Preordered CE online but want to play at release? I got ideas!

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    Just to clarify one thing again, I contacted the customer support by a ticket. I asked whether we receive a full refund after replacing the digital copy with the CE and this is the answer:


    Thank you for contacting us.

    After the actual release of Diablo III full refunds will likely not be available. However, if you upgrade to the collector's edition we'd likely be able to issue a replacement CD-Key for the standard copy that was on the account.

    Personally though for the situation you described to avoid complications, if you want the collector's edition then just go for that instead of the pre-order.
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    I can barely afford 1 CE, you want to buy 2?.. :/
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    I plan on lurking Wal Mart after the game releases to see if they have any more in stock, as they've traditionally been the only location to have stock of Blizzard CE's after the release day.

    I'll use them as prizes at my shop or something, or just keep them sealed or gifts or what have you.
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    i´ve seen CE´s resold at a 100-200% profit on e-bay once sold out...
    but i think blizz is just hyping it + they are good at what their doing
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