How long do you think it will take you to finish Inferno ?

Poll: How long do you think it will take you to finish Inferno ?

How long do you think it will take you to finish Inferno ?

How long do you think it will take you to finish Inferno ? - Single Choice

  • I won't be able to complete Inferno 2.4%
  • More than 3 Months 14.9%
  • 2 - 3 Months 18.8%
  • 1Month - 2 Months 24.3%
  • 2Weeks - 1 Months 24.2%
  • Under 2 Weeks 15.4%
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    I'm curious what are peoples current expectations over Inferno in this forum.

    It will be interesting to dig this up in 3 months and ask another poll: what really happened ?

    (For discussions remember it's both a function of time spent and skill)

    For future references I chose 1Month to 2Months.
    Under 1 month if I were going hardcore over it but I probably won't have that much time during june.

    Quote from Adon

    Not trolling, if you think I can't hit 60 in 2 weeks and clear inferno with 2-3 other Diablo vets you are clearly trolling. 60 in this game is like 80 in Diablo 2, and add the fact with a little bit of grinding you can be 60 at end of Hell so...pretty much guaranteed to be 60 by inferno within a week and give me a week to work out the kinks there and finish it.

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    2 weeks, I'm pretty badass.
    I just want a little bit of tenderness :(

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    Oh yeah, I like this, ill FP it on monday. Good idea
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    What FP means

    Edit: front page ?
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    Front page
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    Woot please hire me !
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    I won't dare to speculate.. who knows if I'll be actually able to do it.. if I am I'll make sure Molster posts it as well :P
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    Few months? :-p

    Thanks Aranoch for the sig!
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    I'm gonna try to have it done in 7 days >_>
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    More than 3 months for sure.
    Even if I'll play just D3 my gaming attitude make it so that I need a long time to reach the end.
    I'm an explorer, a collector, feel the urge to try out every class and every skill and so on.
    The goal is important but the trip should be the funniest possible.

    edit: playing SP, I'm not a MP type of guy.
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    Shooting for a few weeks. I have 3 days off to play, but with a 2 year old, and at that point a newborn that's going to be a month old, I think I better help the wife a bit. At least she understands (she'll be playing during the down time). I don't think that it has hit me yet that the game that we've all been waiting for for over a decade is finally coming out.
    Ahh... fresh meat.
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    Heck if I know.
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    Really, really hard to try and guess something like that with our limited information. On one hand, we have them saying it's hard as hell. On the other hand, it took nowhere near that amount of time to finish Hell in Diablo II, and the things that made something like Hell Unleashed (D2 mod) won't exist, nor will the annoying immunes of Diablo II hell. I'm sure they'll throw some stuff, a lot of stuff actually, at us that we won't be expecting but... If there's not immunes, etc. I don't it taking THAT long. This isn't exactly WoW, where you stand toe to toe with the boss, and hope that some combination of your healers heals and your tanks' mitigation outpacing the bosses' health while your dps beats the enrage timer and doesn't get killed by mechanics. Diablo has always been ALL Mechanics, and people tend to figure that stuff out, and figure out how to beat it. And with millions of players playing it, it will happen fairly fast. I look forward to Inferno being a constant challenge over the years, but I think we'll unravel its basic mysteries before too much time has passed.
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    Does anyone remember how fast Diablo was killed on classic D2 when it was first released? Not that this is relevant I'm just speculating for general comparison. I do realise that Inferno will be much harder than Hell in Diablo 2.
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    I'm optimistic and reckon 2 weeks - 1 month, probably going to be "easier" with a group of 2 for the extra CC.

    4 player groups i'm assuming will have way too big health pools.
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    I imagine it will be finished in ~2 weeks by some well made group which played non stop for 2 weeks. For us mortals though, few months I guess.
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    I picked 1-2 months, but that is a very optimistic pick. There is so many things to factor in:
    Do I stick to the class i chose the first day or do I change to another?
    Which of my mates are actually going to play D3 and how fast do they level?
    Is Inferno really as hard as Blizz claims it to be?

    My guess will be that if Inferno is as hard as Blizz claims, a group of 4 skilled players with enough time and a bit of itemluck will clear atleast Act3 within in the first 2 weeks.
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    I put 1-2 months from release to Inferno clear.
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    I'm hoping it'll take me untill the new expansion comes out xD
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    Got my news team assembled, gunning for 2 weeks.
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