The CE box size

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    Quote from CorDa616

    Feels like forever though :/ I mean seriously, since when do days go this slow? :facepalm:

    When you are Jack Bauer.

    Ever since the actual release date was confirmed, every time I read a blue post which references why the game will be fun (which obviously is a lot of them), I hear the "24" end-of-show clock in my head when I finish the post.
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    I'm GMT 0 but the servers opening time are on CET... which is something like GMT +1... so servers open at 23h in here but we are only allowed to buy the game at midnight! =S

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    It's like counting down to newyears..... but better
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    Well, either way. I'm going to be camping outside the shop like a hobo on the 14th, probably going to be there already at 9pm, clutching the door and growling at those who try to force me away from it.

    IT IS MINE!! (Almost)
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    It's probably about the same size as all the other Blizzard CE's.
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    Quote from Nivius

    Quote from garnok

    After Jay posted a pic of the ce edition on twitter, I asked how big it was, since we have never (?) seen it relative to something else. And here it is:

    so yeah, looks slightly bigger than a WoW CE. Might be same height, but its abit thicker.

    Now I cant wait for mine to arrive. one week to go...

    oh yeah ofc that water bottle is something that every country in the world know the size of and ofc always have parked next to your computer.

    try a "hand" ? or... a mobile phone? or a piece of A4 paper?
    hell try just SOMETHING better

    surely you have something that is 1 liter wherever you might be? A milk carton or juicebox or bottle.
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    I'm GMT -5, and I did Amazon pre-order to my home address. So I get to wait a while more than most. It really does feel a bit like waiting for New Year's. Wish I had the foresight to get it shipped to my work address so I could have seen the box a few hours sooner at least. LOL!
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    looks perfect :D
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