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    With the recent changes to the skill and rune system in patch 13 in and running now. It got me thinking " with everyone unlocking skill runes as they level, are doing builds really as straight forward we they where before." Let me explain . So with some rune abilities unlocking in the low 30's and high 50's aiming for one of those high level skill runes may be a problem because your going through a lot of the game without that crucial skill rune effect you want. Most of the synergies are based from the skills as well as the skill runes. A way to combat this issue is when your making a build look at the skills and all its rune affects.

    I myself am a bit CDO (its OCD but in alphabetical order LIKE IT SHOULD BE! lol). I like to pick a skill and keep with it rather then shuffling around in skills. I know that just changing skills as you level up could work too its just not my playstyle.

    What do you all think? do you like to commit to skills and stick with them as you level or would you change skills as skill runes as they unlock?

    I do apologies if this does not really make sense. Its the crazy though of a crazy dyslexic.

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    I see what you mean. However I believe this game D3 has been built with the concept of being able to change skills when you want. Which means there will be certainly moments where another set would make things easier.

    Sticking with a build and making sure to masterise it is very good anwyay. I do think I will have a "prefered" build that I will try and master as much as possible. But I will be ready to switch sometimes if it is necessary :)
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    Through normal, I plan to and expect to see builds changing a lot as we acquire new skills and runes. I plan to commit a little more to certain skills in nightmare and hell after I have all the skills, and will probably commit to certain runes at level 60.

    I suspect that we'll see a lot of people who have two different main builds for PvP and PvE. Other than that, I think it's going to be more beneficial to have a solid PvE build that is balanced for a multitude of PvE situations. I don't want to have to switch out more than 1 or 2 skills from my main build. On that note, do you think Blizzard will implement a "save build" option, so that you can switch out all 6 skills at the same time?
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    well... i have another point of view, i spent many years, playing warcraft 3, it is a RTS game with many many types of units therefore you can come up with large spectrum of strategies. but the fact is everyone around me looking what famous korean players doing, what strategies they come up with. when i see first two minutes of replays i'm like "oh..he is gonna bring talons.."
    meybe i'm totally wrong it's two different games with two different genres it's just a think but i can foresee two friends playing together and one of them like "your skill combination is better than mine let me change to that".
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    I expect people to have very cookie cutter skill setups that change with each new rune you receive.

    There are so many though that it may take a while for these cookie cutter builds to be accepted as such.
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