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    Let me tell you from my personal experience with D2 vanilla, i played it only in singleplayer and made a Paladin, i chose a thorn aura build it was fun till i got to Hell. I liked the feeling that i had a role in that game, my role was to reflect and try not die so much eventually i killed Diablo in hell.

    I think D3 was a better game if D2 never existed because it raised players standards very high and for more then 10 years no game could dethrone it and from what information i have now neither this one will.

    A lot of people judge this game by its shiny graphics or by its hundreds of skills or because its Blizzard, it doesnt really matter if the system of the game is dull, D3 its just a bad book with shiny cover and i think i have enough information to say this based on what they revealed to us by now.
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    Regardless, there's no good reason for forcing permanence on people..
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    You should stop bagging this game so much before its come out. I'm guessing you're not gonna play D3 since you seem to hate it so much.
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    I dont think the game is heading to casual mode. Its another game in the series, its not a reboot. ALot of games, (board, tabletop and electronic) change and adapt as they see fit. Its never been a D2.5 and i think this game is going to stand strong on its merits and hopefully bring in more people to its already large fan base.

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    Im sure peope can play D3 casual, at least on normal mode.
    But as far as i can see on youtube vids, ocasionally it can be pain in the *rse in some cases,
    I think it depends on the player.
    And all i can see is that so much similarities with D2 (wich i loved) that either way it will be a good game for casuals and HC.
    i will miss the randome runestones, it merged the itemhunt system with the "skill tree".
    Sorry for my english. And i hope you get the point :)
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    These are some of the main reasons I see given for turning Diablo 3 into what they now consider to be Farmville. Some are more valid than others, they've all been taken to the glue factory so if you have to discuss them, go find the respective thread.
    • Removal of a skill tree or skill points
    • Removal of allocatable stat points
    • Simplified Tool-tips
    • Help Pop-ups
    • Free respecs

    I didn't know good game design was now called "turning Diablo 3 into what they now consider to be Farmville"... Yes, Help Pop-ups and Free respecs ARE a good thing!
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