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    What have you done to make the waiting time of Diablo 3 go faster?

    Personally I have considered the following options:

    A. Freeze myself down (yes, thank you south park)

    B. Save up enough money to hire people to kidnap a dozen russian rocket scientists (I live in Europe so I would expect it to be cheaper to kidnap russian scientists rather than American ones, probably cheaper to hire russian mafia than american, the flight costs would be shorter and cheaper etc.), force them into making a space shuttle that would move so fast that one earth day in the space shuttle would be exactly the same the waiting time for Diablo 3 - and yes, i expect i could do all of this, including saving up enough money to hire somebody to force some russian scientists to make up something like this BEFORE Diablo 3 gets launched!

    C. Start playing diablo 2 again to ease the waiting time

    Strangely, i landed on option "C", started playing diablo 2 yet one more time.

    So, what have you guys done to make the waiting time go any faster?
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    I've been living my life .. :)
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    I moved to Scotland and I had a son! I swear, it's amazing how much things have changed since Diablo 3 was announced. Not just in my life but in the whole world. We've been waiting quite some time now :D
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    Well, i started with playing Diablo II Classic Ladder and leveled 5 characters to 85+ ^^
    Now I'm just playing sporadically.. focussing on my upcoming exams, which will be over on March 30.
    Luckily, that will consume a huge amount of "waiting time", so hopefully after that i already got my Beta Invite or a release date to enjoy myself :)
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    I have been playing Diablo 2 and Starcraft 2 in my spare time. Playing a bone nec in single player slowly working my way up to baal in hell. In Starcraft I began playing league competitively which is very fun and very stressful, but its a sound activity. Yes I am a huge blizzard er, prostitute, can we say whore in the forums?
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    ive actually been dealing with family issues im talking about my mother father and so forth, its getting quite dull, they call me up every Fu**in day complaining about this or that and im just sick of it, i think im going to unplug my phone or change the number one or the other idk :angry:
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    Since we've all been waiting for D3 for some time now, I've learned to not worry about it. I'm not even impatient anymore because of how long it's been, and I know the final product will be worth the wait. In the meantime, I've just been keeping up-to-date with any new announcements for Diablo 3.
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    I've been going to university, taking my fiancé out on dates, studying and working on assignments.

    In any free time I do have I come here and make constructive posts in an increasingly hopeless attempt to hit the jackpot.

    If I have any other time left I play Anno 2070 or Skyrim.
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    I started to play diablo2 on battle net
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    I have spent many, many hours time playing Skyrim and i hope i could get something else to play. I just can't wait to get my hands on Diablo 3. I can't remember any game (expect diablo 2 and maybe skyrim) that could make me so excited. Diablo games have always been one of the most addicting games, and i can't say Diablo 3 is exception.
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    Quote from Ilindinius

    So, what have you guys done to make the waiting time go any faster?

    Playing Diablo 3 beta :D

    With the rest of my free time i play squash almost every day and watch on average 1-2 hours of matches per day, not much time left after that hehe.
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    I have created a website about Diablo, first planned it for a long time before I created it. :)
    Apart from that played TrackMania!
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