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DiabloFans Calculator Build Contest (ONE POST ONLY)

  • #3084!cZg!caYcaY

    My Wizard PvP Build...

    Good Mobility and defensive moves, have mainly 2 dmg skills and a lot of support skills.


    If all of this works as I imagine.

    My magic missile will be guided.
    When it hit's he'll slow down enemies.
    I'll have 2 mirror images slowing enemy (important part: if they cast magic missile, and their dmg count as mine, doesn't matter if it's a low dmg, they will generate arcane power and slow enemy's for me)
    When i teleport i'll create another 2 mirror images (which a imagine will work like my original mirror images)
    I have another defensive move which is that time area, which slow down enemies missiles and moves if they try to get to me.
    I have 3 skills which cd are about 10-20sec, so it's good to lower their cd is 15%.

    And mainly!!!

    With all those slows and defensive, i'll have a huge dmg skill that will be arcane torrent!

    I don't know if all will work as planned, but if it works, this build will be a huge against melles, and good against ranged duels.
    And will be protective if in an arena they aim on me, but don't ignore me, or you will be in danger, against my full power arcane torrent.
  • #3085
    PvE monk!VYd!YZZaaa

    focused on mass destruction and survivability
    way of the hundret fists for creating spirit on single targets.
    exploding palm for groups.
    pull large groups of enemies together, get them closer with cyclon and blow them away with lashing tail kick.
    mantra to enhance damage.
    if things getting hairy or i know there is a lot of damage incoming: sereneity
    and if things go for the worst i hope my 90 sec cooldown from near death experience is gone.

    so now i hope that the high heavens are with me and i win a beta access :)

    btw: the us calculator seems to be down atm.. so i used the german one
  • #3086!aYe!ZZcYbc

    I've made this build thinking on the mass horde of monsters that we'll be facing all over again so, i have decent CC with Mass Confusion and Horrify, got Grasp of the Dead for some area slow packed with the Unbreakable Grasp rune which increases the slow bonus on the skill also a handsome of awesome loyal undead doggy dawgs coupled with the Leeching Beasts rune and of course a massive AoE damage skill Acid Cloud runed with Corpse Bomb.

    As a single target for rares that i will find i have Haunt with a rune which used to decrease the damage over time from 15 to 3 seconds with more % weapon damage with the current system blizzard has those numbers shown as 0 so i don't know if its a mistake by their side or they intent to change those numbers.

    As passives got Jungle Fortitude ( 20% damage reduction ), Pierce the Veil which increases all my damage by 20% but aswell the mana cost ( i wonder if the increased mana cost affects all the skills or just the ones that do damage ) and Spiritual Attunement for mana regeneration and mana pool.

    This build is more focused to be played with another player/friend or a single target follower as you will lack single target dps, i'd post a more focused single target build but alas i won't because some rules apply and i wouldn't mind winning beta key.


    Edit: dat awful engrish
  • #3087
    Build name: Wizard AOE build!YgX!acaZYc
    Its a PVE Wizard build.
    Considerable quantity АОЕ of damage + almost all increasing damages of ability. Also very good protective ability - the Teleport with rune on survival rate.
    After an exit of game I will test all variants and I will find the best
  • #3088
    Here is my build for Monk:!cdg

    Mostly for sustaining damage and survival theoretically. Need to test the effectiveness of the build when playing the game. Hope to have the good luck to get a beta key for a test run.

    Good luck to everyone. :-)
  • #3089
    Witch Doctor:!aei!aZabZa

    I think this build has some nice cc and aoe. Im going to try this when I get my copy of the game :)

    Primary: Firebomb / Firepit
    Secondary: Grasp of the Dead / Unbreakable Grasp

    Defensive: Hex / Hedge Macig
    Terror: Mass Confusion / Mass Hysteria
    Decay: Acid Cloud / Lob Blob Bomb
    Voodoo: Fetish Army / Fetish Ambush

    Passive skills for cd and damage reduction :)
    10: Jungle Fortitude
    20: Pierce the Veil
    30: Tribal Rites
  • #3090
    Hello everyone,

    I'd like to show you all my PvM oriented barbarian, it is intended to be a high mobility
    full fury(berserker rage) brawler build that works around charge.

    My main filler ability is gonna be Frenzy with the sidearm skill rune, IMO it is the most worthwhile of the available and it adds a little bit of randomness to it which is always fun. I use both Battle Rage and Warcry to further extend my damage and survivability and because they are always awesome to have around and I opted forpicking Wrath of the Berserker for situational purposes such as elites, tight spots
    and boss fights. I also picked up Revenge because I feel like it is a must have for PvM.

    My final and key ability to this build is Furious Charge with Merciless Assault rune, just imagine the awesomeness when there will be 10+ enemies on the screen and you'll be just flying around smashing faces... awesome :Thumbs Up: .

    As far as passives go, i go for Inspiring presence, Brawler and Berserker Rage.

    I can't wait to test this build in the game when it finally comes out.
    Hope You like the idea behind this build and I wish u have a lot of fun playing it if u decide to try it out.
  • #3091
    This is my idea of HC Barb build:!dUc!aZcbcc

    A little bit about:

    All skills were chosen to buff defence and hp regen/gain

    Frenzy - Triumph - single target Rage generator + some extra healing.
    Rend - Blood Lust - aoe Rage spender + some extra healing.
    Leap Attack - Iron Impact - escape skill when things are not going well.
    War Cry - Invigorate/Hardened Wrath/Impunity - armor buff - all runes look great only real test will show which to chose.
    Wrath of the Berserker - Thrive on Chaos - offence and defence buff, depend of how many seconds will this rune give (if 2-3 it's to little), it may be switched to Striding Giant to buff defence or Arret's Wail to stop melee dmg for second or two.
    Revenge - Provocation - aoe no rage cost dmg + some healing - rune may be changed to Grudge to stop melee dmg or Vengeance is Mine just to buff normal effect

    Bloodthirst - more healing
    Relentless - it's bad to die in HC
    Inspiring Presence - Buffs War Cry and give more hp regen Nerves of Steel or Tough as Nails may be good choice too

    I just wish there would be some place to add Whirlwind, maybe with Blood funnel instead of Rend - Blood Lust but it requires crit strikes and tank hc build may not have that much crit chance.

    Sorry for my bad English ;)
  • #3092!ZYU!YYaacc

    pretty basic build, i like everything what it contains. There are cd's for hard moments and stuff for good damage!
  • #3093!YdS!aYccbc

    My intent with this build is for PvE survival against large groups of monsters.

    Frenzy is the main fury generator for single target attacks, where i gain ~12% of my health back when a monster dies. Cleave picks up for the AoE aspect of fury generation!!!

    Whirlwind addes to the AoE capabilities of this build as well as Earthquake!

    I have also opted to select reduction in cooldowns for most of the skills as a means of providing unlimited, sustained, AoE capabilities with health generation
  • #3094
    I love explosions. So dou you? Perfect!!egh!caaZbc

    I don't know how viable it actually will be, but for a normal playthrough, this should more than do the job.
    Call it the "Maximum Explosion OMG Rocket Build (WTF)". Basically, it focusses on the passive talent "Ballistics" and builds the other skills around it, all equiped with a rune to fire rockets and create explosions! (I need) More explosions!

    Grenades are gonna get you the Hatred needed for:
    40% damage as fire /1.5s --> Ballistics --> 80% as fire
    175% physical (3x) --> Ballistics --> 350% as physical (3x)
    35% physical /s --> Ballistics --> 70% physical /s
    40% damage as fire /use --> Ballistics --> 80% as fire per use

    Have fun with the rockets! And even if you die: Don't worry, more explosions!
  • #3095!WYU!bZZZbZ

    Frost ftw!

    I really like chill and slow plus some other survavility skills.
  • #3096!TeY!YbcaYc

    I've decided to try this spec out first, for 2 reasons:

    1. I feel it'll be fun to play.
    2. I really want BETA key to try it out, and I think you can see how awesome it would be to test this spec, and allow me to do it!
  • #3097
    Had to this on the german site as the us one is under maintenance.

    Here is the build,!biY!ZZZZZZ
    although I have no idea what my last ability does, this should be a summoning build, one that my mom can also use easily, she will be my imba gold farmer when I am not at the computer!

    Not sure if I want to take the gargantuan or the spiders, will see which of them turn out to be more effective.
  • #3098!bWT!aZcZcZ

    Back in Diablo 2, I liked Necromancer's ability to steal life and have a personal army of his own. Now, Witch Doctor seems to be capable of the same thing for smooth sailing in pve.

    My minions will make short work of you!!! :evil:
  • #3100
    My build:!heY!abbYZZ

    I love idea of rocket launching Demon Hunter from the very beginning:)
    I don't know if that gonna work in game-we haven't seen rockets in action yet but I will definitly make my Demon Hunter look like it.
    And as I said-it's doesn't suppose to be mega overkill-just fanbuild and only for PvE.
  • #3101
    This is my pvp spec for the wizard that might also work against really hard hitting melee bosses in inferno!TfZ!cabcbZ

    This build is all about max survivabilty and powering up meteor to do loads of damage

    - Magic Missile (seeker): I chose this rune to get garantied hits to slow my target and to get my flash of insight

    once i have 5 i will go for the kill

    first i Teleport in and instantly hit frost nova and call down meteor. Meteor will do max damage since its runed for damage + 15 % additional damage to frozen tagets + 75% from the Arcane dynamo passive.
    once the meteors are out i will hit teleport again to gain some distance to the target and shell him with arcane missiles

    if my enemey comes into melee range while frost nova is still on cd and arcane dynamo is not at 5 stacks, i have diamond skin plus energy armor to reduce the damage i would take

    I really hope that dueling will be in the retail version since this build would work best to destoy my barbarian friends in a duel
  • #3102!Yec!bZaaac

    I think that this build will do pretty well. It tries to be a balance between dealing damage, arcane power regen and utility. I doubt that it will be perfect, but I look forward to toying with it :)
  • #3103
    Designed this build around the harder level difficulties with having a monk with some healing abilities partnered with me as well. This barbarian "tank" build is heavy on +armor and self heals from damage done.!bde!aZbccb
  • #3104
    My wizard build!cZX!bbZbcc

    electrocute + prodigy(passive) for AP regen when down
    Astral presence(passive) for bigger AP pool for some Meteor spam an huge crowds (also regen is welcome)
    Desintegrate + temporal flux(passive) for constant burn on tougher targets
    Diamond skin with prism rune to be able to spam 6 Meteros one after another
    Wave of force in case enemies get 2 close

    and finally Archon with incresed dmg from rune for some pure ownage
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