Damn D3 got dumbed down drastically

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    Why exactly does the skill UI suck, and what makes it for children? The skills are separated into categories to simplify it for everyone. The rune descriptions below each skill are clear and organized. Elective mode allows you to use what you want, and where you want to use it.

    What am I missing here? If the consensus is "because it doesn't look like D2's pile of shit selection tree where you can bind F keys" and it's a 5-star worthy opinion, then I guess I have no use for this fansite anymore.
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    Quote from Senchean

    Though it is true that he has a right to his own opinion a person can have a correct or incorrect opinion based upon the information he is using for his opinion. Considering he has only experienced the Beta and nothing Beyond the Gate his opinion is flawed because he has incomplete information.

    I state this in my opening post:

    Quote from ansl

    I do know that it is a BETA and I can fully respect that, that being said, here are a few of my thoughts:

    'nuff said.

    Quote from Jack00

    The game is rated M for mature because of the Violence and Gore, the game being easy to play has nothing to do with anything. Same goes for every single game ever made, they are rated based on offensive content. -sigh-

    Usability & simplicity often go hand in hand, I just feel that we don't have any say in how our character evolves, Blizzard has dictated our choices, and thats what makes me a sad panda. No need to go on a sighing frenzy, some of us enjoy moderately using our brains before going on clicksprees.

    I find it hard to fathom, how nobody at all has spent any energy on the fact that I list both negative and positive aspects, here are the positive ones, once again.

    Quote from ansl

    - Epic amounts of gore & blood (TNX Blizz <3!!)
    - Fast paced
    - Cool areas
    - Awesome effects
    - Great storytelling
    - it was only the BETA

    Hope you got something from my short humble write-up, looking forward to release.
    Go Blizz!

    In conclusion, everyone has a right to their viewpoints and I am overall positive towards the release.
    Hell I'm having a 5-day LAN party to celebrate it.

    I'm not flaming ignorantly, but I will admit that the title isn't the most appropriate of the sort.
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