Ultimake skill idea with white items

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    So despite i finaly got my beta key, from a contest that i dont remember (since i participated in so many) I wake up this morning and i came up with an ideia.
    How about if there was like an ultimate/passive skill, like a desperate move that could be trigered when almost dead using the scraps on the ground.
    I know its easyer to talk about it than implement it, but tell me what you think.
    Sorry for bad english!
    For example:

    Magnetic Armor: When below 15% health the player may sorround himself with all common items on the ground near him (axes,hammers,swords,etc) creating a metal armor for x damage after armor being broke he releases them in all directions dealing x damage to targets caught. (can only be used once per hour)

    Wave of metal: When below 15% health the player may smash the ground creating a wave of metal with all common items on the ground. The wave will block all hits in the opposite direction negating all damage and dealing x damage to all targets caught on his way for x yards.

    Witch doctor:
    Metal Golem: When below 15% health the player may create a metal golem with all the common items on the ground. All the damage dealt to caster will be transfered to golem, when x absortion damage is reached the golem will break apart and damage all the targets near him in a x radius.

    Rapid Knockout: When below 15% health the player may kick the ground levitating all the common items on the ground for x seconds in a 365 radius, while in the air all hits sent to player in his direction will be blocked. Also while items are in the air player can trigger them to kick/punch them out very fast 1 by 1. Enemies caught by them will take x damage.

    Demon Hunter:
    Metal cannon: When below 15% health the player may pick all the items on the ground enranging with the blood of demons and creating the ultimate weapon, metal cannon. After a breath delay he will shoot the cannon in 1 direction releasing all the weapons picked up before dealing x damage to all targets caught in the way for x yards. While enraged the player receive no damage.

    The x damage could be something about the weapons pick dps for example :P
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    Won't work, doesn't fit the game.
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    The creativity level is pretty well thought out, but it doesn't fit the game.

    I understand we're a HERO.. but we don't have super powers. -spells don't count -.-
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    Yeah those ideas will propably never happen.
    But i have to give the OP points for creativity.

    I think some of the ideas, could be used with corpses instead though.
    Kind of like the Witch Doctors Soul Harves skill.
    Drawing power from the dead enemies near, or around your character.

    We all know the D2 Corpse Explosion, but skills like that, COULD be expanded upon.
    Maybe your DPS could get a little boost, for each dead enemy exploited,
    or healing yourself for a small amount, per corpse.

    I could see the Demon Hunter, benefitting from a skill like that.
    Slaying the demons, and gaining power/resource from them,
    goes well with the Demon Hunter theme, and lore.

    Another way to use the corpses of your enemies,
    could be to grab 1 (or several) of them magically from the ground,
    and hurling them towards your enemies, causing knockback,
    or a small fear-effect. That would suit the WD in my opinion.

    Just some thoughts inspired by the OP.
    Good post. :Thumbs Up:
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    This idea started from telekinesis, first i thought that would be fun to levitate some items and throw them to opponents, like picking a barrel or an axe and throwing them. I realy like the that demon hunter ideia you have bebula.
    Ty for sharing your ideas!
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    Very nicely thought out and great descriptions, so will give ya +1 internetz for that lol !!

    But as Blizzard stated (which I dont argee with, but there you have it), the purpose of white/grey items is strictly as fodder to make you feel more excited when a magic item drops.

    Meh ... take it for what it is.

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