How will you play Diablo 3?

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    Hey guys im new on the forum and i got a question i havnt seen asked on this forum.

    I have been staying away from all of the game videos and beta information for a while becouse ive wanted to savor all the impressions and epicness for the final release but i just cant stay away any longer. Im intrigued to see how the game has developed from when they first announced it.

    When i played Diablo 1 and 2 i always played with friends, we would play both casually for fun and more hardcore to find the ultimate items. We would go hunting for items with max magicfind gear and do boss runs every now and again. But now with Diablo 3 and the recent change in my life maybe playing it all casually is the way to go. What do you think? I love how the game has diffrent difficulty levels becouse that way we all get to improve ourselves or try it out and decide "nah, maybe that was too hardcore for me".

    Im not in the Beta but id like to know how you guys approached the game. Are you already maxlvl in the beta or are you taking it slow? Trying all of the classes out and min/maxing gear, skills and what not to find the ultimate setup you want in the final release or are you just having fun?

    As i have not read too much on the forum yet i still have alot to learn, but taking it slow will probably be my way of playing when its released. How will you play it?
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    I've been lvling all chars to lvl 13 from beta patch 1 to 11, now i have to do more work for my own business so i kind slack since patch 11 :)
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    another chance to win fast..
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    If I play it, then I will take it nice and slow, like the Blizzard motto.
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    I would explore all areas and enjoy the game!
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    How I will play Diablo 3? Probably with my toes and elbows, maybe my tongue.

    Jokes aside, I will just take it easy, not going to hurry. Whats the point being in a hurry in a computergame anyway?

    Best setup ever!
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    i will play d3 sitting in front of my computer
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    With style.
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    Hm, I guess I will take my time, explore all that I can. It will also depend on the class I am playing at the time.
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    I plan to play single player and take my time. There is no rush it will be out forever and I feel like savoring this game for as long as I can. I may do some grouping, but not much.
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    Starting probably with Wizard. Managed to try Barb and Monk in beta recently. Can't really judge how melee classes will manage aoe at higher lvl but as i had chance to test seems like Wizard will be my first choice and mostly played char. (Unless i get chance to test Demon Hunter and Witch Doc)
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    Jajaja I guess I'll call all my friends who play it and we are going to do some sort of Lan runthrough, enjoying everything ^^. Been waiting way to much for it so am not going quicky on this one.
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    Ive been reading up a bit and im probably going to play a Wizard. I loved hydras in D2:LOD so i will most likely try it out in D3 aswell. Im thinking of going slow and trying everything out first to see if i can find any better class choice than Wizard. Monk and Witch Hunter are both pretty cool looking but without having played beta i really dont have a clue how they "feel" like, if you know what i mean.

    I will probably try Hardcore aswell but not before ive played a bit and learned the game. As my rl situation wont allow me to powergame its going to take a while to get there.
    "Diablo III is not World of Warcraft."
    Bashiok -
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    First play-through will be semi-slow because will try and find as much lore-items as possible. Probably Wizard or Barbarian. Play-throughs with other other Heroes, to get them to lvl 60 and geared, will be fast paced.
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    I will take my time the first play through. I don't care about being "first" or the idiots that think that being first somehow makes them better than others. If I wanted to be first, I would be first.
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    Like a boss. That's how I will play.

    I'm going to roll my barb, and then roll some demon carcases all over Sanctuary.
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    How will I play Diablo 3? With a mouse and keyboard. Obviously.
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    I do not I have beta, but the game look good from what I've seen in over a graphics stream is good I think I will have to upgrade my pc parts
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    One thing I love when starting a new game is how the world in it is new and unexplored. So I would play the game slowly, exploring every cave, house and dungeon in my path (and kill all the enemies on my way) and learn about the world, it's lore and the design.

    While I want to finish the game and be of a maximum level so I can feel powerful and all that, it is the progress to that point I enjoy the most.
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