Melee in Inferno

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    Jailer, Vortex, Waller seem to be really nasty for ranged characters. As much as frozen and knockback for melee ones.

    Quote from Scyldragon

    What are you basing that statement on?

    EDIT: On nevermind, you said all stun effects pretty much, not the slow... I was getting worried for kiting classes there, seriously.

    Actually, i think there will be monsters with resistance to slowing effects .
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    The game will be soloable, so range or melee, it will still be soloable.
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    well it will be soloable, doesnt imply, that everybody will be able too^^

    i believe melee will be a bit harder, considering the 30% buff monk and barb recieved awhile back, thought that was drastic
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    Quote from Mysticjbyrd

    Quote from aldrek

    Quote from Mysticjbyrd

    If anything it will probably be easier for melee now.
    Is there even any difficult champion buffs for melee now?
    First one I thought of was Molten. Nightmarish could be another.

    Anything short-range or on-hit, really.

    But all you have to do is not stand in the fire....Ranged can't predict where mobs will teleport.
    Yeah, you just have to avoid the fire. Remember though that as a melee you have to be in melee to kill the thing making the fire. And what's in melee range? The fire.

    Also, combine that with more affixes in higher difficulties and you may not be able to easily just avoid the fire.
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