Character best suited for soloing?

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    So, apart from PVP, I'll probably be playing mostly by myself 'cause that's just how I roll. Still, I'm a quite competitive gamer looking to be grinding for the best gear available as soon as possible. I'd like some different ideas on what kind of class to start out with. I've not played the beta, but I'm assuming that, as in most other RPGs, a ranged class would be optimal. Anyways, what do you think? What are your reasons for what you think?
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    You are correct about ranged, but they inserted alot of sweet things to make melee viable.

    My personal choice is a demon hunter.
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    Demon Hunter with Rapid Fire and the explosive rune, or Wizard will both be awesome to solo with. :)
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    Used to be a WD, but the news around the water cooler is that the Zombie dogs are dying in one hit in beta.
    So he just went from best to worst.
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    This isn't WoW. There are no support characters. No class is particularly designed for soloing - they are all designed for soloing. So the only way to know the answer is to play the retail game and see how the balance turns out. In D2 (by chance, mind you - not by design), for instance, the necro was a popular hc soloer thanks to his summons.
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    While ranged seem more viable i think melee will be as good . Barb have alot of stun/slow they have that new skill in beta to drag enemy to them . While monk has heals/dodge/imunity etc .

    Ive always played ranged in most RPGs but in the beta i like melee a bit more so i will take a guess and roll a barb or a monk .
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    Theoretically WD would seem like the best solo class to me, being a petclass + follower and mashing things at range, while using stuff like grasp of the dead to make sure nobody ever gets to you. In the later difficulties if you can succesfully kite things i'm sure you can keep farming without ever dying, you may get surprised by stuff like traps springing and suddenly being surrounded by mobs though ofcourse.

    In practice (which is most important ofc :P) i don't really know.. I mean, the beta is so limited, we can't see the higher difficulties, so it's really hard to tell. I'm inclined to still say WD, but that may just be personal bias because i like the class so much.

    Anyways.. yeah, i do think WD will be the best soloclass.
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    I got into the beta at patch 13 and have put roughly 40 hours into it (i got in an accident and have had nothing better to do seeing i currently cant walk) and in my opinion the monk, demon hunter, barbarian and wizard are all very close. But in the low levels either the barbarian or monk would probably be some top choices because the barbarian can take a few more blows but the monk has a powerful healing skill which made it my first choice for Hardcore. Even being melee classes with a few health globes, high hp and moves that can stun and knock back, or single out enemies makes for easy solo's and topping it off with any sort of healing abilities makes it that much easier. The demon hunter has a few abilities that have really high DPS for early on but use a lot of your resource but combined with evasive shot you can move around fairly easily and pump out some good damage at a range and more often then the early on wizard spells.

    All summed up, my top choice would be the monk, followed by the demon hunter.

    EDIT: I see people saying the WD would be a good choice, and by no means am i saying that they're wrong but i feel its early skills are slighty slower casting and leave you feeling a little bit more helpless then the other classes mentioned but do offer summons into the mix along with poison DoT style skills.
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    Quote from Antirepublican

    Used to be a WD, but the news around the water cooler is that the Zombie dogs are dying in one hit in beta.
    So he just went from best to worst.

    no there not being one shotted, they die in a couple hits ONLY on the skeleton king. i just went n did a full playthrough. they do die alot faster on regular mobs/champions but OBVIOUSLY because they doubled the dmg of all mobs. this changes absolutely nothing for lvl 20+ because the dmg was only doubled from 1-13 and trails off back on track by lvl 20. WD is still the best solo class by light years. theoretically speaking.
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    I was leaning towards the Barbarian for a few years...but after seeing the recent Beta Patch video. The Monk is looking pretty solid if you ask me. Quick AOE damage...that's where it's at. I think a well geared monk is going to be a force to be reckoned with in the arena.
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    WD > Barbarian > Monk > Wizard > DH.

    I feel like ranged classes are extremely weak again archers and other ranged attackers.
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    i think the monk has the best survivability for single player he has his own heals he has escape mechanics and he can come back from the dead via near death experience and hes so cool (that last part is just opinion)
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    I have run through the beta with all classes untwinked in patch 14 and there really isn't any class standing out as much stronger or weaker then the others. As long as you pick a good set of skills and use them efficiently, the killing speed and survivability is surprisingly similar between the classes. I'm leaning towards the barbarian being the most efficient farmer simply due to superior speed increasing abilities. But really, just go with whatever class you think you will enjoy the most! It's anyones guess who will be the "best" end-game and it will undoubtedly change several times with patches.
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