Before the game even hits our computers, who think they will still be playing Diablo III on May 15 2013?

Poll: Will you be playing D3 a year from now?

A test of expectations.

Will you be playing D3 a year from now? - Single Choice

  • No 4.8%
  • Yes 95.2%
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    unless i lose my ams, yes.
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    I'd expect 90% of the population to stick around for the first year if the game is updated frequently enough.
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    I will definitely still be playing it, just not in the same capacity. Probably at the very least once a week, or mostly depending on how often my friends are still playing.

    This is also very dependent on the frequency of content updates, and when the expansion will be out. If SC2 serves as a comparison in that department, then each D3 expansion will take at least 2 years of development time. A very sad thought indeed.
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    Depends on the update...I dont want to work my ass for 2 years and get the BEST gear there is, only to get the new update and to realise that i can get better gear in the first new act. Something like vanila WOW and Burning crusade...that killed wow for me and it will kill Diablo to.
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    Quote from Scyldragon

    Well, I'm still playing SC2, and I consider it disgustingly boring, so I doubt D3 could be any worse.

    Well said. And about those bloated Season 1 ladders? Season 1 I got platinum 1v1 and diamond league in 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4 as Zerg in all of about 3 hours of ladder games. Got bored very quickly and just played customs after that... and the custom map system is garbage. I *really* hope they make D3's start menu/login/welcome screen more social than SC2. Even if the first chat room you're thrown in is full of trolling, it's still better to see that social atmosphere than to join a massive online community and not see a soul.
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    Depends how long the content lasts. Running Baal six hours a day in order to get equipment for running Baal in slightly lower time is not for me.
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    i played d2 for years. my first born will be arriving around may 1st, i doubt i'll be be burnt out on a game i can't play quite as much as i want. so the fun will be stretched out for at least a year, thats my reasoning... :D voted yes
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    Probably be a good chance I'll still be playing it in a year if the world doesn't end.
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    I'm sure there will also be expantions so the game will last a few more years than that.
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    Quote from AFd3

    EDIT: I also realize the misstyping of 'our' in the title has doomed this thread into the deep silent abyss.

    Fixed it for ya :)

    I will probably be playing the game a year from now, there is enough to do in hardcore mode ;)
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    Let`s see .... wife loves the game ... my brother loves the game ...... i love the game ... and one of my uncles defenetley loves the game ..... what do you know full team already :P .... back on topic ... the answer is yes because for me this will be an family game that we can enjoy together. And no we don`t wanna be the first lvl 60 and no we don`t wanna be the first to beat inferno .... pure an simple we will play untill there is nothing left to do and then play some more :)
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    Quote from Barrier

    well i voted yes but who know what happens on 21.12.2012

    Hate to break it to you but the Mayan apocalypse is a sham...they didnt account for leap year, so technically the supposed end of days was give or take about 8 months ago. Shame.
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    I've been playing D2 on and off for 10 years so I'm 99% sure I will still be playing D3 for the next few years aswell.
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    Maybe not as devotedly, but I'll definitely be playing it for quite some time to come.
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    considering how long i played diablo 2 one year for diablo 3 doesn't seem like very long at all. Not to mention the 7 years for wow. Maybe in a year ill have every class leveled up and geared through inferno ready for the first expansion.
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    Actually, ill play first expansion. :)
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    I'll be playing at May 15 2090.

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