Day9 plays D3 Beta(Witch Doctor/Wizard)

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    Heyho, I watched the Day9 Diablo 3 Beta Video last days and i think it is cool footage to get started with the game without a beta key.

    If you don't know Day9 he is a famous SC2 Caster and also a great entertainer ;)

    You should totaly give it a try:
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    Well, it was really awesome when it came out which was about the time the beta started. Watching it now, especially after patch 13, can be confusing to people who don't know in what state the game is at the moment. But I have to agree that Day9 can be really funny and provides some really funny aspects to playing a competitive game as SC2.
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    Yep you are right i didn't metion that the footage is with the old stat system. anyway it's entertaining ;)
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