Looking for Co-op buddies!

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    Good evening everyone :) I am searching for anyone who is in the beta, and who wishes to get the Co-Op achievements and who also wanna do SK runs/complete runs.

    Don't mind if you're talkative or not (although someone to chat to wouldnt be a bad thing) and as long as you're up for some fun then it will be fine ^^

    My battletag is: zerObit#2987

    Add me or leave a reply here and I will add you!
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    Wasnt there a list somewhere with people on it that were in beta? Anyways see left side for my battletag. Not on that much recently tho and im european so might not be on at the same time if youre US :o
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    My battletag is to the left. I haven't been on as much but a lot of that is because of the Pubs being down. Looking to max all five classes for Patch 13 (DH already there. Wiz and Barb on their way).

    Lemme know if you add me and we can do some co-op this week during the evening.
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    I'm usually on in the afternoon and sometimes evening PST, battletag is Tarian#1312. I'm not much for idle chatter, but I rarely give cold shoulders.
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    There is the Beta Buddies thread

    Here: http://www.diablofans.com/topic/33967-beta-buddies-post-your-battletags-here/

    I will add you guys the next time I log in.
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