How will you play Diablo 3?

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    I think I'll miss the walls of text from each NPC. I know the developers actually were proud of to get rid of it, but I liked it. And talking with NPC's in the beta hasn't been that interesting for me so far. I hope I genuinely find them interesting in the full game and I like talking to every one of them before I head out to do anything.
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    Exactly the way I want! I have no idea yet, but most likely slacking about, exploring, enjoying every second of it during my first playthrough. Then when thats finished, I plan on playing it like a second job.. Its a dirty job, but it must be done nontheless...
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    I would really take my time to explore every last detail of the game :D which is why i would really like a release date so i could take some time off from work, so i have all the time i need for this awsome game! :D
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    I'll play it hard.
    Going to take few days off at work to be able to fully enjoy the game, since I've been waiting for it since almost 10 years.
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    I won't play super elite by any means. I played DII mostly in single player mode and rarely hit Battle Net. Suited my "play at my speed" moto. I have been really enjoying group play in DIII Beta, though. There seem to be several styles of play and I know which one I lean towards:
    • Hey guys, let's wander over into this corner and admire the brickwork.
    • Let's explore,but, you know, we do have a goal here...
    #3 is more my speed. I hope to have many, many games like that in my future.
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    Like a boss... ~_~
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    i have always had a fast game style even thou i think i take it slow it would still seem fast to other ppl but thats just the wait i like to play, i mean every game ive played with my 3 friends which im also going to play diablo with im more or less always 2 steps ahead, thats because i like to read up on things and stuff like that so when i do play a game i know more or less everything fm the start, that way i find it easier, like right now i have read all patch notes every posts that have been about changes to the game, ive seen every video i could find to get a much insight on the game as i could, that means when my friends and i going to play d3 they gonna have to find out how to use the artisans where i would just be slaying monsters and going thou the game, also i dont like doing nothing for long and im hoping to be atleast half way thou nightmare before the first 24 hours after launch.
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    I want to explore everything and do everything, after all why flash thru the game you have been waiting for so long and not experience all it has to offer. A slow medium pace and not leaving anything out, by the time I am onto my next character I will have a good understanding of the game to ease further game play. I don't think I will take one character thru to lvl 60 before starting another, I will dabble with a couple and spread my interest. I know I will enjoy everything about D3 even characters I thought I may not .....why?.....because its D3!!!!
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    Quote from Monstah

    How will you play it?

    I will play it on a Personal Computer.

    Kidding aside, in the beta i have leveled all the classes to lvl 12 (takes to long to 13 on the low lvl mob).
    I take my time and explore everything (will do this in retail as well), i will play it in hardcore mode so replay value will be quite high for me.
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    I will be playing the game slow and steady. Listening to all conversations, investigating all areas and just enjoy my time. I will probably play solo at first, so I can go at my own pace. Then, when Normal is finished, I'll focus more on leveling, item hunting and co-op. I don't think Normal will take that long to finish, so hopefully I'll start with my co-op during the first week.

    Then we'll see what happens later on :)
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    I tend to succumb to alt-itis, so I'll probably be going pretty slow.
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    Ill play it like im driving thru Yellowstone national park first. Then after i get idea of where all the sights are at, i will find shortcuts to maximize my time spent on those sights. Of course the first time thru i will have to look at EVERYTHING! It will more then likely be hardcore right from the start, because thats just how i am.
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    WITH FURY and then i'll take it easy for a while let my mouse cool off.

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    Will take A LOT of time on my first playtrough. Want to hear all about the lore and story as I progress for the first time on the game. Then clear normal on every class and then decide which one to go for the increased difficulties :D
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    I am a lore freak so I will be taking it very slow.
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    Quote from Zhain

    I tend to succumb to alt-itis, so I'll probably be going pretty slow.

    Same here, my buddies hate it!

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    Going to scour the world for all the lore. Then Try out ever character. Then, oh man here's a real doozy, try and max out my favorite character.

    Y'know, mostly some of that slow soak long time fun times. <- Is what I would say if I could refrain from destroying it in a month.
    Regardless, I'm sure there will be many years of fun... just like D2 was for me.
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    Quote from Arukas

    Will take A LOT of time on my first playtrough. Want to hear all about the lore and story as I progress for the first time on the game. Then clear normal on every class and then decide which one to go for the increased difficulties :D

    Also my style. Lore/story heavy with one character through to the end, and in some ways it doesn't really matter which, as it is more about the experience of the game (this is to the nth degree with a game as story rich and detailed as Diablo). Then I will play at least two acts with all of the classes, in order to get a feel for the play styles.

    Thennnnn I tackle the nightmares and hells and maybe one day Inferno (should I be able to muster my courage).
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    Pretty much exploring every zone completely. I always "finish" my map in each zone/dungeon to make sure I didn't miss a rare/champion or a lucky drop. There's always some interesting things to see in random areas. Hopefully the friend or two I play with will be up for the same or I'll have to do one playthrough solo.
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    I will be farming like there is no tomorrow
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