Guess the expansion classes!

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    Well, I want some more melee classes. As for what they would be I am not sure. I would like a Hunter type class, as in it can train and use animals/beasts. Maybe another magic user, something that uses darker magic, similar to the Necromancer from D2.
    What is this thing called "real life?" Is that some sort of expansion pack?
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    There is already a thread about this.
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    I think a dual form caster would be awesome. Each form using a different life globe but having a 3rd essence that uses both powers. Say there is a True form and a Shadow form.

    This caster has high vitality and uses his life to power his skills. Changing forms changes the globe that he draws from. Skills from True Form heal Shadow form life and skills from Shadow form heal True form life. While the skills that use both forms heal them both. Knowing when and what to use will be a true test of skills for this player, as in the heat of battle he will have to not only micro his form, but the balance of skills he is going to use to defeat enemies.

    This would be my favorite type of class to see...showing true skills in a player and what he knows about his character, because his life depends on it!
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    Quote from Huck


    You take that back, you knave.
    Guts/Gatts/Gattsu (Male Barb) - Berserk Reference
    Doomwolf (Male Demon Hunter)
    Kainé (Female Monk) - Nier Reference
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    Maybe something like a paladin/guardian build. Dealing dmg while bringing auras to the party?
    And then there we're none
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    Druids will surely make a comeback. It feels like the other classes have several parallels with the Diablo 2 classes, yet a shapeshifter is definitely missing. Perhaps this time, more like a demonic shapeshifter.
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    Bases on the classes available at launch a expansion with the Druid class seems believable. Shapashifter seems to be the main gap in the class rooster.

    I would love to see some sort of a stealth class, just so I could sneak behind baddies and put an end to their misery!
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    Quote from Mahoney

    Druids will surely make a comeback. It feels like the other classes have several parallels with the Diablo 2 classes, yet a shapeshifter is definitely missing. Perhaps this time, more like a demonic shapeshifter.

    Do want. That'd be something new, for sure.

    So, what the hell is up with Druids always being late, anyway? In D2, the Druid comes after Diablo has died, and now he's missing for action again at the beginning of D3.

    Quote from Arukas

    I would love to see some sort of a stealth class, just so I could sneak behind baddies and put an end to their misery!

    Can't really see this happening in any Diablo game because of the faster pace, but there are a few skills that essentially allow a player to disappear for a moment already.
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    I think we're pretty close. The druid is a real possibility.

    The paladin is too, but someone said the monk fills the "Holy guy" type.. Which is true.

    So how about a non-holy paladin : Shadowknight. Those of you who have played EQ will know the concept I'm talking about. The WoW DK was close, but less Barb like power and more shield like controll.

    Druid / Shadowknight. First xpac characters, you heard it here first.
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    Quote from Mahoney

    ... more like a demonic shapeshifter.

    This is what I have been kind of thinking they would do.

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    [In its broadest sense, shapeshifting occurs when a being (usually human) either (1) has the ability to change its shape into that of another person, creature, or other entity or (2) finds its shape involuntarily changed by someone else. If the shape change is voluntary, its cause may be an act of will, a magic word or magic words, a potion, or a magic object. If the change is involuntary, its cause may be a curse or spell, a wizard's or magician's or fairy's help, a deity's will, a temporal change such as a full moon or nightfall, love, or death. The transformation may or may not be purposeful.] Wikipedia

    The tought best way to find an answer was to feed my brain with concepts This definition is rater inspiring. After some brainstorming, i came up with two hero ideas.

    The first one being the "Beastmaster". He could have skills similar to the old javazon and druid versions. He would be close to nature and use it's power to protect it's life source. Spear and shield masteries would fit him perfectly. I guess you guys can see the whole portrait yourself. He would volountarily use shapeshifting abilities using it's will.

    The second one could appear as a "Dark warrior" or a "Shadow knight" as suggested before. He could be one of those "Holy warriors" being driven to the dark side after being cursed by the hands of evil. His twisted mind could gradually change his appearance during the course of the game. Low level gear and abilities would make him appear as something similar to the "Holy warrior" but then he could turn gently into a "Dark warrior" towards the end. His strong mind and powerfull abilities would allow him to keep control (most of the time) over his body and allow him to go against the forces of evil to escape this curse. This could grant him dark-related-abilities late game (demon shapeshifting? Body transfering? Berserking?). He would be this kind of hero involountarily be forced into shapeshifting because of this curse.
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    Personally? >_> I know it's not a new class, but my gf and I would really like the D2 necro back. Screw the barbarian :(
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    Quote from Mahoney

    Druids will surely make a comeback. It feels like the other classes have several parallels with the Diablo 2 classes, yet a shapeshifter is definitely missing. Perhaps this time, more like a demonic shapeshifter.

    All of the new lore ignores the Druids entirely. We've never even heard them speak of the Druids, either as a playable class or as a race of people. Their absence only affirms their presence. They will have a significant part somewhere along the line.

    (There's one exception, which is artwork of some manner of woman that is supposedly a Druid.)

    Shapeshifting has a big opportunity in Diablo that it hasn't had in other Blizzard games: Diablo is built on bloodshed. It's begging for an animal. The Druid is that animal.
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    Personally i think it will be either the druid or the necromancer. I would like to see the Druid or some type of shapeshifter, but that is probably more personal preference than anything else. The mechanics of the necro were cool. I remember early on a lot of fans lamented that he was not going to be in D3. Maybe Blizzard will throw those fans a bone

    I don't think it was too popular in D2, but I liked the game play of the spear/javelin amazon. However, I don't think she will be back. Too close to the DH.
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    I want to see a "summoner" (like the necro in D2). I've played the witch doctor thoroughly in the beta, and I have know all it's spells and runes at end game as well from the calculator, and to me, the WD doesn't really fit the necro role from D2.

    For the second class, I want any kind of "holy" character. Again, the monk really lacks the real "holiness" feeling I think would make a great class. This could be a paladin (again from D2), a physical, melee, sword and shield type class. Or another spell caster as a "priest" - But think they would prefer a melee class because there's already more ranged classes than melee.

    But what do I think they will be? Neither of these... we'll just have to wait and see.
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    hey, i think we will see in future expansion (from what i remember 2 of them were in leaked plan):

    - Necromancer
    - completely new class

    - Druid
    - completely new class

    Of couse i hope they will add 2 classes each expansion, but that is just speculation.
    Anyway, necromancers are mentioned in book of Cain in various ways,
    and druids got type of skills which none of 5 announced classes got (shapeshifting - lots of potential here).

    I dont want paladin because it would be third meele-only class.

    So what about completely new classes?
    Priest maybe? :>
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    If another class was to return from Diablo 2 I would hope it was the Necromancer, although the mechanics are probably too similar to that of the Witch Doctor to make this an affable choice. I can't see any of the other classes returning really, the Amazon and the Assassin have effectively been blended to make the Demon Hunter, the Sorceress and Wizard are very alike, perhaps the Paladin will make a return? As for a completely new class, perhaps some form of shapeshifter will make an appearance? The Druid from D2LOD didn't seem overly popular but the class had some interesting ideas, other than that I have absolutely no idea.
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    I'd like to see some form of a druid make it to Diablo 3. Shapeshifting and some non witch doctor natureness would be a nice addition to the current lineup.
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    I'm just going to copy/paste this from my other post on about the 12th page of the thread just like this from a week ago.

    And I quote...

    Assuming the Necro doesn't come back, I started thinking about some of the power sources in Diablo. The folks at Blizz are certainly not afraid of creating entire new pantheons or fields of magic to support a class, but I find that the limits are what define lore and make it interesting. One of the things I like about the monk is that he's not using a new source of power (holy angel juice), just a different way to access and implement it.

    With that in mind, I was thinking of ways to re-use the god of the necros, but in a character that would be melee and shield focussed.

    Imagine a dark eyed Arabic man with long black hair tied back into a tail. His face and body covered in intricate, curving black and maroon tattoo patterns shaped like those of the Maori warriors. On his back he carries a bundle of short throwing javelins. His main weapon a hoplite spear, with a small round shield covered in the markings of the dragon for protection.

    As servants of the dragon, these warriors would have power over the cycle of life and death, giving breath to golems of earth, light, blood and shadow, as well as calling back the shades of the fallen who would serve by strengthening the warrior, or cursing his enemies.

    Like the Rathmians, he would also be able to use the bones of the dead in his defense, as well as the teeth and claws of the dragon to supplement his abilities with the spear.
    - - - -
    As far as mechanics go,
    - summons golems and shades
    - shades don't fight, but act as curses or buffs in an area around the point of casting (imagine a temporary aura around a cast point)
    - bone magic similar to the necro
    -combat skills focussed on the shield, spear and javelin

    I would imagine a resource tied to the life cycle. Something like the death of enemies and summons provides his resource.
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    Based on the data mining that has been done. Diablo is THE ONLY prime evil in this game. The 2 planned expansions, in theory, will feature his brothers.

    They will want to tell the lore behind them both, since there wasn't all that much in Diablo 2. Whatever classes come back or are created will be part of the lore behind Baal and Mephisto's stories. In my honest opinion, Blizzard has always been about a great story behind their games and this presents a great opportunity for them.

    Now, they also wouldn't have planned expansions 18 months and 36 months out if they were only making 1 act and not adding cool features. Look for epic stories in these expansions!
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