How will you play Diablo 3?

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    I will be turning off steam, getting a big drink to have close to hand and settling into the comfy chair and taking in every inch of the game as i see it. Leaving nothing unclicked and no minion of evil alive (or undead as the case may be) I want to take in all the lore and hear all the local gossip. The first play through will be very slow and steady but the second i think will have a tad more farming and rare spawn hunting.

    Then onto Co-op with some friends the weekend following release. A carton of beer, 2 mates and D3 the weekend is complete.

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    I'll play through alone, or with my best friend. I'll do every quest I possibly can, explore every part of the world that I can, and fully immerse myself in the story.

    Once I've experienced all the characters and stories in depth I'll start getting into more of the min max stuff. I'll avoid pvp as much as possible as my ego is too fragile and I hate to lose.
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    lets see where to start. ill hear the release date, put in my week vac. at work. go to the store the day before i get my copy buy a case a beer, a bottle of jack, some coke and monsters. take what ever no need to cook food place on a stand next to my comp. grab a 5 gallon bucket and take my time craming in all the lore, quest and mobs i can for the first play through. then roll another and roll another. pic a main and item hunt all day
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    I think when it first comes out I will play through it by myself, generally when I get a new game I like to take a lot of time (more time than is needed) exploring every little part, leaving no stone (literally) unturned! I just stroll around the game at a leisurely pace taking in all there is to see and hear, and enjoying the experience as much as I can. After I've gone through the game once I'll start playing with other people, I played D2 with my brother a lot but he has a tendancy to rush through everything to get to the end, but I think doing that is an injustice to the game and the effort put into making it! From what I've seen of the gameplay, it's shaping up to be great, I particularly like the art-style and character animations.
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    I'll definitely check every area and do each and every quest but without unnecessary wandering around and as fast as possible. I want to get to Inferno pretty fast cause the real game with nice items will start there :). But at least in Normal i'll pay close attention to the story - after all it was really the story line that got me so addictive to the Diablo franchise ;)
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    Forget that boring, play by myself and look at every corner of the map in the game for 50 hours. Right when I get on im making a ton of friends and asking a shit load of questions and figuring the game out with people. Also plent of my real life friends are planning on playing this game so I wouldnt waste quality friend time on playing alone ;p. Im going to hit up every dungeon and probably reroll a couple times until I find what is right for me (hopefully it will be my first choice, Barb.) Then eventually PvP!! But since I dont have the beta i have no idea what this game is going to be like so ill just have to play to see =/.
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    I am gonna take a week off work for this and play as much as possible around my real life commitments, I am very impressed by the way this game is comming together and the noticable differences that are occuring during the beta process.
    This game game is set to be the most polished that blizzard have released to date and if that isnt something to get excited about I dont know what is.
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    I am going to take a week off following the release.

    Then, I'll make a Barbarian and go trough the game quite fast. Once I've completed the Normal mode, I'll go in Normal mode again, but playing Hardcore with a Demon Hunter. I will then explore every dirty little secrets the game has to offer.
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    No Sleep,
    Delivery Food and

    i swear to god, i ┬┤ll run away from any water that gets near me
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    I actually won the random beta key contest 3 days ago! WOOT! Now ive started somewhat small with a wizard. I've tried the RMAH, crafting, did some questing and so on but i still got lots to try out. I love that this thread got HUGE! Its really fun to read what all of you will do and how you are going to play.
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    First character it will be exploring, after that fist adrenaline runs and exploring again in Inferno difficulty :)
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    i will itemhunt all the time, and maxing out the bs and jeweler, later maybe pvp? im not a pvp-er but who knows
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    I can see myself taking some days off just to play this game. If it's content is anywhere near what I think, I doubt you'll be able to consume it that fast, even you are an korean unemployed hardcore gamer =)
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    like a chief
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    I would prefer to play coop if few rl friends will be willing to spare as much time as me for first week or 2 when game comes out, which will be lot of time, so we'll see how that will work. Since there is nothing better then playing with friends you really know and enjoying in game, if that doesn't happen then i guess i'll go alone with follower, at least then can try that part of game out ( follower ) and also when you go solo can more pay attention to story and stuff and really explore everything since when going in group it's mainly focus on just go go go kill and so..
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    @topic: With a mouse and keyboard.
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    LIKE A BOSS!!!!
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    I'll have one character to play in a group of friends with (should have a 3-4 man group)

    and then I'll have another character to play on my own time. unless they start out leveling me on my first char, then it's all fair game =P
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    With a mouse and a keyboard!

    But seriously, I love making themed builds so I will most likely create various themes for various characters and play around with that concept.
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    Like a Boss.

    I'll be taking it at my own pace. I slowly leveled WoW vanilla, love it. I did a hardcore-grind for WoW TBC and missed so much lore, I ended up hating it.

    I'll be sipping D3 like a fine wine, savouring it.

    Heck, it's probably 5+ years to D4, amirite?
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