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DiabloFans Calculator Build Contest (ONE POST ONLY)

  • #1778!YXf!accacb

    This is it!! I have done this build since the diablo III calculator has been realesed

    I just would like that a rune could incrise the duration each time we killed something ^^
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    My Monk Build for Inferno PvM/PvP: Amplify Pain / Healer Build!gUe!bcaYba

    This build focuses on inflicting amplified damage, and at the same time healing himself & allies.

    Passive Skills:
    Combination Strike
    One With Everything

    Active Skills:
    Way of the Hundred Fists - Fists of Fury
    Crippling Wave - Breaking Wave
    Exploding Palm - The Flesh is Weak
    Mantra of Conviction - Reclamation
    Breath of Heaven - Blazing Wrath
    Seven-Sided Strike - Sudden Assault

    • Build up the damage to enemies using the 3 Combo Skills. First strike, dash using Way of the Hundred Fists. Second strike, use Crippling Wave to increase damage. Third strike, finish with the Exploding Palm to inflict more damage, make him bleed and eventually explode. Heal up with Breath of Heaven & recite the Mantra of Conviction.
    • Mix up the 3 combo skills depending on the situation. Use the second strike of the Way of the Hundred Fists if you want more damage & trigger the Mantra. Weaken & snare the enemy by using Crippling Wave in the third strike.
    • Finish with Seven-Sided Strike. Rinse & Repeat.
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    AoE grinding build!UXe!YYcZaa

    Build for HP, gather some mobs up, tag a few with Explosive Blast to apply debuff, when ready drop a Slow Time, Meteor, Frost Nova, Explosive Blast. Meteor should land with all 3 damage mods and then clean up with an EB and your fav sig spell for casters/stragglers.
  • #1781!efa!ZYcaYa

    i want to play demon hunter with some aoe action. I think entangling shot, rain of vengaence and grenades will work well together.
  • #1782!YVT!aabaca

    Demon Hunter build for mass ownage in PvE against large groups of enemies. Will be able to quickly plow through many mobs at once by extensive AOE damage.
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    This is my well thought out monk build for hell difficulty! It focuses on dealing damage whilst staying alive to generate more spirit. This build is geared

    I have named it "The Monk of the Seven Winds" and it has a very heavy flavor feel to it mostly provided by runes.

    First I shall explain my passive skills.
    • Chant of Resonance helps the monk generate more spirit every second, helps the monk become more active, mobile, and effective all around. The increased time on the mantras is a good kicker but not why I have chosen this passive.
    • Transcendence is the passive skill for those who like to stay alive, every spirit spender the monk uses turns into a self heal as well. The active monk will be using a lot of spirit spenders.
    • Sieze the Initiative gives the monk a great amount of armor, very important for staying alive.
    Next I will head into the skill department! (rune choices are explained in these)

    Way of the Hundred Fists, this is the main spirit generator skill for this build but will hardly ever be used for its third strike. Use this for combo hits one and two! If at max stacks of Sweeping Wind, use this for the third combo too! (Hands of Lightning rune to increase damage with the second hit)

    Sweeping Wind, this is the finisher to this build's combo. Great AoE damage at max stacks, without having to put forth that much effort. (Inner Storm rune to generate more spirit)

    Dashing Strike, the get out of death free card as well as your invitation to the kick ass party. Helps you stay alive with its great mobility and healing from transcendence, also helps the monk get closer to deal damage. Not much else to say! (Quicksilver rune to make this skill spam-able)

    Wave of Light, for when the monk is at high levels of spirit and not close to death. Access spirit spender that helps deal more damage, heals yourself with transcendence. (Empowered Wave rune to have this skill not use up all of the monk's spirit at once)

    Mystic Ally, I find that many of the pet abilities for each class help raise its effectiveness greatly. This one is the grand-daddy of them all. For a mere 25 spirit you get a clone who deals a healthy amount of damage, distracts enemies to help you stay alive, as well as heals you with transcendence. (Air Ally rune to add a passive AoE damage to the clone and gives a chance to generate spirit with each hit!)

    Mantra of Conviction, wow. With no effort, what so ever, you can increase damage from EVERYTHING by 12%, and with tactical use you can have everyone unload at one point for 24% extra! Remember the necromancer curse from Diablo 2 that did the same thing? This is that skill, but better! (Intimidation rune to reduce all damage taken forever, helps stay alive)

    Here's hoping I get picked! Hope everyone who reads my build likes it!
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    'Thunderhawk's' Classic Ice Wizard Build!bWT!cYYcaa

    This is one of my ideas for a Ice Wizard. It would be awesome to win this contest to get my virtual feet wet in the BETA. Even though I am not able to test it, I like this build and think it is good because...
    • it is a very simple straight forward build
    • it seems like it will be very easy on Arcane Power
    • will have very good defensive skills
    • will have very high survivability
    • will be able to Incapaciate, and slow enemies
    • very short to no cooldowns with all skills
    Mouse Skills:

    Primary: Electrocute with Arc Ligthning rune for a spammable cone of lightning damage in front of you for a short to medium range, multiple target Signature spell able to cast on the move.
    Cost: 0 Arcane Power
    No cooldown

    Secondary: Ray of Frost with Cold Blood rune for a spammable Secondary spell, having Cold Blood rune making the Arcane cost 0 makes this a very effective spammable short to long range single target damage dealing attack that slows enemies movement and attack speed.
    Cost: 0 Arcane Power
    No cooldown

    Action Bar(Hot Keys) Skills:

    #1: Meteor with Comet rune for a Arcane Power spender and very high damage AOE attack that slows enemies movement and attack speed.
    Cost: 60 Arcane Power
    No cooldown

    #2: Frost Nova with Bone Chill rune for a defensive AOE spell that will temporarily incapacitate/slow enemies. Bone Chill will increase damage enemies take while frozen or chilled by Frost Nova.
    Cost: 0 Arcane Power
    Cooldown: 12 seconds

    #3: Ice Armor with Chilling Aura for a defensive ice barrier shield that causes melee attackers to take cold damage and chilling them temporarily. With Chilling Aura nearby enemies are chilled, slowing their movement speed by 30%
    Cost: 25 Arcane Power
    Lasts 120 seconds
    No cooldown

    #4: Diamond Skin with Crystal Shell for a temporary, defensive damage absorbing shield. With Crystal Shell you will absorb 17794 damage(2x more).
    Cost: 0 Arcane Power
    Lasts 3 seconds
    Cooldown: 15 seconds

    Passive Skills

    #1: Critical Mass: Your critical hits reduce the cooldown of your spells by 1 second. This will go well with and reduce the cooldown for Diamond Skin and Frost Nova with consecutive critical hits on enemies.

    #2: Black Ice: Cold damage dealt to chilled and frozen targets is increased by 20%. This will go well with and greatly increase all Cold spells and Cold damage dealt.

    #3: Arcane Dynamo: When you deal damage with a Signature spell you may gain a Flash of Insight. After 5 Flashes of Insight, your next non-Signature spell deals 75% additional damage. This will go well with and increase the damage output for the primary damage dealing spells Ray of Frost and Meteor(Comet).
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    Tankbarb - Anti swarm build
    Purpose: small group play, pve

    Link to build:!beV!caZaYY

    Summary: The purpose of this build is to take as many mitigation increases as possible, relying on Revenge and overpower for AoE damage. Ideally, this build is suited for tanking huge swarms of creatures, buying time for your backup to nuke down everything while you play meatshield.
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    This is primarily for PvE, a good brutal raw power leveler. Prob would get butthurt in PvP haha.!YdZ!YZbZab!YdZ!YZbZab

    My build emphasizes raw power - with a very slight life steal. This is built based on the ENDLESS RAGE theory of - offense is the greatest defense. You kill stuff faster, finish faster. It's the way of the barbarian =]
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    What it's Got:
    Gargantuan and zombie dogs for tanking (with poison and fire aoe damage), a big ass spider to nom baddies, hex for CC and group healing, bid bad voodoo for dps burns and mana regen, and fetish army for mass swarms and more dps.

    What I like:

    Jungle Fortitude - Keep them minions alive longer.
    Zombie Handler - More dogs and better tanks.
    Tribal Rites - Reduce CDs on three skills for more minion goodness.
  • #1788!YXg!bZcYba

    My solo monk build.

    There is the 3 hit combo strike that I will be using as I dash around to different enemies to avoid damage and being surrounded. Using LTK and SSS to kill elites and priorities as I get down in health will not only deal tons of damage, but also help heal me to sustain my fighting potential longer. Because I view it as a solo build there is no mantra because I don't think the effects are great enough when used by only 1 person. Would probably have the Enchantress by my side for additional crowd control help.
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    Demon Hunter:!bde!aYYcYc

    The idea is it's supposed to be a versatile build, capable of handling anything thrown at it.

    Entangling Shot: With chain gang I can ensnare enemies that are coming at me, allowing me to keep distance.

    Multishot: Kill.

    Rapid Fire: This is my high damage single target ability. It also fulfills the role of dealing with physically resistant mobs. Undecided on the rune, either lower the hatred cost and do fire damage or hatred allowing go with piercing poison arrows instead.

    Rain of Vengeance: Runed for a mortar style AoE stun, perfect for dealing with nasty 'glass cannons' hiding behind their minions, stun them, ensnare the minions and find a way to kill the casters in the back.

    Vault: Escape mechanic. Nuf' said.

    Companion: Not sure on this one yet, but likely, I'm liking the wolf to take some heat of me, and with vault as the only other discipline spender I'll hopefully have enough to cast the wolf often.

    Passives: Damage and hatred generation, makes sense. Brooding may or may not be swapped out for more damage depending on how things are going.
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    My monk build:!YUV!Zaacca

    Hope to see more of those skills on live, but I think this build gets balance with some decent damage output between CDs.
    Good luck to everyone!
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    This is a wizard build for inferno mode.!XcU!ZZYZbY

    This build uses the multi target damage of electrocute with forked lightning rune to help cause more multi target damage.

    Ray of frost with numb rune helps keep things slowed down, allowing you to keep the damage away from you.

    Teleport with the fracture rune will allow you to get out of close combat and the decoys will help keep the damage off of you.

    Hydra with lightning hydra rune is for more damage.

    Slow time is just another utility to keep the damage away from you, and the time shell rune will help slow them down even more.

    Archon with slow time rune will allow you to cause more damage in Archon form by keeping the damage off of you.

    Astral presence and prodigy is to allow you to have more resources to cast more spells, and blur is to reduce the damage coming in.

    This is what I am thinking so far for a build, but I am sure there will be a lot of great build to play around with and perfect!
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    Hello every1!

    Here is my Monk build!!YfU!aZaZba

    My build is meant for end-game, im a tanky monk with support effects such as heals/enemy dmg reducer/allies dmg booster. With a tad of aoes.

    I have a knockup so i can knock mobs off my Demon Hunter friend and a range skill if kiting is needed.


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    Toads and Zombies Build!bWS!ccYbca

    This is the Witch Doctor build I will use when I am messing around and having fun. His defining characteristics are that he makes it rain toads and summons a lot of zombies. I have no idea how well it will work in practice, but I think it looks fun to play.
  • #1794!XUh!YaYYYc

    this is for the hardcore wizard.

    Electrocute with surge of power increases AP regen while Energy Twister is used for dmg.

    Both Meteor with comet and Hydra with frost are used as crowd control.
    I chose those two skills because I am able to cast those, then switch to Energy Twister to
    add to the dmg being caused by my crowd controls.

    Teleport is of course used to get out of trouble

    Archon is used when facing an elite or boss, or when i get overwhelmed.
  • #1795!ZYg!ZcZaZb

    The main purpose of this build is fast clearing and satisfying combat (The core of this build will be up and running as you reach level 26-30 so basically ending normal/ starting nightmare-- It is more of a build for once you approach the farming stages ( You probably won't want to be using it when first entering either Nightmare/Hell/Inferno) But when you get to the stage of the difficulty where you feel you're coping relatively easy, and just farming gear for the next Difficulty a set up skill's like this will be extremely satisfying and fast-paced.

    Leap Attack ( Call of Arreat ) - The core of this build in theory would have to surround this spell and rune effect, It will allow for fast initations and the rune effect (pulls affected enemies towards you) will greatly synergize with the other spells in this build

    Revenge ( Best Served Cold) - Revenge will be an extremely useful and devastating ability for this build, as I have seen from video's of Patch 12 (When Revenge was available to play in beta) If you were surrounded by monster's, it always seemed to proc nicely, which is directly where Call of Arreat plays a big role, the immediate surround of enemies ensure's you will have Revenge activate for ALOT of the fight, based on what I saw in beta, I'd be confident in saying 80-90% of the time with a full circle of mobs around you, taking away the time it might take to leap to another pack once you have decimated your screen. Best Served Cold provides me with a 10% Critical after using for 12 seconds, which will be used for my main Fury dumper ability, and for additional Revenge's, which will see it having a 100% uptime during fights

    Whirlwind ( Volcanic Eruption) - Whirlwind will be my 'fury dump' ability used when I have the benefits from Best Served Cold, and other passives (coming shortly), essentially, it's Leap in > Revenge > Rend and Whirlwind in quick succession, Which i feel i will be seeing healthbars quickly obliterate

    Frenzy (Maniac) - I'm still a little unsure about this ability, mainly due to the potential of just not having the time to utilitise the effects whilst doing everything else, before everything is dead (so alot of it comes down to how long these fights are going to last and how much can you chain pull), part of me thinks I'll be able to efficiently keep the effects of frenzy up while using all my other abilities.

    The runes effect of Frenzy is 4% Damage increase every stack, which turns out to be 20% + damage when the effect of frenzy is up, It seems to diminish quite fast, but quickly doing 1 Frenzy after every Rotation of Revenge > Rend > Whirlwind seems like it will just fit it, Maybe, it does require abit of in-game testing ( which most builds do )

    Although part of my thinking for grabbing Frenzy was for Boss fight's aswell, so it could turn out to be a vital and good pick.

    Wrath of the Berserker (Slaughter) - Pretty self explanatory, use when ever available, and the screen is just going to blow up. SLAUGHTER, potentially DEVASTATING, with the effect of Revenge/Rend and other passives, I'm imaging there is going to be crits rolling all over my screen, 15 yard radius explosion's of blood causing 155% weapon damage every crit??????? All I can picture atm is my screen just Demon's blowing up all over my screen, in a rather instantenous fashion, it really is exciting to want to get this game and try this build out

    Rend (Ravage) - Rend, potentially very devastating, from what iv'e seen in the beta, once you get a fairly decent weapon, Rend alone completely destroys some of the mobs, so now your starting to envisage what exactly is going to happen to these monster's, I think the most ideal rotation I have is

    WotB - Leap Attack - Revenge - Rend - Revenge - Whirlwind ( If you're screen isn't clear by then -which i'd be amazed if it wasn't- )
    Continue to Revenge-Rend

    Then when the screen is relatively clear, you'd want to start just chain pulling and jumping all over the place and just repeating the rotation ( WotB when ever it's available)


    Ruthless: 5% Critical (woot) Critical Damage increased by 50%, massive increase for what should be a regular occurance for this build, a Critical Strike.

    Weapon Master: Which weapon I go for will depend on what I need, if I feel im starved from Critical Strike's, I will grab a Mace or Axe. If I feel that i have plenty of critical strikes without using a Mace or an Axe, I will try to aim for beastly pair of Swords >:)

    Brawler: Brawler is what I think synergizes with this build the best out of the passives, "As long as 3 enemies are within 8 yards of you, all of your damage is increased by 30%", As you can imagine with Leap Attack, and the general play style of this build, constantly being surrounded this is perfectly designed for this build, and 30% that's an awesome bonus to damage.

    So as you can see this build if played effectively and efficiently it has potential to have a very high sustained bonus damage and crit %, how sustained I just can't tell until playing, but the potential is definately there and It was 1 of my first strategies that came to me when thinking about end-game / farming builds

    Hope you enjoyed reading my build, i still get excited just imaging this build in use and can't wait to use it.

    Goodluck to everyone who has entered, thanks for reading
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    Heya This is my D3 endgame monk build. This is designed to help your group members stay alive and buffed to their max. This should help you stay alive when first doing the tough bosses in the later modes.!afV!YbYYcc
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    I've kind of resigned myself to waiting for release, but after playing the beta at a friend's house (I played a barbarian, as it was easy to latch onto), I figured that I'd give it one more go...!VcX!aZaZcZ

    I've never played a casting-type character before--in D2, I nearly always played Paladins and WW Druids, with the occasional foray into Amazon and Barbarian. So, for D3, I felt that a change is in order.

    For this build, I wanted to max the effectiveness of the Paralysis passive, by using a Chain Lightning-ruined Electrocute and a Lightning-based Hydra. I skipped out on Shock Pulse, as Electrocute was simply more likely to hit more enemies.

    Basic strategy would be to open with a volley of Electrocute and a Hydra, stunning as many as possible. If mobs get close, Wave of Force and Blizzard make for effective slows/freezes. Arcane Torrent (Death Blossom), however, is the real death dealer. With the mobs stunned and Prodigy/Astral Prescence boosting my AP regen, I should be able to lay waste to mobs, while only occasionally recasting Electrocute to regain AP and refresh the stuns.
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