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    Hi Diablo fans.

    Me and my friend have big problem with deciding which classes should we pick. We plan only to play them together without any other players. Two main factors are: survivability and having fun playing them (maybe some cool synergies?). The speed of leveling is not very important to us (however both of us work, so we don't have much spare time). Currently we considering two options:
    • Barb as tank and (Wiz or WD or DH)
    • DH and WD
    (Monk is not very interesting for us) We don't throw out idea of playing same class albeit getting gear could be rather hard in this scenario.

    We would like to hear your opinion on that subject.
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    me and my friend is going to play DH and WD.

    DH and WD will have a lot of great movement slow and controll abilitys so i thing they would synergise pretty will together to controll the battle field.

    barb and any other caster would and should be pretty strong, depending on how tanky you wannt the bard to be or how controlling you wannt the ranged class to be.

    i would nto recomend to go WD and Wiz due to same stats on gear mostly.
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    My Brother and I played the beta together as Barb+DH and it was great. Worked very well and we enjoyed it. So i would suggest you that comp.
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    My wife and I will be doing a DH WD duo. This wasn't planned for any kind of synergy, it just happened to be what we both wanted to play.
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    I don't think that it will particularly matter what combination you use as long as you play smart. Just play whatever will be the most enjoyable for you both.
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    Quote from DuriDurlag

    My Brother and I played the beta together as Barb+DH and it was great. Worked very well and we enjoyed it. So i would suggest you that comp.

    Yup, this would be my recommendation as well.

    The Barb absolutely thrives on taking hits, so competing with the WDs summons over who'll take the hits seems like an unnecessary annoyance. I would rule the WD out then.
    Choosing between the DH and the wiz then will be up to you. Personally I'd take the DH 'cause I think her slows would work greatly along with the barb. I'm not too sure about how the wizard will work lategame, but from what I've read about her I'd say she seems a bit 'slow'. I'm concerned she won't be able to keep up with the barb.
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    im playing wizz/DH whit my friend.
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    Me and my cousin played barb DH together and it was a great combo him tanking with aoe strikes and me entangling everything and rapid firing/bola shotting behind him. I think DH/WIZ and WD would also work well because you could potentially WD crowd controll have 4 zombie dogs and a gargantuan (who if you have seen the spotlight video lokos absolutely boss) for tanks with the glass cannons behind them.
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