"Best" Metagame 4-Man Group (Discussion)

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    At the game's release me and 3 friends are going to grind the game to clear as much content as we can.

    Our current plan is to have a Barbarian focused primarily on CC and survival, a Monk who is basically Heal/DPS for the group, a Wizard for DPS/CC, and then a Witch Dr for pure damage


    Also what would be your thoughts on a perfect group, explain why it would be.

    Thank you♥
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    I don't think you will have to worry about that kind of thing till you get to later difficulty modes. Your best bet is to just let everyone go all-out DPS if you want to get through it as quickly as possible.

    For Inferno I get the feeling we will see a lot of 'perfect composition' threads. I imagine we will probably see group builds for inferno rather than just individual builds. It'll definitely make things more interesting.

    I wont bother explaining my 'perfect composition', it would just be pure speculation since I haven't played yet.

    All I know is I'm playing a Wizard and I want a Barbarian to hold my hand all the way through the game :D
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    tbh id like to think that any 4 man group would be able to plough on through the game.

    obviously the perfect kind of group your suggesting will make it go smoother id hope.
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    Barb, Barb, Barb, Barb
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    Quote from CherubDown

    Barb, Barb, Barb, Barb

    the wall of death.
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    Quote from CherubDown

    Barb, Barb, Barb, Barb

    Speaking of which, I'm pretty sure someone did a video of all Witch Doctors recently on Youtube. Was pretty ruthless.
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    4 monk with 4 mantras = PEW PEW WTF OMG NERF MONK
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    Quote from Majesty

    4 monk with 4 mantras = PEW PEW WTF OMG NERF MONK

    I can imagine some pretty crazy things being done with all Monk teams. All pure tank and built around thorns and healing. I imagine they could just completely slow boat it through inferno.
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    DH, For traps and buffs, Mark for death is so useful, especially when you use the rune that spreads it to nearby enemies when they die. Caltops will slow while spike traps can damage. It also helps that they can Kite to tight corridors for maximum kill effeciency. Then you have a Tanking barb for the tough stuff, He'll be the one that, after kited, will hold off the mobs from getting to the other characters. He'll also be dishing out some series AOE damage and some debuffs/buffs. Reducing enemy damage is so useful. Then the monk for his Healing prowess, and decent attack damage. He'll be in the fight with the barb but less so for that and more for healing. Then its a thro down between the Wiz and WD. Both ranged Casters they can fill the same roles differently. If you get a WD he can use pets to attract attention and then use some nice AOE's to finish off groups, or single target spells for those harder champions. If you get a WD who's using curses, then you need mass confusiong. If you get a DH to kite into a group then barb to hold them there, and a WD to mass confuse you'd barely have to do any work killing them. If you prefer the Wiz, well thats just as easy too. They're more damage focused so It'll be alot easier to just kill the mobs straight up. Casting a meteor and a blizzard in the middle of a group will surely put them to an end fairly quickly, and if you want some support and some aggro you could always use a hydra to divert attention, or you could use Mirror image and they would just tank the damage away from the players. If you're looking to stop the enemy you could throw down a slow time, hit them hard with your AOE's and finish off the lesser ones with RoF or Disintegrate. Archon is also superuseful when dealing with a champion so dispatching harder enemies won't be too hard.

    For the core of my build though, you have to have a kiter, the dh, and you need a tank, the barb, and without a healer, the monk, your glass cannon, the WD or Wiz, will die too easily. If you really wanted some easy killing you could run 4 barb, one tank three super DPS. The tank would aggro all the mobs and lead them to a circle where the other barbs would use their war cries to buff eachother and debuff the mobs, then go all out and destory them with high damage. Most other groups will be hard. If you go four wiz you're all glass cannons and can't really survive. If you go 4 WD it may work but you'd all need Zombie dogs or gargantuans, and you'd need one with Mass confuse and Horrify to make sure you can make the mob easier to deal with considering you won't have much survive ability. If you go four DH you're absolutely screwed because you don't have a lot of health and would be forced to kite the entire game which just wouldn't be very fun. And you'd need shitloads of entangling shots, and caltrops to slow targets down. Everyone would need companion wolf, and sentry to make sure the mobs aren't really focused on the players. If you go four monk you're not too well off damage wise. Sure they've got health and Healing but then you''d be sacrificing damage. so either two would have to be healers, and the others high DPS, or all four monks are healers and will take longer to kill off mobs.
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    i think a mink is inevitable, just like a pala was in d2 (not saying they are the same). A barb tank i also always nice to have i guess. Other then that, i havnt been giving much thought on it. But i do hope too, that every combo will be able to stay alive in inferno :)
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    My friends and I came up with a very similar build except...

    :barb: We will have me as a Barb going full on DPS until it starts getting difficult then i'll equipt a sword and board and get revenge/overpower, lots of armor with armor runes, defense and HP, and concentrate on taunting enemies with my shout and keeping enemies off my friends.

    :monk: Another friend will be playing a DPS monk with spells like Inner Sanctuary, breath of heaven, and blinding flash to keep me alive if i get too low, all while pounding in faces.

    :wiz: :wiz: We actually have two wizards, one wil be going flat damage (Meteor, arcane orb, being a glass cannon) and the other will focus on spells like frost nova, ray of frost, slow time, and wave of force.

    I think we'll be good. :Thumbs Up:
    :barb: :monk: :wiz: :wiz:
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