Wasn't Meteor nerfed to much

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    They reduced damage of meteor so significantly that I wonder if it will be worth using as a main dmg dealer. It has quite a lot of delay, needs a lot of good timing and deals small dmg. So for me difficulty of using it vs dmg dealt is to low.
    What do you think? Will you still use it as a main skill (if you did before ofc)?
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    It seems ok with overall skills dmg reduction.
    World First lvl 60 WD on HC.
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    Maybe you are right. I was happy they nerfed arcane orb but I didn't expect them to nerf meteor below 215 or so. But well, I suppose both spells can be probably avoided by most half fast mobs on higher difficulty levels.
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    It was never worth it as a main damage dealer. It's always done under half the damage per arcane power of the other spells. Technically it does closer to the damage per arcane power of the other skills now, so technically it got buffed.
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