Patch 13 : Overall feeling of polish? bugs?

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    The game itself feels good and smooth, but the Skill UI feels very restricted compared to before. Before you could view all skills on one page, and they were categorized depending on what purpose they served. They categorized them more specifically this patch, but they don't show up on the same page anymore unless they fall into the same category. In addition, Blizzard reserved each skill slot for a specific category of skill now, and setting it up the way you want is quite honestly a nightmare. I didn't even fully understand how to change skills to what I want until I read Ruppgu's post, but even knowing how, its still so much more hassle than it was before. Its frustrating to go from a system that let you find a skill you liked and place it on your hotbar, just to end up with a system like this.

    The biggest disappointment I've had during the development of D3 is probably the way skill "runes" work now. So much effort went into the whole "change your skill to your style", and it turned out good. The way you obtain runes is very lackluster however, because you unlock them the same exact way that you unlock skills in the first place: leveling. I wish Blizzard would have shifted from the luck to get rune drops towards something effort-related, along the lines of a gold sink, but at this point, even a leveling system like Skyrim seems more appealing for developing skills to unlock runestones.

    A good reward gives something players to strife for while they play, and the rune system could have been exactly that. Instead, it adds nothing to long-term playing. A barbarian that just hit 60 will have the same runes unlocked as a lvl60 barbarian who has been played for two or three years. The only difference will be gear, and that is something a player has no control over.
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    It's all been said already but just putting in my vote along with everyone else.
    New skill interface changes: pure failure.

    The concept of locking a skill order and position for people who don't understand games so that they can get the hang of it without being confused by options is understandable.

    The only reason this should be in the game is for people who have never seen a video game before. The "elective mode" option does nothing until I'm leveled to unlock all my slots and even then I can't have duplicate skills up I can't click and drag between slots and the skill list has become a huge pain for no reason I can see.
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    After playing a bit last night I've ran into a fairly large number of online bugs. The game is still at least 2-3 patches away from being polished in my opinion.

    *Sometimes when people message me their name comes up as blank
    *Once you hit a certain lvl (11+ I think) you can't join games.
    *Weirdness with the party system. I'm not sure why, but it kept giving me an error when I tried to invite my friend to a party. Earlier during the night I invited him to my party just fine.

    //edit: Another bug that really annoys me. I get a "helptip" every minute or so that pops up telling me I have unequiped items but if I open my inventory, I have nothing I can equip.
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