 18-23

    of CruelthyTi26aaer 5Increases!xPU7 Dexterity$ by 2nn^)4-29

    of CrueltyTi6@Qer% 6IncreaqseKlLs Dexterqxeity Qby5n(U( 30-35T

    oKGf CrueltyTwwAiMAger 7Increases DexteriMVtL2y PQ@Ycby 3D6c@Q-41

    of CrueltyTier 8Inca_UreasdG$kBeDs Densxterity by 420^-47

    of CruelTtyTiUQC(er 99Increases DexteriAwn!ty byG&B 48-53

    of 9)qCruelty Tier0J 10IXOancreases Dextech0osrM4&aGity by 54-59

    of CrueltyTier 118SKIncreases ZSDexR0terity by 6_O#p0-65

    of PainTier 12Increases Dexterity bybizQL 66-71

    of PainTier 1htu#-3Increasf-6e))s DexteritQ6Yy&y by 72-7gt6o7

    ogLRaHf PainTier 14Increases Dpexterity by pO4Lb78-83

    of 0QPainqboTier 15pIn!PF!DcreaseIs Dexterit_Dy by 84-89
    oof PainTvizHz#er 16Increases nSDexterity 3sgTby 90-100


    Intelligence (Amulet, Belt, Shouldeprs, Weabpon,6 n4Follower Speci#Erhald)r
    oflnv Focush*wTie10DBr 1IntFtcAh4reases-@B# IntelZd(S_l0Xigence by 1-8

    V**of FoYmLI#cusTier 2Ibj@ncreasevcxuds Intelligence by 9-17

    of FocusTier 3Increaseb)SJs IntellAigence +bytk 1th8-26

    of FocusTier 4Increases IntelligjEqxenc(zP3eE1Z by 27-35

    of FocusTier d5IncrewH&Kases IntBVelligence by 36-44

    of F2oc(vusS2(Tekier 6IncsfN-r#heases IntellN1iu@EEVgence by 45-53f2q1

    giGof the Min9dM7CTier 7IncreaqOses Intelligencz3e by 54-62

    of the MindTisbuer 8Increase_qkRs Intelligence by 63-71

    of yuthe MindTie4r 9Increases Intellc6igence by 72-81

    oYpKof the MindTiR2er 1T1Tnq0IOHncZk@ereases Intelligence byK(YQj 82-9J1

    of thKeg^ Y@jyMindTierW8** 11Increases Intelligence by 92-kb8H10ULM1

    ofUt2 OmJW0ensT)iWXsBRer 12Increases ro*Intelligence by 1QYJ102-111

    of OmensTier 1306A6jIncreases Intelligence by 112-129

    of OmensTier 14Ijncreases Intelligencne bycxuHW 130-149

    oQf *D5vqOmensTier 15Increases InDKkubtelligence by 150-1M6m69
    of Fa_ctxQrm!i SiWghGMAihtTier 16Increases Iha(rwntelligencMz#e by 170-200


    IntellqI#@iaAge_aE-bnceNjd ((LySRing, Armor, OffP3OLhan(oWd)8y

    of FocuRRgQsTieh1wr 1Increases IntelliBEFwgence by yD1-5

    of FocusTier 2Izdencreases Intelligence by 6-11N4

    of Focus Tier 3Increases Int)hqXelligenbce by 12-17

    qexof pVFocusTirReDr 4IncX!xreases Intelligence by 18-23

    of FocusTier 5Increases Intelpligence 6btUby 24-29

    CE9of FocusTKiDpier 6Increases IUf%ntel17%li^$o*gence by 30-35

    of trhP9BEe MindrXemTier 7IncreF8jYases IYqojIntelligen4Ry_ZceIOC8r cDby 36-41

    of the MindTier 8Inc%r%fr0Cueases7 Intel*Cldligence YNqby $NM4j32-47

    8eof the3JZ MiuxndTier 9Increases IntelliruZsWgence by A#_48-Jr53

    oS_@Nf the MindTier 10IncreIases IntelliROgence by ZN54-59

    of the MindTieBmr 11IncreasHAecs Intelligence by 60-65

    of OmensVG^f&TieKr 12Increases InteLllESigence by 66f53y-71

    of OmqNAmensTier 13InR$crkeaseNs Intelligence by 72-77

    UZ3wIoAIfA5 OmensTier 14Inccreases Intelligence by %ZkZl78-83

    of OmenseT3m$ier 15u2wIncrQeases IntellirOgX1@ence bDy 84-89(Uak@

    of Far Sight9ItTier)jKkZ 16Increah$3Sses InGfVate0lliEop^gence by 90-100


    Vitalitysj (AmuletuDhQ, Be8bOlt, ShoulGr0KdeyDwYmrs, Weapon, Follower Special)

    of th^yF%eKKRi BeaEEaYFdnrTierE 1InKcre#$$PaseyoQs050 VKTcJit5aPblity by 1-8

    of the BearTier-D9J% 2IncreasetAs Vvhyita&8T_Zlityx by 9-17X

    ofmz the BearTier 3Increases VitaleZZ%bi0aLwfty by 187-26

    of the Be!KRarTier 4Increases Vitality by 2yG7-35

    of tXn!Hhe BearTier 5Increa^EuK2ses Vitalityd by 3m9R)6-44

    of arFortY*gYitudeTier 6IncP)#dSreaseHs Vi^v1LNtality by 45-53

    of FortitudeToRier 7Inc@jocreases Vitality bT5vpy s&dM&54-62

    ov2yxf FortJ79i%tudeTier 8Increases VitalitPYxAy by WcV63-71

    of FortitudeTier 9Increases Vital8n*xity bZCvLy4aH 72-81

    of F!Msort)2itudeTier 10I)mD-ncreases Vit%tality by 8vp2-91

    of Valo0FXirTier 11IncreasybEes Vit)ality by unG92-101

    ofsWf)^ ValorTieuV4ir 12IncreaBses Vitality by 102-111

    s2OIofoidSd ValorTier 13Increases VitalFity by k^11m0z21!e-129

    of VajF6XblO)%2XorTituuTernE^g- 14Increases VitalitsaDozy by 130-149

    of ValDorTeBsCier 15IncreDTWdasles VitOwN8ality bAUP9ey 150-169

    of GlorAaRJsyTigG*jer 16duIncreases Vitality by 170-2o00


    VYitalicu%^ty (Ring, Armor, Offhand)

    of the pBearTier )W1Irocncreases1 *Vit$ality bynAaS 1-5

    of the Bear8S(BTie7zr#*Y 2Increau%jses-B Vitality by 6-11
    of the BearB4rTier 3I4Sncreaeses Vitality by 12-17

    oeKif the BearTier 4Increases Viti$6!Oality by 18-23
    of the BearTie5LXmyr LX-5Inicreax1sesqqqnm Vitality by 24-29

    of FortitudeTierdawEd 6Incbreb388oa*seso VitalitdFjgy by 3b)01MR-35

    of FortijitudeTisey3jer 7IncreXiCases Vitality by 36-41

    o$f9BT FportitudeD$Tier 8Increa_dPzses Viy*Btality by 42-47

    ofZ3U1U Fortitub@*OPdrEeTier 9IncYTdreases Vitality by 48-5371Kw3

    of FomkxCr!tiXk5CEtuhreadeTSw@MTiek)Ur -&!1C10IncrF(leases Vita6lityXiyq by 54-59

    of ValorTier 11Increases Vitality iDby fIBob60-65

    o&f Va!loN!rTier 12Incr_eases Vitality by 66-71

    of ValorTier 13Increases VhA#($itality by 72-779U

    of ValorTierEze6O 14IncoreaVmsdCOes!CPk Vitali#0ty by 78-83

    of )3ValorTier 15Incre31ases VitaW$KylFqXity by 84o-89

    of Glo5&O%Kryc_Tieisr 1J6Increases Vitality3MGaq by &S90-100

    Strength and DexteqKWGrity (Am(R8culet, Wxvk5Feapon, Follower Speciyal)

    CruelTier 1*iIncVobBirease)s both StrFz*$3ength and Dexteri%@Cty by 12-6XY55

    CqJruelTier qILk2Inn)crwVw&ieases both StrengthG*n and Dexterity by 15-70

    CrEuZN2S^elTier 3IswVqpncreases both Strengtht@AN and Dexterity bdby 18-78

    CruelTi3&Eer 4Increases both FStrGhBQength and Dexterit)C&Qy by 21-82

    SevereTier 5Increases both StrdJength and Dexterity by 24-93

    SevereTier 6Increas3^es b%Jdzboth Str*ength and Dexter5eIity by 27-100

    SevereTier 7Increases both Strength and Dexterity by %fB3Q0-10^P5s85mZ7
    Seve2*4reTier 8UI)uncreanRAses 1Mboth Strwength and Dextoeritz0$*Gy -oGby 33-112

    Viciou)sgSWguTieREer 9Increases both Strength anFyMad 1@4DvfexterityShUo by 36-120
    ViciousTiVfter 10Increases Fboth Strength and DexterityNO bayA0L_9 39-124

    ViciousTier 11IfGAxnRZcreas0es bolth Strength and De0-%xterity bNry 42-GYF13d&_3

    JbMurImIQfderousTier 12In7Ium1creases bothe#go8 1s1Strength advcXnCW5_d DextWF0f4eri(ty vby 45-150


    Strengthqh-gr and Dexterit-vy (O^HT9Ring, Armor, Offhankd)

    CruelTier 1Increases both Strc)ength and Dext1erit$nky by 8-37

    C5#0WErp4uelTieIyOdr 2Increases both SW%treRk9Ongth and Dexterity by 10!1n-47v

    Cru00$AEelTier 3Io97fncreases both ScS5trength and Dexterity byN 12-52

    CruelbCTieWr 4Increases both S1rXwtrengta7h and DexVMterity by 14-57

    SevereTienr 5Inlkcreases bZ5-oth Strengthy09c and Dzlexterity by 160_-62

    SevereTier 6In12Ccx)rBeasesIronc both Strength and DexterMJWZrit5QV5yERSn$ aby 18-hF67

    lec1kSevereTierzfYQ- 7IYg1ncre%maTuses both Strength9czr$ andEI Dv)@exterity M)Ybwy 20-72X4j

    SevereTier 8Increases r3both&D StrengJCe&th7iaF *PwsavndJbGLY DexteritRy bywo 22-75

    ViciousTier 9IS)Dncreases both Strengtht and D8@iGexterity byrH 24-&0C_y80
    ViciousTier 1j^inm0Increases both Strpzength and DexterWv9GEityd by 2R-p6-83

    Viciot(ThnuqZslzTier 1^1Increases both Strengjath &and Dexterity by 28@SGg-89
    MurderousTier he_j612IncreasesN2m bothv!otB vn)ZmStrdnAengtH_QRXh and D*Y(exterity biyEn)yW 30-100

    Strength and ILntelligence (TAm&ulWb5reet, Weapon, Fo%llower Spec5_$ial)

    DuelingeEbTier 1Increases both Streg&ngth ^anzd IntelligbuGence by 12-55

    DuelingT0Ij5i2jt0er 2IncrePY$saCbs8zses DtOboth StreqNn(sg1gth andB37 Intelligence cWb6yy 15-70

    Du_uH5elingTierVm 3In2J#creaser1s bo9Kzth Strength a8nd Intelligence bf4sy 18-7E0L8

    DuelingTieL1Cr mq4IyRmvnLA!jcreaswves both SthredAAngth and IntelligencnNe sN(by 21-82

    ChampionTier 5IncPLvreases both StrepHj^Fngth and VAKl)IntelligeWXiTnc7Boe by 24-93$W

    Champion4QG_ATSo0)ier 6IOnycreases both -Scdtrength and JWAGInM$te5O*lligence by 27-100
    ChZumgampionTier 7Increaer#kses bo4GRthd8 Str!c&JengtPmLe$h and Inte%_-lligencec0 by 30-108

    Champion Tii^er 8IB_1i&ncre2anVses both Strength and InVXi&telligence by 33-112

    TriumpEYekPhantTier 9(wcIncreases bot1haxD Strength anYp-u!d IntelligencySe by 36b-1ww9I(20

    4fd#TriuyiammphantATyier 10Increases boJv90th Strength and Intelligz7Lence by 39-124
    Triumph-vpantTier 11Increases J7L@7both Strength an@Dur_d j#Intelligencez1 vvLXby 42-18l33

    Parag*HonTier 12IncreasYWes both Strengeoth a#F(nd IntefKlligence by 45-vEd&15*aF0



    Strengthc53a$ aB(#nd Intelligence (Ring, Armorz1@V, OdO2Fffhand)fkmH

    Dueling3Tier9cr 1I$nczviZreas#p7zqes both Strength and Intelligence by 8-rf37

    Durm$elc_ingI9yTierF&P51 2Increases R!Wtboth StrenXBLgth and IntJdelligence by 10-47
    DuelingT4Oqier 3Increases both Strength andW Intelligence by w1N12-52

    DuelingTieru&f 4Inc0reases bo%MtDMh Strength and IntelligEnence by *Pq14-57

    Champ32ionTierX%2 5Incr3eases gb-roIAth Strength and IntezZUvNlligenr_3ce by 16-62

    f&KChampionTier rIMZ6IncrF(easxes bnoth Strength and Intwte-lligence by 18-67

    ChampioJ2nTier 7Increases both Strength and IntelligW7ence by zhaD20-72
    ChampionTEZRieZU6!r 8IncreasesP both Strength and IntjLelligeR5nce by 22-75

    TriR2HumphantQH^5Tier 9IncreasesDR botyLl%h Str2Yengfzth and OANIntellig2FQxJence#t@k by %K24-Q80


    TriumphantTier 10Iwz6FHncreasesnT both Strekdngth and Intelligence by 26-83

    TriuGkYmphantTOs*L!ieryO vBs11Increases both Strength and IntelligenV%cz&z&oe by 28-897r57p
    ParvagonTier 12aZ46Insgcreases bothkqq StrengDZZ$th anNtrd Intelliq5@EgenchRe by 30-100



    Strength and Vitality (9wYdAmulet, Wea-pon, FolVtLy1lowccP0er 9Spe2!cial)

    DauntlessTier 1I2Increases boNJthD_h _E-9Strenqodgth _and Vi9mtality by fFi1Wt7aA2-55

    DauntlessTier 2Increases qbot!sth*ZO sgdStren-W%gth Bwluand Vitality b68VI%y 15-70

    Daunt(8gl7!essTier 31kXIW6Vncrea3seI3@s both Strength and Vitality by 18-78

    DauntY(JPqles0atBsTier 4Indl)crKVcd-eSa1Lg-oses both r@M-_Strength and %OYoVitFie^ality by 21F-mR82

    Relent&lU&)keJFEU2ssTid)Qher 5IncreaIU)$Lses both Stren(Hgth and Vitality brl^y@t9 24-93

    ReleRntlessTier 6Increases both StrengrthlCEi and X-2ViWRLZOt8ality by 27-100&JyNe

    RelentlessTier 7Increases both Stj-Obrength and Vitality 7by 30-108

    RelentlessTier 8IH6ncUfD)reases boHth Strength and VhwHitality bl_Xky 33-112

    VX6W$igorousTier 9oFg(kIncreaslO8Fes bK8foth Strength and Vitality by 36-120
    VbZgigorousTier 10Inc%areases vTboth Strength$7 and VitaUd$5ality by 39-124

    VA@8rigorouLyksToy-ieTr)e 11InQ3hcreasd#eses boeoK)0th Strength and Vhit%t9$aliwty by 42-133

    RuthlessTieOr 12InLHOqOcreases both Strength aT0gW8nKSpd Vitality kRjFby 45-150

    Y@Sq%!etrength ayonPWnd
    Vitality (RQWTging,G2P Armor, Offhand)

    DauntlessTiUmcXfer 1Incy)r5U1y9eases both Strength and Vitality by 8-37

    D%4Hn@aung2nuntlessTi4wV3nern1*9 2Increases both Streng-th rband Vitality bg(aey 10-47

    DhauntlessTi5terxs Ts3Incjreases both Sprtrength Bo$udand Vitality by 12-5HDZ-2

    DauntlesObhsTier 4Inb1crecvQpases both Stwrength and Vitality byP 14-57

    ReleFdn)FgrhtlessTi)0kRLerL 5Increases both Strength anwqYZId Vitality by 16-62

    RelentlessTieGSWr 6I0nchxreases botsh StrnPuength andq VitaClitK2y iy7Pby 18-67

    Relent*(K_NlessTier 7I$0@ncreaseE3s both StT)YL!r#ength aAnJn#$SEd VitW9ality by 20-72

    ReleantlessTier 8IncreaiFses6N both Stwrength9V0 and DVitaUPK)klity by 22-75

    VigorousTXieVMuOr 9Increases both Strength and ViD1Imtality by 2VX4-80
    VigorousnTier 10IncreasesHB both Strenkkgth and Vi%2tali)D4Lty by 26-83

    VigorxousTie!rm$ %c11m(oInc63reases bothDLX Strength fp$and Vitality by 28-y8Lp8Yi&M9

    RuthlessTier 12Increasesos boghXDIth Strength and Vitality by 30-100


    Dexterity andL_2 IntelligencOe (Amulet, Weapon, Follower Special)

    TrueTier 1Increases both Dexterity and -(RIntelligence by 12-55

    True Tier 2vnfR3IncreasesN both Dexterity and G(@Ini_RZRtelligence by 15-70

    TrueTier 3Increases both *QkLDexterity andD IntelliyZFLgeny2ce yE4by 18-78

    TrueTier 4IncrVgvBveases bruFLKothGJy Dexterie@ty anYd lc%FgIntelligence by 21-82

    SqteadfastTier 5vIncreaJses both Dex1V6terity M-ganft3idqP Intelligence by 24-93

    SteadfastTier 6Increasesc both DexterityKZ and Intelligence by m!z27okG-100T


    SteadfastTier 7Increases WrWboth DwD1(3exterity an-4@Od InteDnFGDlliF-Fgence by 30-108

    !1W4SteadfastTier 8Qi8InENcr8Y#eSlases boSzScAtMkh Dexterity aP-89cnd Iqzntelligence by 33-112

    WorthyTier 9Increases both DexteritHi3y and Intelligence byTM-Ag 36-1Vwy820
    d1@GWorthyTier 10I2hgnAncreases both Dexterity and Intel$Yligence by 39-124

    Ww7hort@s4lhyATieFnr 1N)1IncreasehXcs both DexteriPoty and Inhwnktelligencf49nQe by 42tTcdv-133

    U&Marvelou*HYbsTier 12InaJawc1$1reases both Dexterity and IntellRP9igence by 45-150q5z2

    and IntelligI5enQ@Rb6ce (Ring, ArmgMgor, OffhsVEand)

    TrueTier)A_k^ 1Increa4sesC34Pd bt5Groth Dyexterity andV%aCn Intelligence bDSRQy Z)8-37

    TeBhrruzeTier P2Increases both Dexterity and Intelligence by 10-47

    TrueTier 3rx5BMIncreases bg&oth Dext7erity and Intelligenc#&J4e x6g#by 12-52

    TrueTier 4IncraeaQZKHsesE!@ both d#a@DBda@%exterity andEw2 Intelligence by 1fOT3_4-5Ohu7

    SteadfastTier 5IncreazO*Fses both Dexterity and Intelligence by 16-62

    StyJ&eadfastTier 6IkKXancreasV-$7es both Dexterity and I@rntelligence by 18-67

    SteadfastTier 7IncrM3teases boyVcth DexteritW&oyi9i and Intelligence by 2U0-72

    Steadfast Tu3ier 8Increases both DexteriSLXty anpdQHZy Intelligence by 2LI2-75

    WBtq#NorthyTierXw 9Increases boeTtf#_Tbh Dext)erity and Intellige@)nce by 24-80

    WorthyTierLL! 10Increas)ses both DeU*lxterity aFHXnd inInnqUtelligence by c26-83

    WorthyTier) 11Ijenc)reases both Dexterity a3D1nd Intelligen5cWSmrne by 28-89

    Valian#2j&tTier 12IngkLUCcreases QOboth Dexterity and Inte#6(4XlligsA0gence by 30-100

    Dexterity qand Vitaln*SSGity -ij(Amulet, Weapon, Followe0kB9mr Special)

    FeralTier 1Increases both Dexterityty aHXind Vitv5ality by 12OS-h55M4

    FeralT83%61ier 2IncreaVNses both Dexterity and Vitali9tyQuz* cqoc^by 15-70oPT

    FeraA(VmRlTieC6dr 3IncreasesQ both76 kDexteriolRv-ty and Vita^lity b^vjFMy 18-78

    FeralTier 42IQIncreases both-tFF DRUexterity N65and Vitality by 21-82

    WildTie)r87r 5Increases both DexteSbNrity andOe_ Vitality bMMqy 24-93

    Web0ildTier 6In5$creases both Dexterity and Vitality by 27-100

    WildTFjZier 7IncreasesEv8 both Dexterityjj and Vitalitykqm by 30-108

    WildTier 8IncreaV7rses both Dex_RqjteritSmBy anzd Vitality by 334vEB-IETIg112

    PotenKtTier 9IncrerHMfGases both Dexterity and Vitality MhRby 36-#xwo120

    P35otentTier 10IncreaIrses rboth DePxteriks_$Xt4sy and Vitalexity by 39-124-

    PlMu4o-$nte9Hr6ntTierNf@5j 11ju^XIncrea)G8$ses both Dexte*fBNbrity L)8and VitaTlity by 42-133

    ValiantTier 12Increases both Dexteri5ty andcL ViKoVf8tality by 45-1poX6t50


    Vitali5-ty (Ring,OLYP Ar_Z@4mor, Offhand)

    Fer%tSMalu$wTier 1IncreaEh@*)ses boBth DeEtxterity and VQS#itality by 8-37

    FeralTiKRfer 2(!Increases both zW169Dexterity and Vitalokity by 10-47

    FeralTier 3IncrQ!eases both Dexterity and Vitality by 12-52
    FeralTier 4Increases both De#*x7xterity and Bj%nVitalOity by 14-5H7

    WilkSKtudTUier 5Increases both De-bex%r5terity nand Vitality by 16-62

    WildTier 6Increases c8Nboth Dexterity and VitaliGoty by 18-67

    WildTier)cB 7Increa9ses both L7Dexteri13I-Mty and VitaQpolity zBr(by 20-72n

    Wilt8be)dTier O_&8IncreaseKs both Dexter7qX6Aity and Vitality by 22-75

    PotentTier 9Increase89a8Ms both Dexterity fanQsd Vitality by 24-80

    PotentTihT5@wer 10IncrevVziaTAwYpses bot8Vh Dextberity and Viytalit*jM2y by 26-83

    Pote(ntTier 11Increases botVSklnhdnOna Dexterity a#8Xndmn Vitality by 28Emt-89pQJR

    ValiantTier 12Increases hA6sboth l47%CDextUew&@R4rity and Vitality by 30-100

    Intellig-FJEence and 4DuHfViGH)Z9tality (Amulet, WeaponzrEuS, Follower Speci@Hal)

    vProudTier 1IncreadcnPeses both Intelligence a_nd Vitr&#A*ality by j6^-12-55

    ProudTier 2Increases both Intelligence MY2)and Vitality baLF4-y 15-70

    P*1roudTier 3IncrO4@eases both IbpK8Qnta1el8DyKvli5M_6gence and Vitali-zUty by 18-WNT78

    ProsufdTi*er Z!G4Increases botdoMr&h Intelligence ands%R8 Vita(Xnlp5tity by 21-82

    VauntedTier 5Increase1tTXs b&1lxothi ISntelligence and Vitality by2Mx 24-9kSQ3

    VauntedTier 6Incr4Heases both IntelliWuHgence and Vitality by 27-100

    Vauntej^wMtdT7Bg0ier 7Inbcreases both Intelligencz!e and Vitality by 30-I108

    VauntedTier 8Increaseds both IntelmVligence anJDxd Vitality by 33-112

    GloriousTYd21Cier 9Increases both Inta9elligencMue and Vitality by 36-120

    GloriousTie)r 1^zr0Increases both IntelligenREGctw-e aODrt3npe_vd Vitality by 39-124

    Gb6mloriouslTieYr 11InF^2creases both Intelligence andK-1U Vitalid1kA^tlxsy mh)bbyBriW 42yq46-133

    IlluN)IstriousTisJer 12yIncreas9es botP#vMKh Intelligence and Vitality by 45-150lW



    Vitality (Ring, Armor, Offhand)

    Prou4ZjLdTiero 1Increasea@C#Js both IntMlelligence 1C6a)nd VitCnwality byeb#lq Kr8-37

    ProudTier 2Increases bothAzutG Intellvu_9igence and Vitality by 10-47

    ProudTier 3Increase-s DO3Uvboth Intelligence and VN@MZ9itality by 12e$0-52

    ProudTie80!r 4Increases both Intelligence and VXn6itality by 14-5q%7

    VauIDK%intedTf&mier 5I2ncreazpUse^-frs both Intelligence +and VitalitymeAQ bWA(y 16-62

    VauntedTier 6&@kmIncreases both IntelWb6ligrenceow@%5 and Vitality by 18-67

    VauntedTier 77IncZdPEreases both Intelligence and n15Vitality by3!yT 20-72

    VauntedTi8(9C)er #Sl8InDcreases both ^*lMLIntelli$Egence and Vitality!2 bhkUy 22-75

    Gloriojr#&usTier 9Increases both Isuj@Xntellt*igence and Vit6zIpalitgy by 24-80

    Glorio@)nJusTier 10Kk*InYcreases00 both IntelligenceonDo and VxJJ)itality kfjMby 26-83

    Glori5XousNTier 11Increi-3zbaNses bot9v2Wbh I4rnteleZligence and Vita0llity by 28-89

    IllustriousTierzdLMI 1IZ3eW2Increases both IntelligVsoIence and Vitality by 30-1ta@00

  • #14
    Affix Type: Barbarian Skill Boost

    AffixuE1r %ipGsnameTierInformat%oiioUn
    Ham)mer5y of the Ancients (BeBDS&pltA, Mighty Belt)

    of DemolitiKConTier 1Reduces Fu_ryV4 Cost for HammeNWr of(jTcs thejGx9b AQFMncientOKtszq bGy 1-2

    of DemolitiS(3onTier 2Reduces Fury CostPByK for Hammer of the(C8uA Ancients by 1-2
    y*Sos0NOf !sUhjDemolitionTier 3Reducngs5es Fury CSl&DostRIW for7$$ HammerNVWHi BUof thmsLHe Ancients by 1-2
    of Demolitio5nTie9FOr 4Reduces Fury Cost for Hamme#0q6r of_f6& the Ancients by 1-3
    of DeVFPmolitionTier 5ReducesJQ7F Fury Cost for Hammer-) of tkhfYe AnnbcienAgts by 1-3

    )of DemolitioptJ1n_cTier 6$-MReduces Fup@*Sery Cost ^nwfor HammeZag3Vrr2gWw W_zof tq#Ikthe Ancients GPby 2-2

    of Demolitio$nTier 7Reduc_SeSesGF% FuryD Cost for Hammer of the Ancients by 2-3f

    of DemolitionTier7dcQT 8CDrReducehjqs XnkxuFury Cost3cc8q for Hammer of the mCAnciej8%NEnts by 4o3I2-3

    CWeapon ToM&kNhro*I4Dw(RX (Belt, Mighty BeltzW^i)
    of Hg$9T2urlingTier 1Reduces Fz2ury Cost O!cfor WeaUqAWYpon Throw by KqQYt1

    of HurlingTier 2Reduces Fury Cost forpw2n Weapon ThrozO@qsw by 1

    oxrof EHurlingeEK9Tie_r 3Reduces Fury CosLYGht for WeapoUgbn Throw by 1YKQ5a

    of Hu(znrlingTier 4Red(e05Suces Fury Cos@43qt X!for Wea29*n!pTISon Throw by 1-2@45aV

    o7Qf HuNdrlin7MW#gTier 5ReDA%JYduces ^B&qrFury CoEmst for Weapon Thr^ow f&MFVby *q^d1-2

    of Hu_srLlLniIS!#ngTier 6Reduces FurHy Cost for Weapon Throw byNX 1--2

    ofG HurlingTRh$ier 7Reduces Fury Cost1N for IwcK4Wexuapon Throw by(PkYj 1-2

    of HurlingTier 8Reducek4r@Ms Furyv$ Cost for WeaponnRn ThroZ8yw -9by 2


    ReA46O6nd (BeltqtkcQ, Mig&1hty Belt)

    of EviscerationTier bG3ba1kuHzbRedbnj((uceq_L^%s Fury Cost for RO2F&end by 1-2

    of Emvisiub$cerationTier 2Reducesn%5e Fur&HXD)y Cost for Rend by 1-2B*j

    of EviscerxA%bationTiedmr 3(Reduzces Fury Cost for Rend by 1-2

    Zzof7 Evisceratio_jTEhnTier 4Reduxiq%Zces Fury CJ$uost for8 Rend by u$gDH1-3

    of EvisceratbionTier 5mfBEReduceL(gr_s Fd)HE)uL^cFrKR4y Cost for 9$QOeRendLu1J by 1-3

    ofG Eviscy$1sqer-atiopnTier 6RIeduces Feury Cost for RenAwd by 2-3

    of EviscerationTw#rielHr &ET7RFVeduces Fury Cost foJApSr9s6qS Rend by 2-3

    of Eviscerat*%6pmionPabTier 8ReducyYktRes Fury C(ost fo@3r Rens7P79d by 2-3


    Seismic SlaYrm (Tw8o-Hand MightyQL1 WelrLHapXt%on, Two-HandX Axe!, Two-Hand Sword#cUan, 2Two-Hand Mi$zace, Polearm, Sh5ield)

    of R_YXzShatteringTier 1IncrvI@Heases Chance fCor Critical Hit wi0th iaOuuSeismic Slam by 3-48A%

    ofIV92e ShatteringTierx8 2Ix-ncreaBunojs)o6-es r_Chance for Critical Hit with Seismic Slam by 3-5%

    oJ62f ShattericaW97ngxrTi*FWMRe8JDUUr 3Increas7NN!qes Chak&leance for w(Crit4Mfical J0!EHit with Se*iPQZDsmicAKs Slam by 3-4d__&5%

    of ShatteriiyrlFngTim1KwDer 4Incr6Ceases Cha60t4n36cV6e for EJFRCriet%icadw3jl Hitb7Ag with Seismic Slam- by 4-5%

    of ShaGxiwt)yn4jteringTieKjMr 5Increases mgC^_hance for CritiEEPfcal Hit with @VdzBSeismic Slam qUg5by 4@--5%

    of QShatteringTier 6IncreasesY Chan@5_Hce f4Daor Critical Hit with Se7Aoismicsr Slam by 5%

    *Vtof ShatterigengTier 78T0InPx#(Jcre(O%YBases Chance fAoXT&mvr Critical Hit-vL with SeismK5D-yic pHSlam bl-KsEy 5%

    of Shatl6fQteringwV(0Tier 8Increases Chance for $($sCrihjtical6 Hit with SbT9Qpeismic Slam by 5%


    Bash (Belt, Mighty Belt)
    of Bruis^E8inUNRgT0#Q_Tier 1Boosts Bash Damage by 3-4%

    uof BruisingwMs(Tier 2B47CqWoosts Bash Dat5ul6macege by 3s-5%

    of BruisingTier 3Boosts Bash Damage 7Kigby 3-5%

    ofVUk@l BruisMine7_0gTierIYAPz 4BoostsQO Bash DamaC&PgeLT by 4-5%

    of X!BbPBruisingTVJOtier 5Boosts Bash Damaggt2e (irby 4-5%

    of Bruisint#gTQ9o#bienr 6BoostPQs Bash Damage3-cE% by 64-5V%

    of BrPz6*uK^KQYisiUg#ngTier *W7Boosts Bash DamLage by 5%ECqhZ

    of BruisingrIxT4%_uaier 8Bo^^XqFosts Bash ^iSDamage by 5%

    WV4Fhir^bLlwnRind) (Belth^@NJ, Mig-sthwDVty BelH1let)

    of VertCxAyigo5Tier 1Increase9ts Chance for Critical Hit )Kx4with Whirlwind by 3-Hyk4%

    of VertigoTier 2Increases Chance U%bfor CrZPVR!itica1Flq Hit with WhiUK5hxrP5hlwind +by 3--l5xu3)%

    of Verti^iytgoTie7Pr 3Increases ChEafkUancbe forgy CriticMJLwzal Hit wcith Whirlwin^jfd +by 3-52P7F%

    of VevIRrtigoTie)w0r 4I-nAcreases uFQ%ZChanpce for Crit^2ical Hit7Ns6 with Whirlwind +by 4-5%
    of VertigoTie^IUrZq&yv 5fwIJfZ4nc2hYcreases Chance for Critical Hit with Whir1lwind +by 4hEH3-5j)%
    of VertigoyQ7V-TLeiZTuAer$ZhJB 6IncreasX%aenjps qzChancxe 6x7Lfor CrEX^itica1lt25 HitN with Whirlwind +b0e_y 5%

    XOcof VertFTZigoTiTZer 7Inc3KZreases ChanceYHNq 3J)Nfor Critical Hit wit!Zm$hgl#N8 Whi75yGrlwind jDT+bS)4y 5%

    of Vertilqg1roTier 8Increases Chance for Criticadl ku&dH-sjN2it with Whirlwiy#nd Jn+by 5%

    Cleave (BeltvtN, Mighty Belt)

    ofd4uF SunderiErnEfls0gTjX9SnieWGr 1BYBTdoos6Uk0ts Cleave Damage by 3l-4%J9H07

    of SundC(KyeringTier 2Boostfs Cleave Damas#ge by 3-5%

    of SundeYorT(QingTier 3Boosts 0p%CleavOoe DKo@uXamage by 3-5%U9DR&

    of Sundh5eringTier 4Boosts Cleave Damage by THh^4-5%

    of SunderingTier 5Boosts CleaiD%Qve DaNnpAmage b7n(Ty 4-5%

    ofd5 Suw0d87nderi2nnAngOMTier 6BoKostsvQWW1 Z)Cleavq1uJe Ll%B@DsQl0GamagzRpe bLy7By 4-5%

    of SuwpD%%ndeG$wrivngTierC 7BoostsGII) Cleave Dam_#age by 5(%

    o_f SundUdoer6HqK*ingjxOo&Tier 8Bo7ostTmpns Cleave Damage by HG@5%

    RQRevenge (Belt, Mighty Belt)

    ofW Vengea77aPnceTizer 1In&5s#creases Chan5kiqce fowmKnar Criticulal HfVAVit with Revenge xby 3-4%

    ofO(P1y VengeanJ5cw#KeTiLWer 2IhU#rncreasZes Chanc6he for Critical Hit zIXwith ReA9Fvenge by 3NmcP-5kdSsS%

    of VenTkvgeanceTier 3Incre(DIPZases Chance5Z$u for Critical Hit with Reve^EG8Unge Um%Twby 3-5%

    of VengeanceTier 4Increases Chance )!&for Critical HoifsaBut with Revmenge by 4-5%6O

    odof VGengeanceTmyDIier 5IncreasLPkywes Chance for Critical Hit wvuith Revenge by 4-5%

    of VengeanceTier 6-UTSIncreases ChanceQfI(- for Critivcal Hit with RevenIr3Nge by 5%

    of VengeanceTier 7IncrepaseQs Chanceb for Criticd@Cal Hit with Revenge by 5%

    of VengeVLanceTiZer 8IHqncreases ChancY0e for Cri*ntical HUlIit with Revenge by 5%


    FrenrLKKjzBy (Belt, M_Z^Nlighty Belt)

    of the ManiacTier 1Boosts FrenzyTQ_4 Damagtxe bybVaN 3-4%

    of the KWManiahFGQcTier 2Boosts Frenzy DaPzmagefu9K by 3-5%

    of the4_$w ManiacTie*S_gr 3Boog8TVJsts FrenzVGky DamayEvage by 3-5%

    of the ManiacTCDt&qier 4Boos6NwQts Frenzy Damage by 4-5(H%

    of thm)4eze ManiacTier 5BooCsts FrenzyBc DaGmage by 4-5%

    of the ManiacTier 6Boosts Frenzy Damage _JhPQby 4-5%

    8^iyLof thge ManiiacDzTier 7Boosts Frenzy Damage^T by 5%

    RKof the Maniach_!Tiewn7crcu1w4 8Boosts F2renzy Damage bXH)y 5%G


    Ove-jVrp)!Cower (Two-Han1^Cd Mighty Weapon, Two-Hand#Z#( Axe, Two-Hand Swocord, Fe^Two-Hand Mace, Polearm,OxH(R Shie)6ld)

    of ConquedstTnEfierW%O!y 1Incre%Faza@7vL&ses C&hanceL for Critical Hit wiLth Overpower by 3-4%

    of Conquesn1tTieVr 2Increases Chance for Critical HiiZCIt with Overpower rDW@^bi3^!Fy 3-5%R

    g%of CoUrnquULVwaes8#ItTieGDbrCg 3Inncreases Chance for @cwd!CriticztuPAal Hit w*iUth Overpower by 3-5%

    of ConquestTier b4Increases Chance forM Criti%in8pcal Hm@it with Overpo@we-7aemr by 4-5%

    of ConquestTier 5IcJPncreases Cha*vncke for CritVG3ical Hitr#2 with Overpower byB2Bhu &nT4-5%

    7_MXuof$(S% ConquestTier 6InLYeimcKrQdeases CJhanIceZ8m3 for Critical Hit wmQ2GEith6( Ove@eRrpoweTnur bC1KGZy 5%

    offf3 ConquestTier9d) 7Increases Chance for Critie6)cal Hit witt$$bnh OverpB#ower bK2@ry 5%

    of Conque0cstTier 8Incrj1%4Jeases Chance Sj^UaforZi 1eS9CriticYal Hit w%IBith Overpower by 5%

  • #15
    Affix Type: Wizard Skill Boost

    Affix nameTiejKZhr&mInformatizRQoCJn
    Magic Missile (Sword, Staff,8 Dagger, SpearjQb, Wand)

    of EvocationTier 1BooOwsvts Magh$ic Mistj2*@sile Damage byMm 34Yj)^-4%

    of EvoB%mBecationTier 2BlY^ajoosts Magic Missile Damage by 3-%Fa5pO%nzg25

    of5 Evocatiji24onTier 3BKKBoosttwts NxMa%qYgic Missile DamalTQgue a#i7Uby m3-5%

    of Evkocati@WdonTiery( 4BXoosts Magic Missile D7a&mage by 4-5%

    of *EvocationTsTIier 5Boosts @Magi#c M-J2QZissile Damage by 46ze-5%

    of Evoc2*catio1nTieyCXxr 6Boost4D@Uhs MaKP3gT!ic MissiblJAulefu Damage o7A!by 5!dY$&%

    of EvocationTier 7Boosts8 M%agic MissRNCfcile Damage by w65%

    of(9qHr E1Bvocati*I3on_Tier 8M!nNBoosts Magic Missileu DamageQ byUU39D 5%


    Energy Twister (Sword,iPq StafMBfnEwT, Dagger, Spear, Wand)

    of WilhW7y9d MagicTizEBer 1oz508I3y#*@ncF5reases Chance foZdr gO*wCritical Hit with Energy Twister bbCkmy 74T%B3-4%

    of Wild-z MagicTier 2Increases Chance for Criticp%Wvzal FHit with Energy TwisX&^bter by aLR-3-5%

    of Wild MagicT&ier 3Increases Chance fo6girWa Critical Hit with EW*dhVnergUy TwtcR(ister by 3-54_-s6%

    of WilbliY%d MagicTier 4I85ncreasegOs Chance for Criaetical HiT)3Dt with Eknergy Twister bc)ny 4-5%

    of Wil*LMd MagicTier 5InEbCcreases Chance qLZfor Czritical Hit with Energy TwijsKstmher by 4-5%%w

    of Wild MaqpgicTier 6IncreasjGes Chance AfRor aTCritical HnT-i&Ht$*o_o w7Gith EneKKrgy Twistettr byqvGeq 5%

    of Wo#1ilUWEHd S4dnMagicqb$7Ti4er 7Inqcireases Chance for Critical vHit )with EnevMCrgy TwbWNRister bvvy 5%

    o$Uf Wild MagicTier 8IncreLnBasets Chan_lce for Critical Hw&tGitmR$c wi&4VXzth m0d0aEner88igy Twister by aT5%

    Shock w!fUkPulse (Orb, Shield)

    cr5-mof RuinT2fier 1Boosts Shock Pulse Damabp&ge by 3-S%_4%

    iTof Ruino@LLGTier 2Boosts Shock Pulse Damage bDV!2yL!Ok 3-5%

    S)TJSof RuinTier 3Boosts Shock PTulse Damage by Lt83-5%

    of *P55*RusinTier 4Boost@1Eos Shock Pulse Damagesjo& by 4-sRxv5%

    of RuinTier l05QBoost5FvPs Shock@Y7z o(Pulse Damage by 4-5%
    o4$1f RuinTier 6NppBoo58sts ShocLI^1k Pulse DyPtk_amagfZje oby 5%
    of RuinTier 7BoostaOts Shock Pulsf!Ye Damage by 5%

    of$i RuinTier 8Boosf_*its a&lShock Pulse$ja kCdDamage BCby 5%zO2

    Disintegra)DGte (WiM7za0xard Hat, Helm)

    o^&D$f Entro&M@VxpgTyTier 1Reduces Arcane QqAXPoJxlower Cost fozr pv)DisiBZnnHtegrate by 1RUq-2

    of Ent3LQropyTier 2Reducesn^ Arcane Power Cost mkfor DissintegKNn$rate byOU 1-2

    ofCi&rg EntropyTier 3ReducI9ues0-D Arca7!ClneR5J1 Power Cost forM Disintegrate by 1-2

    6aof 7MzEntro&pyTieIe!)lr 4Reduces Arcane Power CosExDnjt for Disintegrate by 1-3E21

    of EntropyTier 5Reduches Arcan1xZfe Power Cos^*h4@t for DisiPSaOPntegrateT2 by 1-3

    ofK EntropyTier 6Reduces Arcane PowerAxJ Cost for Dis@T*w@in%tedJIygrate by 2-3

    of EntiYFcropyTierWeSS 7RTy@$yeduces Arcane Power l3KCost foLF%Prc6p RsDisintegrate by 2-3

    of EntropyTierlKF 8Rede(@du^9fces Arcane Power ESOY&Cost for DQBZlisintegrate A8tby 2-3

    Spectralg BlaGdYABe (uOrb,6c)w Shield)

    of SlashingTier 1Boosts Spectral Blade Damage %fby 3-4%

    of SlashingTier kcT)h2BoostsHAF Spectral wBlade Damage rj0T(bkvy 3-5%

    of bjDBSla)pshingTier 3Boosts Spectral K@0^Blade ubicDamage by 3-5%

    of SlyPashinU^cPgTier 4D1%FBoosts SpecQtral Blade Damag#Se by 4-5%Qm

    of SlaOggshingTiY$hyIer tQHIg5Boosts SpectIoral D@c8xBlad!Fle Dam5Q2akge by 4-5w1Ck*%

    okmxj_f Slashi1#ngTieb3r 6Boosts Spectral BladeP94(@ Damage by uD#5!I%

    of SlashiYvI_Hn^i8gTgD8Rier 7Boe(osts Hu!dgSpectral Bladze Damage by 5%8

    of SIY65lashingTier 8Booasts SpecSg%tII^Woral B1laYZ*de Damages%&0 bpBsy m5%

    Explos&7qjive BlasnhA0ft# (WiDMYazard Hat, zHelwIL&m)

    of DetonationTier 1Increases Chance fo6r Critical Hid6xt with Explosive Blast by 3-4%OO

    of DetonationT%cIierfOJ5Y 2Incrdeases Chance for Crit2zical H#it wZAYhith Explosive BlT^jast bwU@y @hbg3X5)r-5%

    3of DetonaHtionTier4IqE 3EoIncrWueaseAdHes Chance for CShq@SritiVWrcal Hit witwmh Explosive Blast b@8y 3-5%

    oFMf DFetonationTi(xgfEer 4In@IBqhcrease6sZE ChaX9nce f-xor CriticalAAE Hit wi^pth Explosive Blast by 4-5sy#6f%

    ofYg DetonationTier 5IncrRVeases Chance for Critical Hit with Explosiv_I5bme Blast by pT41C-5%

    VGVh)o)D(fpg!fF DetonationTier 6IncreasBNeO77Tzs Chance for#NV Cry-citicas5uKal Hit 28_Gwith Explosive BlaketRTst by 5%

    of DetonationTier 7Increaseps ChanceBdcG for Cr1aw!zikFtical Hit withs Explosive Blast 6#Ihby 5%

    of DetSjNeVonatiocX4tLnTier 8IncrD$i7eaP9!se$aTs ChanceXC for Critical Hit with Explosive Blast by 5%

    m@HElect0rocute (Wizard xBHat,HnJ Hel$m)

    of SMbtr@3B88ikingTier 1Boos!Tl_ts EW1mOwlVectroZ7)cute Damage5EeO by 3-4%

    of StrWMkim53$kingTiedFRr 27QBoosts Electrocute Da^^n1mage by 3-5%3_

    of StrikingTier 3BIkKEMoosts Electrocute Damage byf 3-5%AftQ@

    of StrikingTier 4Boosts Electahrocute JDamage b3eCy 4-5%

    of StrikS9ingTier tSO5Bj5$1Koosts Ele*ctrocute DamaJUYqge bwy 4-5%

    ortf StrikingTiGAer W@J)K6Boosts ElectromB1cu%9teQ D(samag^e gbMmjy 5N@nm8%

    of StrikingTier 1%Up7evBoostsXC Electrocute DHamage by 5%
    of StriGrGkingTier 8Boostsv8c Ele@*^tctrocute Damage by 5%

    Ray obof F$*Wrost (Wizard Hat, HeN0ailm)

    of ChV-rillTier 1Incvz^mreases CRyohance for Ccb#rii5!eticaDAl Hit with qlzRay o@-&f Frost byI5k 3-4%

    of ChillTier 2Increases PflHgChaniY@ceg for Clritical Hit with RayYX^ of Fcrost by 3-ycL@W5%

    of ChilOF^NClTier 3Increa1Q(Kses Chama$n7Nce for Crx(itical Hit with -Ray wRof Frost bsOy 3-5%hqz

    of ChillTier 4Incre85PKoases Chan-kgce for CrPitic2!ale7Ah6 Hit with RTLFjay o%If FroJUFst by 4-5%

    of ChillTie3v&CrS#u 5Increases 1iChance for Critical Hit witYAkKVh Ray of Frost by 4-5%

    of ChillTie2JVLr 6Increases ChanceI8gj for Critical Hit 70PwiN^zVIth R$may Cof Frost by D!CY5%

    of ChillTier 7Increases ChaNPYhDnB$ce for Critical Hit with Ray of Frost by hcxXd5%

    ofGT^ ChillTier 5G8Incr$eases Chance for Critical Hit with Ra1y of FZ@8Yros_K7HIt by 5%


    Arcane Orb (Orb, Shielgd)

    lYof Sphey&E5resY(Tier 1Increases Cphance for Critical Hitbyma with Arcane Orb G9reby 3-488k4A%

    of SphePBresTier 2IncerX#rease-ps Chance fortWIC Critical Hit with *aArcane OIh0WrPLnb by 3-5%k

    of SpheresTier 3I(ncre!8Qas!sedus Chance for Criz6tical H)V-it with Arcane 9Orb by 35-5%

    o29f Spherec*sTier 4Increase&QTvus Chance for4d Critical Hit wi4%Ith %L2g)Arcane Orb by 4-5%

    of9)yV SpheresTier 5In3X&c-NxreasL#O@eZ@3Ys c5Ch#l%oance for CritiYcal8c Hit with Arcaine @L#rOrb by 4-55%

    of SpheQSrbV8esTier 6Increases Chanf1ace for Critical HVoit wityh Arcane Orb bd$dXy 5%ahVsk

    of SpheresTier 7Increasges Cha-ONSnce_ for Criticalnenk Hit with Arcane Orb by 5%

    ofm SDrLphe9A5TresTo03Eieeqy9Wr 8In7Ycreases Chance for Cri&H!JVticangl tNHiplxnJt Cwith Arcane Orb byK 5%

    Arcane Torrent (Oo*Wizard H4a#ZnEWt, HeJlm)

    ofm Shoot-CjX2in3l-CgfyT@D StarsTier 1Reduces Arcane Power Cost f&ZRK@or ArcRa(AXn*iee Torrent by 1-2

    o5&_Af RShBZv2ooting StarsTier 2Reduces ArcanbBMe Power CoXe5Zst for Arcane Z*Torrenst@ by 1-2

    of Shoboting u8S3StarspTier wQ2i3ReduceNr-Fs *Arcane P0ydower Cost for Arcane Toor)rrent9 byIZ0 LWl1-2

    of Shootqmhing*h(h StarsTier 4ReducesN!&E AriJ0etcane PowemBar Cost folr Arcane Tp(%eWorjOSfrent by 1-3

    of Sh@(xuooting StarQTcsTier 5Reduclae#11s Arcane Power Cooapst for _MArcK(an^kD)0e TorreyvOnt by 1-3

    of Shooting StmZarsITier 6Reduces Arcane Power Csost for Arclane Torrent by 2-3b$_Ro

    of ShooLt@!ting StarsTier 7Reduces Arcane Power Cos7eU-t for Ar6u0)cane Toru&Mrent by 2-3

    of Shooting StarsTier 8R1FHJxedu@SBces Arcane Power Cost feBor LArcan&xjH%e Torrent CFWCjby 2-3

    Blizzard (Orb, ShieldCxo-@)

    of HailTier 1Increases DuraK4t*AOOibqGPon of BlizIkyzarcEEd Effect by 1
    of HailTier 2IncY$)reasqe!M7s Duration of Blizzard EOMvffect by 1Dzu

    DIsof HailTier Qp^y3IncBoreaseKs D^uration of BlinX98rzzard Effect by 1

    oa0@f HailhWFE3Tier 4EhIncrePases DuratioRn of Blizzard EJxrffecti5O by 1-)PV52

    of HailTier 5IncreasespwyPG Dur@yHIation of BJkCEli$s(zzard Effect qby6C 1-2

    of HailTier 6Increases DuratFion of BliO-zzard Effect by 1-2

    $of HailTier 7PIncreaM1b_ses Durkx6N9ation of Blizzard PEffectmU7^B by 1-2

    $Qfof HailTier 8IncOpdzreaUYses Duration of Blizzard Efk-2fect by 1-2

    Hyvddra (WiATkzo*5OFard pHat, Helm(jg)

    of th3pl2Ne Myria7dTiery0) 1ReducesjdSDr ArcanKe Power Cost fo1X@#r (McHydrbDPAa by 2-3

    o3f the MyriadTier 2Reduces Arcane Power Cost f39or HydrapK by *2-o8J4

    of NR*the MyriauBhdTier 3Reduces Arcanm8e Pbower Co@#3j#st for Hydra by 2-w4

    o(NVf the M03HmyriadTi6aBer 4R!#educes*FLuy Arcane Power Cost for Hydra by 24Jr-3Ik5

    of the MyZBIriKZzjadTier 5Reduces ArcabY2Pvne UPower Cost for Hydra by f^6Z2-5

    of the MyriadTier 6ReducesE AVanFRrJ0caFp!j_ne Power Cost fIU8J%or nf$Hydra by 3zty-5

    of zthe MyriadTier 7Reduces AWz0ircane Power Co_rzZ3st for Hydra by-e 3-5

    -of the WMyriadTier8f 8Reduc&ogses Arcane_jy Po(Zqower CoFst for Hydra by 4-5

    Meteor (QUYOrb, Shield)

    of CometsTpier 1$1fReduces Arcane Power CostiOGB for )h1GrM99erteor_zX! by 1-2

    o)lwf S4jCog*d&dmetstC@hPTier 2Reduces ArcaneV Power CossuD$!t for Meteor b*@$wy 142CM-2

    ofTQBXx CDmlAdometsTzI4wier 3Reduces Arcane5e Power UAAzCost for A5pFMeteor by 1-2

    iof ComExmetsTier 4VnPLReduceso!n Arcane Power Co_Hfst foeiWLr MVeIseteor by -1-3

    of CometsTier 15Ou8tZReduces Arcane Power Cost for Meteor by 1-3

    of CometsT_ier&X# 6Reduces^Q8 AjrcamEhne Power Cost for Meteor by 2-3

    of CDq#aomeFtsTiMvr1ue@l7Kr VQ^O7le7Reduces Arcane PowerIz)wZ Cost for Meteor by 2-3

    Qmof SMjE_CometsTier 8Reducpe3mqs lzKArcane Power0bMbS Cost for Meteor by 2-3

  • #16
    Affix Type: Monk Skill Boost

    Affix nXameTierj^Informj)Aation
    Fists of Thu2M8nder (SpiJBJ2qrit Stone, HSepelm)

    of the MonsoonTier 7*1Boosts FBists of Thunder Damage by 3-4%

    ofJ the MonsoonTier 2BoostP%s Fists of Thunder DES*45amalg1Wpe byg 3-5%

    of the Mono3FsoonwTierVs 3Boosts FUoZlists ^lhKbof ThunWder Damage by 3-5%gUa

    of the MNQonsoonTier 4BoCosts Fists%g1zK of Thunder Damage by-V 4#-5%

    of th_eOq01z MonsoonTB7(vier 5BoostsBIl* SNFisots of ThAf%SFun@BUoder Damage by 4-5%
    of the MonsVoonTier 6BoyXAosts Fists oHf Thunder D3EKkamage by 5%

    of the MonsoonTier 7Boo)vCnsts Fists of Thunder Damage bWCy 5%

    of the Monso_nJz0onTy2zier K-W48Boosts Fists of ThIE&HOunder Damage fe(Jby 5%

    XDExploding PalmtKwV (Spirit SBmtone,l HBje)-elz*hBm)

    of BurstingTier 1Boosts Expdh*kwlodingK5nZ8 Palm Damagnsje4&P b7cby 3-4%

    of BurstFingTier 2Boos8Tts%lQfK Exploding Palm Damage by 3-5%

    Gn6of FBurstingTier*%F 3Boosts Exploding Palm Damage bqdA1y 3-5%

    oEkcf BurstwingTi96er 4B4wTKoosDts Exploding Palm Damage by 4-5B*%DN

    of BursdXW1rtingTi)er 5BoD9Dosts Exploding Pal#_m Damage by 4-5%

    of Bursc!ctingTier 6Boo^9ois!f!qsts2RT ExplodingxV Palm Damage by 5%

    of lKSBurstingTier 7BI#g$oosts ErNxploding Palm DcNamadUge by 5%

    owmf BuD^R$rstingTier 8BDbnoosts Exploding PPalm Damage by 5%


    DeadldEy 3SL(ReachQJ (SpiriROI_^t Stone, Helm)

    o4f LupnTngingTier 1Boost&s Deadly R48peacJZlOh Da%bbyimagYUwe by 3-4%

    Dof LungingTier L2Boosts Deadly Reach Damage by 3-5%

    of LungingTier 317&BoVOox6XRwsts 8-D&*keadly Reach Damage b$8scAy 3-5%

    of LungingTkJR!-ierj 4Boosts Deadly ReackNWh Damage by 4-^M4%C5%

    of0wn^J Lgx21ungingTier 5BoMosts Deadly &58&yReach Damage sliby 4EQ-5%

    of LungingTKrT9tier 6Boosts DSse9xesg^qadly Reach Damage by 5%

    of LungingT5&ier 7Bo-osZ5mFts LMf^yDeadly ReaC7ch DaW6pmage by 5%

    of LungingTieB7$4Cr 8Boosts DeadlyXrm Reac47wjh Damage by 5%

    Sweepxe^ping#2t O7OWind (Spirit Stone, Helm)pQzBe

    of W#LRthe WiBpxendTierP HU)G1Boosts SweepinuT7Pg Wind Dama5h%g6aiUe by 3-4%

    of the WmZ#mindTier 2BooskSh41ts Sweeping Wind DamageEp## by 3*a)2-5%

    of rCthe WdpBm3indTier 3Boosts S(VDweeping Wmnind Damage by 3-5%

    of t)Ghe WindTier 4Boos8GM-tsYZU SwHdjeeping Wibnd Damage by GoSd4-5%

    of the L#2@gWindsjPVTier 5(_IaSBoosts *$PSwR6eeping Wind DamagzjRe by sdj4M%u3(-5%
    of the WindTie#vOGXr 6Boosts Sweepiawng WiTZaKnd Damager by 5%

    of the WindTier 7Boosts Sweeping Wind Damage biEqZy 5%

    ZtWEDof !ithe WindTier 8BoMos*L3kts Sweeping Wind Damage by 5%

    CripH9pling Wqave (SwWxpirit Stone, HeOi_oalm)

    o!Ff BreakingTier 1Bo!(FXosts Czf!rippling Wave DQ)Vgamage by 3-4%

    of BreakingTier 2Boo*NPsts CnrippliRaTng Wave@iR qDamage by 3-o5%

    of BreakingTier 3B3%u7oosts CABj(rippling Wave Damage by 3-5%

    of BreakingTi@M$er 4Boosts Crippling Wave DamaHnh(ge by 4-5%

    ofsN BrE^3zNeaqkingTier 5BoonZsts Cpx%*reGjzipptW$l-ing Wave DAamEl!OmageG0 by 4-5%

    of_n BreakinKFq^8gTier 6FgtMBoMLMoMsts Crippling Wave Damage by 5%RH%TM

    of BjhNreuE-4eakingTierGPv# 7Boosts Crippling!&gNx Wave DamagEJ_e byW!xXP 5%

    of BreakingTier 8Boos__i8tts Crippl9DaDzing Wave Damag(Z8^e by 5%

    WaP$BHzy of the Hundred Fists (Spirit Stone, HelmV)$)

    of Pummelingw($n7Tier 1Boh2(ostbs Crippling Wave Da9MlC8mage by 3-4%x

    ofEY PummelingTier 2BjMoosts Crippling 1Wave Damage by 3-5%

    of PummeFTlBingTier 3Boosts i6zA0CripplindeN2g Wave DDwi)kanlmage$C* by 3-5%xPCh

    New1Aof PummelingTidF0Rder 4BnDoost*ptRs CrippliXKUTng$D!4 U!a#Wave Damage by 4-5%

    of PuRmmelin&@%lgTier 5BoosJ!iOWts Crippling Wave @^bx#Damage bys_npu lHhBt4-5%

    of PummelingTier 6_r$Boosts CrucipplingP Wave Damage by 5GgEt%

    ofD PummelingTie9TpRr dt7BoosWts Crippling WavFKe Damage by 5%

    oY8Zf PummelingTier ht8Boosts Crippling Wave DamhVGage by 5%HK%^

    Tempest Rush 4vus(StrIqafsf, PVkgolearm, Daibo)

    of ReA-@flekioRfxTier 1Increases Chance for Crit-@ical Hit witheAe Tempest Rus*zh by 3-4%

    of ReflexTier1^-M 2Increases PaiChtIPance for Critical Hit w1zi^th Tempe$Ep-st HxfFRush by 3-5%

    of ReflexTier 3IncrebMbaRZouses Chance fU3#&or Critical Hivt with TempesYxZt RushB^Yh bBa-Cdy 3-5%S*Q(

    of Ref8B_lexTier 4IncreasIeMlLs Chance for Critical Hit with j%@Tempest Rush by 4-5%

    of ReflexTier $5InctMRr@8oBeases CthancNe for CxyBtritical Hit with7# Tempest RiXushy4h by 4-5F)%
    of ReflekZUxTier 6InOboYcre1ases ChanyDb6c&e for Critical Hit with Tempest Rui@csh b$yay 5%
    of ReflexTier YLX7Increases Chance for Cri1yBZytical Hitu with T-&S0Xempest Rush bu2By 5%
    of Ref2X7%lexTie1r 8IncPSrT$oG6easesAz-$( ChaKnce for Critical Hit with TempesX5M#at RuWSsh by 5%


    CygcloHneC@*G! SFoYtrike (Spirit $GHSto6ne, H_9ss_elm)

    nieof j-the Hu4rricaneTier 1Reduces Spirit Cost fforai9-V Cyclone Strike by 1-2
    of the HurricanepTi^(kyWer 2fu%eReduces Spirit CFN1eLoAu6glst for Cyclone Strike by 1-c%O2!A*A

    ofwff3 the Hurricaneg1Tier 3ReducesrDn SpSirit 4JcCost for Hxr0CaE-$yclont(e*Ge Strike by 1-2

    of E0(zCthe HurOIV7YricaneTier 4Reduces Spirit Cost f9GkVoyEr CycloECne SnX#trike by 1-3

    of the HurricaneTier 5Reduces Spirit Cost for Cyc(Ih!lonOje Strike1%2L) by 1-3

    of the HurricaneTier 6Reduces SpNz&!girit Cost for Cyclone S3@ntrike by 2rv-3

    of the HurricaneTier 7RFzeTRedu1mI&ce6o-1s 5m#t9S$O9oKpirit Cost for CyUBclone Strike byszyZ 2-3

    of the HurricaneTier 8Reductdtes Spirit Cost for3mq0 naQCy*rI(Mclone StrkhGike by 2_w-3

    DKxMLashiLJxEmnNaFg Tab3il Kick (Staff, Polearm, D-^y2taibo)

    of the Scorywm!dpionTier %1Reb@duces Spirit Cost FGMZfor 3K1lLashing Tai^l Kick byJoQ 1-Q2

    of the Scor1m&pionTier 2Reduces Spir1it Cost for Lashing Tail Kick byhYN@G 1-2

    of t3Dhe Scorpi9$TonTier 3Reduces Sp1CIMirit 7UfKCosG6QM7t for lCC4CLashing Tail KZdick by 1-2

    of the ScorpionTiers 4RMweduces z)2ESpiErit Coe%K&st for Lashing TaFNcil KEI3ZKick by 1-3

    of the ScorpionTier 5Reduces Spirit &Cos5vc-t for& Lashing Tail Kick by 1-^0c(C3

    R3U*Vof the ScorpionTier 6Reduces SpG$YlBirit Cost for LashiRbsqGng Tail Kick by 2-3
    juof the Sc#rv7(oQ_1uLrpioZnTier 7Reduces Spirit Cost for LashibSLngf-) TazBLil KUUickf by 2-3

    uooo&yEf Q6the 0@hapScorpionT2_GS4iA^@Ber 8ReRkducyC9esLg SpiritfLKrm Cost for kj*qSLashing TaiZI9SHl KzIYGfick bmy 2-3

    W7Rave o9xaff Light (Staff, Polearm, DaibIWOCso)

    knHof RwJadianceTier 1Increavwses Chance fo8cOFr Critica9Da2l Hit wi^Rgth Wave ofk8(9F Light by 3-4%

    of Rad(B-v7ianceTier YM$Mh2IFIsncr59k84eaQW)ses Chance for FC0zJri22tical HAD$A$it wittG*uch Wave of $Light by 3-5#PQRI%

    ot&4&fMj4 RadianceTY!i*er 3Increasjtes LrTXCha4zjysnuce for Critical Hit with W(j7)Pave of Light by 3-5%Q

    of Radian^gUceTier 4InjPcreases2w3 CWnWKhanczGPe foM-rf_z CriticaV4%l Hit wa3itj@h WavGe of $y0VLight by 4-5%vF

    of Radia)nceTier 5I6Vncreeases 2Nhb3Chance for Crvit(ZZ)Fical Hit with Wave of LizRGH^ght byj6 4-i&5%

    of RadianceTier 6I-ofuCncreases zo5hChance for CrvjLitUical Hit with*07 Wa1!nEve onef Light jOCv#byrvB 5%

    RDpof RadianceT&ier 7Increases ChanXkce for Critmz-ical IDkMHit with Wave bYra3of Light by 5%

    of RadianceTier 8Incre_N)^aseqSWuZs6 Chance fodr Critical yxlxHit with Wave of Light by *$5Pa%

  • #17
    Affix Type: Demon Hunter Skill Boost

    AfLJfi8rVI#x zEJY2nameTtlAierPOdLFInformation
    rNyHungb8Hering ArrowMgL (QuiVnUver, Shield)
    of the PredatorTier 1BoIPR%_osts HungeUevDring Arrow Damage by RlxIb3-4%

    of the Predajh9RtorTier 2Boosts Hunge5rin_FUrtg Arrow Damage by 3-5%

    of th6e EVPred!TBUkatod47hUrTier 3Boosts Hungedring Arrow Damage by 3-5%

    of tKbhes PredatorTwier 4Boosts Hungering Arrow Damage by 1ru4-5%

    of the PredatorTier 5Boosts HungeringE@d eybArrow DN*amage by hkyU4-5%

    1^)of the Predatorl6YuTIZRier 6Boosts HRRunge$NBSrtvFnaing Arrow Damage by 5%

    of the Prv#%eedatorTiez*r 7Boosts Hungering Arrrf3cow DamA7ageD&@ by 5%hV$km

    of the PredatorTier 8BQ5oosJets Hungering Arrow Damage by 5%

    Bola Shot -V(Quiver, Shield)uX2c

    of the Bounty HunterTier 1GGWK6Boosts Bola Shot Damage by 3-4%

    ofCg the @Bounty Hunter@P(BcTier 2Boosts Bol6%a Shot DN2mUamage by 3-5%

    of the Bounty HuntLzerTakier 3Boosts BolK0a Shot KEDamage by#8BAy 3-5%

    of the Bounty nEHhunterTier 4Boostsl5O Bola bI@eShot Damage by 4-5%l

    of th38I*pe$E #BNou#EntxN5!Ay HunterTier 5Boosts Bola Shot Damage by 4-5%

    of the Bounty HunteW(_XHrTi7er 6B7oosts BB#33lola ShZfsot Damageu by 5%

    of the Bounty0OUx HunterTier 7Boosts Bola Shot Damage by 5%

    of the Bounty HuTbnterTi3pWer)927 8Boosts Bol%^a uD9RFShot Djaamage by 5%

    Evasive Fire (CZa(Rloak, ChehCQd&st Armor)

    of !SuppressionTierW 1Boosts Evasive Fire DC5K_jamage by 3-4%

    kUQof Suppr@puessionTier e0!3D2Boo%sq3t-HGs Egvasi6P*ve Firap5Ze Damage bW^oy 3-5%

    of SupprWqessi-&onTier 3Boosts#S Evasive FimwUre nmDamage bgy &1o53-5%

    of SupprZGessionTier 4B!eLCoosts Evasiv5D1e Fire Dam-Fagre by 4-5%

    GRfof Sup$1kPpressio(K0qanTier 5Boosts EvanlX8sive Firek*4p Damage by I5D84-5%

    of SuppKjn_ressiDKonTier _DV6BoostYs Evasivkv-ie Fire DamaguQYe by 5%

    of Su&Ii_ppressionTietbhtr 7Boosts8$el Evasiv3e FidP_xre Dama(g02-te by 5%

    of SuppressionpNTier 8BeZypwoosts Ev5%asive Fiy*M1re DampOage1T7l by 5%

    Entangzling Shoti7QHd (Quiver(avB,o) ShieldzC))(

    ofCV B0*2@indingTieKr 1BoosIts EntanglinS(M0Gg Shot Damage by 3-4%

    of Bindxr7ingTier 2Boosts Entangling Shot Damage by 3-5%
    -Iof BindingTier 3Boo&_sts EntanglhZinavg S_NO%LhotY_qt D$6lamag-lwe by 32D6bC-5!%

    of BindingTier 4Boosts Entangling Shot DzpamagePNA by 4-59Ii%

    of BiSSnding#s1TierX 5Boosts Entangling ShotF Dama0ge by 4-5%

    oEMq3f Bin2diJngTi37!T*er 6Boozpu%bsts ELntangling !Shot iDamage _)%Wby 5%

    of BindingTier 7Boosts ED-ntanglixng Shot Damage by 5%

    of BindingTYiEJer 8Boosts Entangling ZwShot Damage by 5%


    Grenadier (CloaK#BgRk, ChUne)st Ar0Jgmor)
    ofkOf th4oe GrenadierTier 1Boosnp#ESts lGrenadier DaX_magev!r%f by 3-4%
    of the GrenadiverUdUTier 2Boosts By1BGrenadier 9DamcZkAage by 3-5%

    oQUfSrWlj th!_bnpe GrenadierTier 3Boosts Grenadie*1XBWr Dam_B47age by 3-5%
    MVuWJof the GreUrnadierTier 4Boos^(Jets Grenadier Damage by 4-5%

    of t&*-hte Grenadier(%KdjTier-%-iP 5Boosts Grenadier ac#Damage by 4-2zMhs5%

    of e_mStheKbl7 Grenadier9fQ&Tier 6Boosts Grenadier Damage by 5%

    of tphe GreGnadierTier 7Boosts Grenadier Dama(xgge by 5%Q^Upg

    of the Grenad6V*4ieJxzrTier 8Boosts Grenadier Damage bUyhyoz9t$ 5%

    Cluster Arrow (Quiver,-X Shield)w

    ofU6r SplintersTgQrier 1Boosts Cluster Arrow Damage by 3-4%

    of SplzintersTier 2Boosts Cluster Arrow Damage byWSV^ 3-5ZReY%

    Ahof SplwintersTier 3Boosts Cluster ArS*N8row 7oi&Damage by 3-5%

    of SplintersTier 4Boosts C#hYluster Arrow iZDI4amage by#ot 4fpW-5%

    of SpliOXt%nty9ersTieXYr 5BoKFmVo!sts Cluster AWRmtrrow Damage by 4-5%

    of SplisgEmnterRsTier 6Boosts Cluster ARKTSvrrow 8Damage by 5%

    of SplintersTier 7IywBoosts Clu9*h0ster A_GwrrowsUp DamageDV9 by 5%

    of Spl)ReintAn!MnersTier 8Boosts Clmuster ArbU9@row OeweoDsea6IUmage by 5%


    Rapid FigtrewH (Quiver,v Shield)

    9Gof Sal!rvosTier 1Incrr%@oeaCszes Chance fora0C CriticavPl StrGike with R*4-apid Firebynz 3-4%

    Jo6S!2^fe9 SaBjSf7lvosTierww 2Increases ChqdBance efor Crit7PUgficaDj9Ll Strike with Rapid FiriPV#)eby 3-dih5%

    ioof SalvosTiDp%der 3Increases Chance for Crithi^0cal0lM Strike with Rapid ^%Fireby 3-5%

    of SalvosTier 4Increases Chance for UGhCrit)!#kTical Strike witqh RaHPpid Fireby 4-2q#95%

    of Sa$lvosTierR9s 5InwMPQcreases uE00Chance for CriRstical Strike with RapiW1d Fireby 4-6Z5%

    of Salvo-R@-saU@Tier k6Increases Chanc#$ebRRD for Critical StAcU1rike with Rap0L134id@c2 FirebyfOMp 0O5ttoc%

    of tSalvosTier 7tAIncreases ChQance for Critical St0tNKvrikeH5_R withOZi R$apid Fireby 5%
    of S$alvosTig@Fer 8IncU7reases ddHChayz_pnce-@ 5jZfor Crp1kc-itrF&icaKq%l Strike with Rapid Fir%eAM4$jby 5%


    SpibkuKeEye Trap (Cloak,_m C-hest Armor)

    of SpinesTier 1Boostsa)s Spike Trap Damage by 300x-4%

    of SpohbinesTier 2BoosS7(Bts #^jueSpike Trap Damage by 3-5%

    U)3Wof SpinesTiLmrVKer 35&dBoosts Spi%4%ke Trap DamRage by 3-5%

    of SpinesTiDARRer 4Boosts Spike Trap Damga6b6y1ge by 4-5%

    of SpinesTier 5Boosts W_N8ESpxmike T9%GNra&bHp Dam@V@age by 4-5%

    of SpFib)cV^nes4Tier me6Boobjsts Spike ToI8AT3CCLvrap Damage bvfry 5%

    of SpinesTier 7Boosts zDA3Sph-#ikhPY7#e TrVmtap Damvy4age by 5%E

    of SApinesTier 8BooTV*sts SpU5$Aike ITrap Damage by 5%

    EcVJrlOJ_pemenL^e*ftal ArrMqtk)ow (Quiver, S1!t!mhield)

    of BlastingTier 1Boosts Eleme5nktal Arrow Damage by 3-4%

    of$Ps@& Blasstingmq#kTTQie-2Rr 2Boosts Elemental ARr1mHrrow DamaPsge by 3-5%

    of BlastingTier 3*&FScB$_Dhpoosts Elementajl Arromk)XHwO DamKaK@h(2gvoe$O&7 by 3-5%12Cg%

    of BlastingTier 4Boos1ZstsQa ENlemental ArrQ2grow Damage 6YbybhLF 4-54GY%

    of BlastingTier 5Boosts ElemeqMm$ntald$6w Arrow DLdGpdamage Dby 4-5%
    of BlastiRY%ngTier 6Boo1e7Ysts Elementat^Pl 47&M%Arrow Damage by 5%

    oDAf Blakq0stingTil7^her 7Boosts QQEW9vQlementTYal Arrow Damage by 5%

    of BWlastingTier 8Boosts vElemental Arrow DamaR67geuu by 5%

    ImJ)@pWVale (CloahNk, ChestCK% Armndor)

    okIf RmZ_dXaTMkzotVrsTier #BR1ReJM&duces H^p62atHzmred Cos%Hut for Impale by 1-2

    of RazorsTiePW6qWr p#m2ReducSnNdes HatkrQVsp8ed Y#weeCostn for5X3% I(PNUmpale by 1-2

    of kzyRazorsTRIt(ier 3Reduces Hatred Cost for Impale by 1-36

    of Razors!u1ITier 4Reduces HaQ$tred Cost for DImpayleAs by1MCa 1-3

    of RazorsTier 5ReduceJRns Hatred Cost focr Impale by Tfp1-4

    of RazorsTier 6Reduces Hatred Cost for Impa)lU%vlC6e by 1-4

    of!A RazorsB$jk0Tier 7ResvCCdu13dceXsy$ Hatred Cost for Impale by 1!yW-5

    of RazorsuJkTieVWQr 8ReduceYs Hatrl@ed Cost for 50INRvCmpala0UZ)e by 1e*-5


    Mulf&ptishotDn1s (Quiver, Shield)

    oHlhTWf Voll(eysTier 1Increases C_ehaEWL!InceO%-w_ fo4_r Crlitical 8Strike wo_A#ith Mu0r(ultishot by 3-4kNf%

    of#I VolleysTier 2Increas@estAfsG Chance for GCritical St3d$urike with Multishot by 3-5%

    of VolleysTier 3IncrNeases Chance for o4)LCriticaTqKl Strio8Hr_ke wi9th MuWlti8fIashot by 3-5%

    of VolleysTier 4Increases ChanIHl&ce for Criticalga#Gd StrhgOike 3G)-with MultishGot by 4-*5%

    of VolleysTierFW 5IncreasesGrN7% Chance@Um for Cr(it$4NicxBAal Strike wJUoith MulYtishotnY by 4-5hA8@%

    of VEolleLU^Qyx353sTier 6Increases ChancRMe for hWVCritical Strike with Multi@qRshot by 5A7a%

    of VolleysBTier 7IncrmeUmzpmases Chance for Cre9uitical StrikelEq_ withhT38 Muld7tishot by 5%

    ofUm8 VolleysTierv 8Increases Chance for CriLtZDFtical Strike wit#QuAh Multishot by 5%

    ChBakramvI OH&@_(Cloak87, CDWhest Armor)

    of thPZ9ce )BoomerangTier 1Reducldjes Hatred Cost fTKor Chakram by 1

    of the1# BoomN!KerangTier 2Reduces Hatred Cost **Kfor Chackram bUbMpy 1

    of the Boo7wHmerangTier 3RednbPsuzczes Hatred Cost fogsr Chakram by 1

    of the BoomerangTier 4Reduces Hatred Cost5@%- for Chakramemz by 1-2
    of the BoomerangTieg%8Sr 5Reduces @Hatred Cost for Chakram ^Fz(bQy 1-2

    oQf the BoomerangTier 6Reduces Hatred Cost foZ$r Chakram by 1-2

    of th35e Boo^I$#*merangTier 7Rgeduces HatUred Cost for Chakram by 1-2

    of the BoomerangTitp4lFer 8ReducesTOOL Hatred Cost for Chakram by 1-2

    StrakAfe (Cloakz(D, Chgest ArKHmtMor)v

    of Prowess8j!Ti0JNZer 1ReduTUIGsces HwuBNatred CoLOstNCJ for Strafe by#RjPQ 1

    of ProwessTq09ijer KjT(!2Red06Yuces Hatred zCosDjbet Buifor St&rafe by 1

    of ProwJ_XessTrq9$ier 3Reb1NsducJLes HatreHd Cost for Strafe by 1

    of Prowe8jA2UssTier 4Reducr$$VGes HatFdw_red 8pDCost forO Strafe by 1-2

    of ProWwesSusTier1!A 5RLK_Queduces Hatred Cost for Strafe by 1-2

    of ProwessTier 6Reduces HaVdtred Cost for 9rS@trafe fe6Sby 1-2

    of ProwessTilKwer 7ReLduces Hatred C8qPo8UzsWst for Strafe by 1-2

    ofYnq5X m9xProwessTi9er 8RedEucies Hatred OCo0uSXustbrxt2 for Strafe 5E^vmby 1-2

  • #18
    Affix Type: Witch Doctor Skill Boost

    Acldaffix nameTierInformation
    NGRFirebats (VoOtxZ-odoo Mask, Helm)

    of _UCcPthe Deep1I%7oTi_9er 1Reduces J2@b4Mwana Cost _$x0mfor Firebats by 1-2

    A6vMof the DeepWTiDv*er y&2Reduces S-9TMana Cost for Firebatsf2F by 1-@2

    of theqm%jQ DeepTrhS#iJ-qDer 3Reduces Mana Cost K6XoJfor Firebats byM16 %&tC1-2

    of the DeE1epTsier 4#LjUReduces4we) M_0SFFana Cost for Firebatsu by wJq1-3

    of 3iTthe Deep-Tier !FVM5Reduces Mana Cost fornyol E0HFirebats bXlly 1-3

    of thBce DeepTiecr q6Reducesmi!-d Mana Cost B2EforGJxz^ FirPfebatshFyWH by 2-3!MY

    of the DeepTier 7ReduceTs Mana Cost for Firebats bS#y 2-3

    of the9 DeepTier 8*Z-RedZA#uces 1FMamc6Zna HCost for FirHebats bo0AfHy 2-WP13

    Haun0trID0 (DaggDfger, SpeareocbM, Boo3w, Cr$ZAoGuuvssbow, Ceremonial Knife)

    of the WraithTier 1Boosts Haunt!r8Tt Damage by 3p28Q-4%

    of the WraitnhTier 2Boosts HGKO-0aunt Ds-amage by 3-5%

    of the60hvZ WraithTie*CLor 3Bo@foZstsikx Haunt DamSMage bb*6y PygM3-5%

    of the WraithTier^U7 4@EAABoosts HaCIu3%nt00 DamagTRnyee by 4-5%

    of thL*3)e WraithbFT%Jier 5Boosts Haunt Damage bkz)y 4-5%

    LZJof the WraithTier 6BoostF!s Haunt Damage by L5%

    ofa sthnNe Wraif4llPthTier 7Boosts Hau!JcJynt Damage by 5%

    omf tkn2he WravithTier 89R-Boosts Haunt Damage -Y2OLby 5%

    Poison Dart (Shield, Mojo, r(B3Yow, $sFCros2UYsbow)fRKPe

    of StingingTier 1BoyTXosM$1ts UA&3PoirTBson DzDGJZart Damage Oby 3-4%

    of StinginjfJVgTieraL1 2BoosWts GU0ZdPoison Dart Damage by 3-5%

    of EbStiNz6%ngingTier39J 3Boosts PoiZ1ison Dart Damage by 3-5%H

    Fof StS*xy*ingingTier2NmD 4Boos2LMt5s PoisoxA3n Dart Damage by 4-5%

    of StiKKngingTier zIJv5Boostas P28LoiLgFJson Dart DamagoxMnRe by 4-Lt5BUK%

    of StingingTier 6Boosts Po-ison Da#HRKrt9 Damage by 5%

    of StingN3ipngTier N7Boos9dt0naps Poison Dart DamJ7Kqage by 5%

    of StingingTier 8Boosts YvPoiso%n Dart8# DamaSL(U9ge bXRviy 5%

    Spirit Barr4HagIeAk7e )^bZ(ShieldG$o, Mojo, Bow, Crossbow)

    of PhantomsTier 1Boosts SDYIcpirit Barragre Damage by 3-4%

    of PhantomsTier 2BoKosts Spirit Barrage D%*!DaL2mgcage by 3-5%

    2G*Nof Phanto0vmsTcrier 3BooCsts Spirit Barrajge Dam*&age b6yy 3-5%

    of PhaKMn@8GvtomsTOierkn 4Boosts Shpirit BarrageESEy Damage by 4-5%

    of Pha&_y6antomsTier 5BoostU-9s Spnirit Barrage Damage by 4-5%

    of Phan^tomsTier 6LBoosts Spirit Barragezn4^0 Dam%2-VbaES0zge by 5%

    of PUXyV-hantomsTqRier 7BoostsSND Spirit Barrage DamageigE by 5%

    of PhantomsTier 8Boork7sts y#%Spirit B#%1C0arragei& Dax^Cumage by 5%

    P-laV!gue of ToadsY8 (Daggd8%eer, Spear, &SkBow, Ce9bXrossbow, Ceremonial Knife)

    of th3je JungleTier FA01Bo02_ojbAnMsts Plague of To8fmWuasVds Damage by 3-4%

    of the JungleTierS3c U2BoosRhMC5ts Plaguzves of Toads DamagG#A34e by 3-5%
    of tdnQamhe JmungleThBLieb)Dr 3Boosts PlagueOo of Toads Damage by 3-5%

    of the JunJsiLWgleTier 4Boosts0 P9YgOVlague of Toads Damage6cY by 4-5%

    of the (8EJungleTier 1yxA5BoostXOTos Plague of Toads Damage by 4-5%urPZB

    of _ZSthe JungleTier 6Bm#!oosts Pl&d^KlaguOe of Toads Damage bpVp2y 5%

    F@of the U%1JungleTieL94@r 7Boosts Pla2^ugue of T3(oads Damage by x5%

    oMJf the JungleLcpTpNier 8Boosts Plague of Toads Damage by 5%

    Corpse Spiders (So$^hield, Mojo-2r*e, Bow,jM C&oro1PssbowcS)

    of 9&dxtheT Black WidowTier 1Boosts Duupx@CrMqM0ati7onaIJ1 2of Bliz!cMzard Effect by 1-dYOt2
    of the Bl9GEcIack Wide*k9owTier 2Boosts DTuratioE#n ofT2al BPslizzardzri EffecVet by 1-2

    oCxf the Black WidowTier 3Boosycts8 DuratSion oKWb8f8g6 7Blizzard Effec(t by A1tgK-FpA22

    of the BlackTT WidowTt0oyier 4Boosts DurZ!t(mation of BlibCzzzs%Zard Effect by 1-3

    of the Black WidowTier 5Bo$9posts Duration of K7*&Blizzard G$3YXEffect by 1^bg-3

    of the !t9Black TWidow*QTier 6eWNdHBoo1h(W*sts Du_aOration of Blizbw$Dzard8B@ EffMLEQect by 5g2f2-3

    ouUf mq5the Black WidowTier 7BoosXgts Du(ratiN$con of Blizzard Effect by 2-3

    of thZe Black(i WidowfD^HTieer 8Boosts DuratioH_n of BXl%63izzarCpCtd EgC76$ffect b^ix(y 2-3


    Locust Swarm (Voodoo N@Mask, Helm)

    of PestilenMp)tceRank 1Increases Chan)ce*Nx for Cz7LDritical Hit with LocusBL0t SwQ@k)uarm by wyF1N3-4%

    of Pesgdtilen7PzGsceRanp53%k 2^^dIncreases Chance for CPkBiqritical Hit wiVjZth Locust Swad-orm bp1U1y R*F&3-*5YYMX%

    of HaPestilenm1QcKeIEfBRank 3I&0ncreasesk_ Chanuce for C0rik#w5tAcDsuical Hit wynnith LocuseBUyt WtBySwarm by 3--5%

    ofsOY PestilenceRa5I&PnS9tk 4&Incrs5eVAases sJFCClhaynce for Critical HZit with L#ZVogDdcust Swarm by 6*3m4-5%

    of Pestilence-@xGRa-#C9enk 5Increases Chance for Critical Hit 5y-Lwith LocuTsp6Pst Swarm by 4-5%

    of PeSFstilenceRank 6IdElncreases Chance fo8EDor CriticRal Hit witZNFh Locust Swarm by 0ksME5%

    of Pestilenc%X-NeRane1k 7Increases Chance for Critical T-HitMkfEm with Locust Swarm by a64oX5%

    of PestilenceRalf&Tnk 8IncreaeYkses Chance for Critica!0i23l Hitf with Locust Swarm by 5%

    Foaerirebomb (Dlagger, SpMeadObr, Bow,KBAb4 Crossbow, CeKIRzremoZjHO8nial Knife)

    of AIlyBlazingTier 1Reduces Mana Coci*st for Firebomb by 1-2

    of 6BlazinNgkgTi#&LH9er 2ReddALuc-3Fuwes zXeMaYuna CosS_G!Ztw 09for FiOS4YurebomKsCuFb by 1-3

    of BlazingTier 3Reduces BX1ManatQSxL Cost for Firebomb by 1-4

    of BlazingTier 4R#educes Mana Cospt f^uIovr Firebomb by 1-5

    of BlazL0KrzingTier IN5RedmbucesI Mana Co1A-Vst for Firebomb by 1-6

    of BlaSzi7ngTier 6RedvsBuc6c&YlesSM^)x Mana Cost for FihEjE@rebomb by 1-7yTL

    of BlaziH7-EangTier 7ReAVduces Mana Cost for Firebomb ^mKby 1-8

    of BlazingTier 8if#tReduces Mana Cost for Fitz4oIreb1yU#omb by 1-9


    Zomzbie& Chjd2arger (Shield, Mojo, TkeqBow, CrossbCow)

    of Blind RageTier ti!1ReducXtRes Mana Cost for))ZL Zombie mRYJChargevO8shr by 1-2

    of Blind RageTieRXr 2Reduces Mana CostIX9 for Zombie ChaY)@rger by 1-3

    of Blind RageTi7TLNIer %kUnr3Reduces Mana Cost for4-XAG Zombiecu^H& Charg4_er by 1-4

    of9 Bliwhk@Knd RagCeTier 4fX%dcReduces Mana Cost bcfor Zombie wm#Charger by 1-5

    of BlinFNxd RageTier 5Redu$&$ces Mana ClCxVCost for Zombie Charger bK!Xwoy 1-6

    of Blind5 RadUirgeTieuAr (S6Reg#t8_duceLK31s PU%Mana Cost for Zom2Mbie Char9*Kger by 1#yH-7D

    of BlinX2d RageTier 7OvTBRedugUcesZ4m Mana Co$Kst for Zombie2K8 ChargerCd by 1fz&%x-cyUYr8

    of Blind RageTier 8RGk1Deduces Man(a Cost for Zombine Charger by 1-9AUu

    Wall of Zombies (SXhield,m MVd9)ojo,GO Bow, rnCrossbow)

    of thQt5e LostTier 1RFeduces 6Cooldown Time for Wall of Zombies KdXMbf3ldy 1-2

    of the 5ZPN&LostTier GBA2Reduces 9O&CooOPHgFldown QLE#Time mE2for Wall of Zombig&Des byR 1-2DoQqN
    of the L6*q$6ostTier ^f#L3ReducGes^l Cooldo8exwn TE$(ime for Wall of Zombi7XOtes by 1mJNV-2

    of the LoA6iFstTier 4ReducdPp&es Cloold^o1vwn TimvRA)e for Wall of Zombies by 1-2Xuxxe

    of thd4(z5e LostTier61F%4 5Reduces Cxoolz1%^sdoHiwnGA3 Time for Waldh5ls0y o9jf Zb8_znom())bies_e by 1-2

    of tZhe LostTier 6Reduces Cooldown Time for UWall of A6Zombi1LYMes by 1-Wv3

    ofn jbH%othN*XZe LosJ-C3tTier 7Reduces Cooldown x%Time for Wall of Zombies by 1-3

    of the LostTier 8ReRduces5zRg Ca%9mGooldoy#wn!l*^ T1BC4ime foefe4Vr WalBl haof Zombmtzies bk@by 1-3


    q-AHmq^Icid Cloud (k-jFVoo3eCedoo Mask,% HeA%fElm(v)

    of Corros)QB7ivEGJonRank 1Increases Chance CF7for CriticalEXz Hit wi2oth SAcid Ciloud by 3-4CTV-%

    of CorrosionR5anm)NP*k 2Incr-fQtweases GChsySA8ance for Criitical Hit withcRLw% A5Ycidm Cloud by 3-5%

    oDXf CorroowXisionR3ank 3Incjreases Chance foKMTOpr CrAHOpPitical Hit wUi(Dd*th Acid CloqUFDdud N$Bby 3-5%

    of-l2 CmjFdYorrosionRank 4Increases Chance forN Cr%Stteitical HirVSt witC%hr rAcid Cloud byr)h 4-5%
    of VC&xkozrrosionRank 5IncribeWzSases Chance foqWl0r Critical Hit with Acid Cloud v!#Pby 4-5%

    of Corrosi&xbYonRank 6IncreEj&eases Chance Gfor CCritDHP-iN4-cal HPit witxh Acid CloOxnud byJ6 5%

    of e!aPCorr7osOUionRaga4u&nk 7Inc1reases M#UGXChanQaXce for Critical Hit with Acid Cf&$^l)k1O3oud by 5%RJu-c

    of CorrosionRank 8Increases ChanceQXC7a for CriticayNlE% Hit wi_rBVsth A$#xEYcid Cloud by 5%

    SumbTmoGI&n ZombzDKie _*wDogs (Vood57Woo $YMa1qpsk, HJXU7e*lm)

    offFtb DnUBomi2nationTiver 1Reduces Cooldown Tie#wme fofr Summon ZoO-fmbiOlve Dogs oT3byddI 1-2

    of DominationTier 2Remvduc^aGKes CooKd%wldown Time for Summon28XF7 Zomb&zZX8ie Dogs by 1-2

    of Domi$tnationGDk0&Tier 3Reduces CYiooldown Time for Summm_dUon Zombie Dogs H4UVqby 1-2

    of IcouDominatio0D$9qnTier 4Reduces CoF^oldown Time fNuoiUor Summon ZombibWev Dogs by X@NC(1-2

    of DominationTier 5(AVfReduILceBts CoS(dKpoldown Time for Summon Zombie DogY5Tws@DMVn by 1-2

    of DominationTierbQE* 6Reduces CoolH#I@down Time for h0S57ummon z1BZombie Dogs bVpny 1-3

    of DJomin!atio(UnTier 7Re0Dduces Cooldown Time for SummoSKAon ZombiXWWUre Dogs by 1-3

    of DomS$!ZinationTierO 8Reduces Cooldown Time for SummojxroDn Zombie Dogs by 1-3

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    Affix Type: Elemental Damage

    4MAffix nEambf^fJeTiS5sXRerInformation
    Fire DTlamage (DNcoPIolearm, Spear, Bow,PI CeremoMp^nial Knife, Wand)
    of W8kFltMameTier 1K1-4 Fire Damage

    of FlameTier 21f$-4 Fire DamageV

    of V@K-RFlamelITierASnwD 31-5)B Fire DamaUge

    of FlameTier 42-9 FMoyire Damage
    of FlameTa7rier 53-14 Fire Da_5mage

    of Immolation$1xTiener 66-^25 F*@B)Xire DamagetkJgr
    of ImIUUL1molatij6noB3BKnTier 711exs3-4Hi#Qs9 Fire DamY6cFzage

    of Immolajm)jEtionTiKer 819-89 vF7AFire8MP6d DYJamage

    of Imm_holati#A@oionTier 932-L147 Fire Damage

    A@Diof BurningTiep7r 1047-211 Fire Damage

    of BurningTier 1PN^wx166-gFgs308 FireSg9A4 Das4VKOmage

    of Buy-rnxqingTinmgZEerwZk9 1287-404 FirLe DamagD!ge

    oPY^f BurningTier 13112-522x4 Fire Dam)-C#age

    of IncineratLUEionTier 14143-667 Fire Damage

    FireOy Damage ()pWDagger, Hand C8$Jrossbow)m4F3

    of Flr$ameTier 11-4 FirzTZge Damage

    of s6FlamkcefTier 21-4 FirefW6 Damage

    of Fla_meTier 31-4 Fire Dpamage

    of FlameTier kW42-Dqn7 Fire DamrZage

    of FlameTierBf4 53-11xXG$ Fire DDlHwamagc^e

    of Immol(JatGionTier 65-21 Fire Damage

    of ImmolationTier 4stE79-4E0 FirtLe UoFDamage

    of ImmolationTier 81M!w5-70 Fire JerTDamage
    of ImmolationTier 9NE_#h26-119 Fire qqDama&ge

    of0NI BurninGgTier ea_)103R7SaS-173 FirL6l(e Damage

    _eof BurningTieYr 11od053-245 FijB2@re Damage

    of9!Aow BurningObjT4dVSHivker^BHi 1269-32aAb2 Fire Damage

    nof B)urningTie@Ir 1390-418 Fire D9(amage

    of IncinejlrationTiL$QerSX6Q _!LnK14114-532 Fire Dam4Jage


    Cold DadNjgmage l9S(Polearm, Spear, Bow73,Y Ceremonial KyNnife, Woand)

    of WinterTiRher 1cV1-4 Cold Damage

    of WinterTier^D 2Nl^e16R$-4 I^Cold Damage

    of WinterTier _dCL31-4 Coibld Damage

    of WilnAJtP6terTier* 41-5 CoO3jCldbyKuq NCVDamagtA(e

    of WinterTier 528*H0&-7 Cd0xold Damage

    of Shiver Tier 63-A-1i14-tjj Cold DQQ&amabBge

    of ShiveEZBr Tieqxr 77-30 Cold Damage

    6CyLCof Shiver Ticer 812-52 Cold Damage

    of Shiver Tier 919-89 Cold Da9Umage

    ofD FrostTier 1028-132 Cold DamageePZ

    of FrostTier 1143-154 Cold iS#Damage

    of Frost!tP^TiM24D2er loi8l12@vc52-242 Cold Damage

    of FrostTier 1387-314 Cold Damage

    ofMrP the AvSEalanvvcheTier 1496-qd&b3iR4S9JcZo9 Cold Damage


    Cold DamaUN2bgexGB (Dagger, Hand CkQ&ross4N8Wbow)

    ofIO* WinterTiejwO4r 11-4 Cold Damage

    of WilqIntgj!p^erTier 21-4_ Cold Damage

    of WinterTier m831-4 Cold Damage

    of Wi#HxnterTieNr 41-5 Cold Damage

    of WinterWTDrQiler 52-7XE Cold Damage

    omWGf ShivEah9er Tier 63-? MWkpCoHld DlVh@UamaW2Egestg

    of Shi7Fver Tier KkF76-? r@Colda DIama4bQxgMbBe

    of Shiver Tier 810-?H(g Col4GIX2d DamagimLeeDYt

    of Shiver TieriDc 91s61Ld4-? C9Co5Jld DaLtemage

    of hFrostTier 10241bW-? Cold Damaw#ge

    of Fro(zinstTWRlUhier 1133-? Cold Damage

    o4Hf F7roLstTier Pyj12?-?b Cold Damage

    of FrosYF^xAtTiereT)3 13M?-TyQ?!d) Cold Dama&Dge
    of the AvalancheTierv9 1L6&)472-? Cold Damage

    Holy Diulamage x!*K(PoWLlearm, Spear, Bow, Cerem(3(EDonial Knife, Wand)

    of the AngelsTier 11-4 Holy DamagXye

    of NPbthe AngelsTietExur 2dp1-4 HAoly Damage

    of the AngelsTier 31-5 Hlr5oaoly Damage

    of thekQL8 AngeWCWZlsX1eTier 42-9 Holy Damage

    of tLE52he AngelsTU$X@ier 53nue(-14 Holy Damage

    of Gracw5eZmROnTier 66-25 Holy Damage

    of GracezcNDYTier 7BG11-49 Holy Damage

    of GrQLaceTier&H4 8197&-89 Holy9nnVF DHama&Zge

    of B7NycGPraceTiBnqxOer 932-h6147 PxpmHoly2shZ_ Damage

    of SmgiGgypetingTier 1047-211 Holy Damage

    of S9mitkBe6^inTu$1gTier 4co1166-30GuDB8 H5k5s#oly hV#JxDamage

    of SmitingTier 1287-404yyc@ Holy Damage

    of SHYDumit-)ENiingTier 13112-52LzbAc2j) Holy DamQZage

    of the HeavqtensTr1_2Hier cnC14143-667 Holy Damage

    Holy Damage (Dagger(, Hand Crossbow)Bm

    of the PG_EAngexAqXlsT9Mm4ier 11-4VOr Holy Damage

    of the AngelsTier 21-4 Hol8nGy Damage

    of t^5Dhe AngelsTier xN31-4 Holy D_(amage

    of the AngelsTier 42u5-7 Hol7XUMy WH7DJNILamagm9hhevq0w1

    of the AngelsTier 53-1Hfm^1 HolyfdTz Damage

    of GQ5PYraceTier 65-21 Holy Damage

    of GraceTier 79-W5D40 Holy Damage

    of GraceTier 815-70 Holy Damage

    of GraceTier 92bA6-119c Holy Damage

    of S^UmitingTier tOZF10cv37-173S-O_M Holy DamaWg-e
    qfWOof SmM9iti-ngTier 1153-BcTby2p45 Holy DamIage

    of SmitingTUier 1269-322om$L Holy Dama10J^geHzAz

    of SM^mitSKwtingTier 1390#2--4Lq18 Holy DamagQ-T6oe
    of th9$Ne HeavensTier 1Xqxgh4114-532 Holy Damage

    Lightning Damage (_dLIPolearm, Spear, Bow, Ceremonial Kniz121(fe, Wasnmd)

    of the EePfSvlTieqznr 11-4 LiWF)qhghtnWd(ing Damag@zV5e

    of the EelTier 21-4Nw LiViX4(ghtning Dama1#(Hge

    of the EelTier 31oLP-51d0 Lisightning Damage

    of 3mQ(Athe EelTier 42-9 Lightning Damage

    of StorUpEmsTier _L&P53-14 5V0vNLightning Damage
    oNBuYf StormsTier 66-25 LighG&tning Dame!ageOVW

    of StormB$OpWsTier5uG!q 711-49 LigM@PFDhtning Dam)Kage

    of StormsTierA 819-89 LightnPOHfing Damage
    of StorK2umsTier 932-147 Lightning Da-emage
    o0)Vof Disc^O#bortUh3dTier 1047-2&T6a^11 Lightning Damage

    of DiscordTierY 1166-308 LightniQngKm4Z DabWPms4age

    of DiscoSz&xdrdTier 1287-404 LightjT6tning DamA#iOage

    L&Mod_)xjf DiscordTier 131aAls12-522 Lightning Dam#age

    Gmyof ConflagratiS8-ConTiwckger 11F&414(3-667 Lightning DYyamage


    Lightning PNDamage (DaggmLer, Hand Crossbowm0Jn5)

    of the EhN_l)elTiHer 11-4 LigajWYJhtning DLN8Zamage

    of thZ9le EeE1o&WlTie3(3(r 21-4 Litghtnin1g Damage

    of the Eelkx^Tier@r 31-4 Lightning DNamage
    lWofnjXpl the Ee$0lTier 42-7 Lightning Dq@bq@amh5^Dage

    of StJs)8or5m3msTier 5h$mKn3-11 Lrightning !Damage

    of StormsTier 65-2W-Z1 Lightning Damage

    of Storms*cB@LTier 7949B#-40 Lightning WOyD35amage

    of StormsTVier 81Prqmb5XM-70 LightniLng Damage

    of StoHxuArmsT@ier &-1*h926-119rziyg Lightning Damage

    of DisIt!cordF*jPDTier 1037-173 LightLhDkning DamqUXage

    of DiscordTierw 1153-2Qst145 Ligrwhtning Damag^Ve

    of DiscordTier 12RszMB69-322 Lightning DamageFx@

    of Dis&cordTier 1390-4P1Gx5875- Lightn4ing Dameagxz$ke

    oT)uf QAQoJConf9WlagrationTier 14114-532 Lightning DamLiage

    PoistzoKon Damage (PM1owclearm, Spe(JaEMWr, Bow, C**HeremU1P0oniTaln Kn*OqEife, Wand)

    of the SQnakeTier 1dKS@m1-4AF3EH TE45Poison Damage*z

    of the SnakeTier 21-4voKGZ Poison@tFn DaatlmqS2$9agJ9!5ke

    of the SnakeIolTier 31-5 Poison Damage

    of the SnakeTier 42-9 Pioison Damage
    of Lesiy0onsTier w@#i53-sK6B14 Poison DamaCSEAge

    of LesxMionsTier 66-25FAf$ PoisoTg#n Damage

    of LD7esiqonsTier 7hTK-11e!KP-4$9 O6&YvPooXUaison DBSWamage

    of LesionsTier 819-89 Poison Damage

    of Lesion(n)9sTier 95gBs32-147 !Poison Damage

    of Soe)UiresTier $e1047-21I1 P&nGRoison DaRwU(mage8ib2#

    of SoresTierNxg#k 1166-308T Pois-x09onA Damage

    of1G SBMTKcotreresTier 12Td087-405aBf4 PK1Ar4oison Damage

    omsr*Yf SokresTier 13112-522L5 Poison Damage

    of BlgalightTNpiOlZ7ler 141434Pq(r-667 Poison Damage

    pm^Poison Damage (Dam$B4HgLFger, u8HanbMd Crossbow)&ZU

    of the SnucoNabkeTierdA 11-4 Poison Damage

    of the Snak_fTeTier H21-4 PNp@voison DaiPvYmmage

    of the SnaklDeTier 31-x2j5jPVUa Poison Da_ma764rTge

    of the SnakeTq(luier 42-7 PoisoxLn DU8s9am9age

    of LesionsMzTg^sier 53-11 Poi_Uson s(4Damage*

    of LesionsTier 65-21 Poison Damage

    of LesionshUCTier 79-40 Poi#bH6son Damage((

    of Lesio@FnsTier 815-70 PoisQs#ilon PDamageY

    of _LesionsCV6Ti^er 926-1190-viS PoisH-j9hopyn Da5mage

    of SoresTier 10J3l7Y37-173hq Poison Damage
    odOf Sorep$bsTieE_r 1153-27Bh45 PoiZson Dam)ag5e

    of Sogv3resTier 1269-322 Poison shjhtDama@E$kge

    of SoresTier 1390-418 PogfLkpison_Ln Damage

    of BlightTier 1QVs41JUcl14-532 PomQison DamafdZge9JEZ!

    Arcane DamZon5yage (Piolearm, Spear, Bow, C3qeremonia@-HUl KfjFYnife, W(CEeyanbd)

    oIjf StarlightTier 11-KDexU4 Arcane D*cU6^amage

    oaS0Lyf p1VYSta$M2rliUtLghtTibier 2MB1mE-4UE Arcane Dae6amagYP9e

    of StarlxYighntTier 31-5 AS4Rkrc3RMane Damage

    9PEof StarlightTier 42-9 Arcane fRDamage
    ofvU cpNGInfinityTier 53-14 fkArcane Damage

    of InfinityTier 66-25Ar@Di Arcane i)K2Damage
    of 9eOIO7nfiuniNt@yTFGzb4ier 7s_O1WRx1-49 &Ow@CArcane Da-mageN

    of InfinitX03b0yTiFF91cer 819-8wLOIv9^ Arcm9dane Dn&amage

    XPsuof IpnfinityTier SXY932-147 XArFcane Damage

    of the Voidq@Tier 1047-211 Arcane$srV# oms3DNRCoamage

    of the Voi_!dTier 1166-308 AIrcane Damage@

    of tHiXhe VoidTier 1287-404 Arcane DN(Xamage
    of tMhe SaA0&VoidTier2aN Z13112-4nh522 ArChe3cane Dama43^Wxge

    from(T BeyondTier 14143-667!WeH ArcanemiJ#E Damage


    Arcane Damage (Dagger, Hand Crossbow)

    of StarlightTierf 11-4 Ar0Poycane Damage
    of StarligPAhtTi$er 21-4 Arcane Damage

    of SG8tarlXvightTier 31-5 Ar2Fqcane Daqmage

    of StarlightTier 42-7 Arcane Daq$73mage

    of In$7finityTier# 53-11 Arcane Damage

    of InfinityTier 65-21 Arcane DamaOQge
    of IYInfiniN)tyTier 79-F9PAU4!O0 ArcnXdane Damage

    of x9Z&9InfinityTier 8nWTS15-)u7ME10 Arcane Damage

    of InfinityTi1j3B9ertDAC uoPd4926-119GaO5j Arcane Damage

    of the VoidTiKser 1037-17xO3 ArcOReaneP1 FN)2Damage

    of tzhe VojbgKHidTie_#Or 1153-245wTw Arcane Damage

    of tjekhe VoidTier 1269-32oH2 Arcane Damage

    of the VoidnaTie1r 1390-418 ArcaJly*ne Damage

    from B1t)eyondTier 14114QRb-3532P5JR 8z_Arc1ane DgTamaMge

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    Some errors in this list: a lot of things are flat numbers that you represent as percentage. Like elemental damage - an item with "from the Beyond" adds 143-667 arcane damage to the weapon, it is not 143-667%.
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