There needs to be a weekend open beta.

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    they really need to do a full server stress test to see if they can handle it. the only way to do this is to open the beta up. if they dont, there might be problems on release day

    don't you mean will have problems on release day? this is blizzard we are talking about. I don't recall any release where severs didn't crash and was almost unplayable for the first week.

    i recall when WoW Wolk came out... that was crazy severs where down for 2 days and didn't work right for 3

    Hmm, I don't remember that at all, I remember WotLK and Cataclysm were both quite smooth launches. BC on the other hand, was quite the mess.
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    I hope they can get their EU servers up and working and send a large number of keys to EU countries..
    But Im not so sure if they are even planning on doing that.
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    I think an open weekend as release approaches is a good idea. Those servers are gong to get hammered when the game goes live. It would give them a good test case to work off of to see if they can handle the load. I like what they did with SC2 also, when you pre-ordered you got early access tot he multiplayer part fo the game.
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    Yep, test weekend, when nobody would be able to play just because nobody would be able to log in in time to actually play before the weekend ends from exploding servers.
    Would be interesting to see it though, just to see if I'll ever actually get in.
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    An open beta would rock but there have been plenty of blue posts saying its not going to happen. And as flexable as Blizzard are to the community I just know they wont open it up, as stated in other posts everyone hammering the servers would chump it up in no time flat. Everyone is keen to get into beta and have a chop but all we can do is just keep up our contest efforts and just hope for the best while we wait for release date.

    Expect the worst and hope for the best and release date should be here eventually. :)

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    Yea it would be like "server is full, you are in queue as number 100.000.259 please wait" and then a few mins. later there would be a forum post saying the servers are down. :)
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    Quote from stazmania

    I hope they can get their EU servers up and working and send a large number of keys to EU countries..
    But Im not so sure if they are even planning on doing that.

    Yea me 2, they said they would a while back, but i have my doubts as well. When they allready tested the US serves to full there is realy no need. But we shall wait and see.
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    I dont think that the servers are full thing will be an issue, considering its not an mmorpg like wow, and the max number of players that will be in 1 game will be four. though i would not be opposed to an open beta, but id rather things just wrap up so all of us can enjoy what he have been waiting so long for.
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    Open Beta Weekend doesn't sound to bad actually. You can just hear the screams of the developers if the idea is even proposed just because of the fact that it would take alot of preperation and complete wipes by the end of the weekend which isn't an efficient way of testing a huge MMO like Diablo 3.
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    Sounds like a lovely idea, i would be all for it, since would like to play beta just as anyone else, but don't really see it happening. I mean they probably would have said it by now that there will be open beta before release, unless release is not even close which would be much worse scenario :P
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    why are ppl still thinking about open beta after blizzard declined it multiple times?
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    altho i think that kind of thing will never happen, the fanbase whould be happy indeed but they dont need a server crash the same instant it gets out :).
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    i keep telling people that they need to do this. there is no better way to test how much your server can handle than throwing a beta into open that everyone wants to get into. if the server crashes, they know they need to fix it. if it doesnt then they know they are good.
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    I highly doubt the appearance of an open beta, even in a weekend format. Blizzard has plainly stated why such an event would only hinder their development.
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