Diablo 3 For Consoles?

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    Hey here's another short news story I wrote about whether or not "Diablo 3" will make it to consoles. How do you guys feel about it? Would you rather play it on an Xbox or PS3?

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    Nice article. Short and sweet.
    Diablo will go out for PS3 likely with an announcement shortly before the announcement for a PC Expansion. PS3 because Sony is a lot friendlier then Microsoft and their system is a lot better for developers that patch their games a lot. Microsoft offers 1 update to the game for free after which you have to cough up a lot of money for every consecutive patch, because of their servers. Sony uses a cloud so patching is no issue on the PS3.

    Also Sony, Valve and Blizzard are some of the companies that are really working on making cross-platform play, meaning PC players will be able to play with PS3 gamers. That would be excellent for Diablo.

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    I'll be playing on my PC but a console version would be great for those that don't have decent computers. If it were to come out for consoles I'd also love to see cross-platform multiplayer. Assuming you'd have to connect to Battle.net anyway, I'd think this would be theoretically possible

    Without cross-platform multiplayer, I'd probably end up buying it so I could play with my console buddies.
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    chances are it wont even be d3 for consoles just a diablo game according to the oct interview, atm they have no idea what it will be
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    Not really a story yet.

    Console Diablo is at least 2 years out, and still far from certain.

    Blizzard has a very, very mixed record when it comes to collaborating on IP outside their walls in the past decade, and this is a function of their culture.
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