A Livestream for everyone without a Diablo 3 BETA KEY

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    So, I have been streaming a lot lately, but mostly just Starcraft 2.

    And I came to thinking, with all the people without a Diablo 3 Beta, they deserve something for their efforts.

    So this coming weekend, on Friday, I am going to host an interactive Livestream for anyone wanting to get a dose of the Beta beyond uploaded videos on Youtube.

    The stream will begin at 6 P.M. EST like always, and will continue until everyone who is watching is satisfied, even if that means I stay up all hours of the night.

    I will be playing through each class, in order of most voted on the stream, and playing in the style of what is demanded of me. Changing as requested

    People with or without betas are welcome.

    -Should anyone have a Beta key to give away and would like to during the stream, send me an email at: CuddleParty7@gmail.com-

    Any questions? Just post them below, and I'll get to them ASAP

    (This is not for self promotion, just an event for people who want to experience the Beta and can't get a key.) ♥
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