*Fun Facts* This blizzard did not create Diablo 2.

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    Old news.
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    "Max Schaefer was one of the 3 creators of the Diablo games, and an executive producer on Diablo I, Diablo II, and the Diablo 2 expansion. One of the "big 4" he left Blizzard North in 2005 and shortly thereafter was one of the co-founders of Flagship Studios. There Max helped with the early design and art work on Hellgate: London, before becoming the chief liaison to Flagship North and their project, Mythos.

    After the collapse of Flagship Studios, Max helped to found Runic Games, which he and Travis Baldress officially head. Runic Games is working on a new MMORPG patterned after Mythos, called Torchlight."

    hellgate london, Mythos, and Torchlight...

    There is a reason why their version of Diablo 3 was scrapped and redone.
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    Quote from SSJDiablofan

    Its was actually done by a blizzard team that no longer works for blizzard, which is why diablo 3 will feel inferior many ways to the diablo legacy, especially when it comes to customization imo.

    Is this true?! Will Diablo 3 feel inferior? You convinced me, not picking up the game now. Thanks for heads up, man!
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    Quote from tanis0

    Right, because the team behind D2, which went on to form Flagship Studios, did such a great job with the spiritual successor. I hear Hellgate: London is currently still running at least. Sort of.

    Happy trolling though.

    wow yeah that hellgate london... poor developers.

    im happy for some of them to make those Torchlight games, Torchlight 2 looks quite cool :)
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    Quote from Equinox

    Old news.


    Apparently epic trolls bring out Equinox. :P
    "I want to say something but I'll keep it to myself I guess and leave this useless post behind to make you aware that there WAS something... "

    "We're like the downtown of the Diablo related internet lol"
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    much hate to the op.
    this is the state of the d3 community.
    "A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever." Shigeru Miyamoto-nintendo boss

    "I think it's hilarious because gamers won't be getting watered down anything.
    This is flat out Diablo 3." -Anonymous discussing the console version
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    Quote from SSJDiablofan

    blah blah blah trolling trolling blah hate

    ...yeah. F O.
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    Quote from Sylvain

    Well, Adon is kinda confused about who did what. The guys who did Guild Wars were the one behind battle.net mostly, with a hand in Starcraft and Diablo.

    But yeah, can't wait for D3 to be released and be a big hit. Some guys can't stop trolling and being doomsayers... or they just can't think for themself and take a look at what the game provide ^^;

    Actually all 3 of the members were senior programmers.
    "Mike O'Brien is one of the three co-founders and current president of ArenaNet and the leader of the Design and Content teams for Guild Wars.[1]Previously, he worked as a company director and a lead programmer at Blizzard Entertainment where he developed the 3D rendering engine of Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and led the development of Battle.net. He also worked on Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness, Diablo and StarCraft, where he, among other things, designed and created the MPQ archives used in all Blizzard games after Diablo"

    "Patrick Wyatt is a game programmer and one of the three co-founders of ArenaNet.[1] He is the leader of the Network and Technology teams and a programmer for Guild Wars. Before the founding of ArenaNet, he was working in Blizzard Entertainment where he was the Vice President of Research and Development and a senior programmer. Wyatt was the leader of Battle.net gaming network's programming and a major contributor on the multiplayer parts of Blizzard's popular games including StarCraft, Diablo and Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness.[1] Having been in Blizzard for more than eight years, his work also includes earlier Blizzard games like Lost Vikings and Rock N' Roll Racing."

    - This guy worked mostly on the battle.net yes, are you trying to imply that Bnet didn't have an impact on Diablo and that Jay Wilson doesn't do anything with Bnet?

    "Jeff Strain is a game programmer and one of the three founders of ArenaNet. He served ArenaNet and NCsoft as the leader of the Art and Production teams and President of Product Development respectively. He was previously the lead programmer of Blizzard'sMMORPGWorld of Warcraft; he also created the StarCraft campaign editor and worked on Diablo and Warcraft III. He is credited as a programmer and executive producer for Guild Wars."

    - Looks like he did a little more then just Bnet....

    Now here is Jays resume:
    • 1998 - King's Quest: Mask of Eternity - Quality Assurance
    • 1998 - Blood II: The Chosen - Game Concept and Lead Designer
    • 2003 - Impossible Creatures - Lead Designer and Story
    • 2003 - Homeworld 2 - Additional Design Support
    • 2004 - Warhammer 40k Dawn of War - Design and Story
    • 2007 - Company of Heroes - Senior Designer
    A decent cast of games, nothing that sticks out as great however. I know company of heroes is loved and played and so is Warhammer but they pale to SC I feel. My point being is he doesn't have any Blizzard calibur games under his belt, where as those 3 above have Diablo, SC, WC, and GW.
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    Lol... oh internet.
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    Being very unbiased on the discussion I must say this. When I heard Jay Wilson saying that he was never in contact with North or any of the previous designers, and then I heard about the RMAH I was certain that D3 would be just a game capitalizing the series' name, totally unworthy of my time. I saw a few things back in 2008 and I thought that they were changing the game's style too much, to a brighter environment, which I like, but it's not like the main concept of the franchise. After following closely the beta, and delving into the skill system (I didn't like at all the previous rune system, I found it a sorry excuse to force us looking for more loot, and hampering our builds), I realised that the gameplay was very well designed, extremely friendly for newcomers, and adding a lot for experienced players too. I kinda miss the trees, but I realised that the designers are mature, and understand that as long as trees exist, an optimal build will be found. Generally I was proven wrong distrusting the team behind D3. Maybe they didn't follow the recipe 100%, but I didn't even want them to do that. I wanted them to innovate the series, and they did in a correct way.

    I just hope I'm not horribly mistaken, and we all realise it at launch XD
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    Indeed....Closed. :)
    "I want to say something but I'll keep it to myself I guess and leave this useless post behind to make you aware that there WAS something... "

    "We're like the downtown of the Diablo related internet lol"
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