How will you play Diablo 3?

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    explore everything, get all classes to max level and try to get as many achivements as possible style of play
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    I'll play it with my 2 brothers, taking it nice and easy since I have to work and they have to wait for me.
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    Quote from Eggtchup

    If I play it, then I will take it nice and slow.

    ^this. Searching every door/floor for hidden items treasures and of course for random quest events <~ just LoVe them
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    I will definitely playing naked :P

    No, seriously, i wont have exclusive gameplay type :

    - soloing for discovering every bit of the game
    - Multiplayer for fun with my girlfriend, she loves to pick up all loot (I think white item will be an issue for us, she would take them all)
    - Multiplayer with my best friend who is a dedicated player, Inferno and hardcore mainly i think
    - Public multiplayer with me stacking MF/GF in order to loot like a pig (think this one will make lot of people cry, blablabla). I will mainly play a crowd control character in this one, not focusing on output damage.

    I think i won't be much playing for PvP. Maybe sometimes for fun but i'd rather grind items :P
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