will i be out of pocket?

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    Hey guys how is every one. I haven't posted in a while it's good to be back.

    I am posting to see if any one can answer a question or to get peoples thoughts on something.

    Like most of you I am super excited about D3 and cant wait to get my teeth into it. i have pre ordered the CE but since i ordered it from Game (being in the uk) i know there will not be a midnight launch for it. as a result of this i will have to go into town at 09:00 get my copy and head home to play meaning i wont actually be able to play till about 11:00.

    now if the EU servers dont unlock until 06:00 (roughly 00:00 the US servers) then this isnt to much of a problem i miss a few hours game time. how ever if the servers unlock at 00:00 GMT then im going to miss out of half a days gametime something im eager to avoid.

    all this said ill get to my question. what happens if i buy D3 through battle.net and pay £40 for it to play at 00:00 then on launch day i upgrade the the CE, will i have had to pay £40 +CE price (because ill just wait if thats the case)or will i be refunded the £40 for the SE or would it go onto my battle.net balance?
    do you guys know or have any ideas or suggestions thanks.
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    I think that should help you.
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    If you've pre-ordered the CE and then buy it digitally... then you've just bought the game twice. Don't think there's any form of refund there. (sorry, I haven't read the link)

    BTW why are you so interested in playing a few hours earlier? Going for world first lvl 60?
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    Well the link statest that they can give you a new SE key for the one you overwrite with the CE. You can than use that key on another account, e.g. give it to a friend.
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