Are you planning on making lots of money?

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    I dont know if people would be able to make masses of money. it would certainly be a pretty cool job to have. It could be just a pipe dream though, earning your way playing the game you love :D

    Im pretty sure though, that if you have luck you could earn some nice pocket change now and then which you will either re-invest into the game (for more gear) or buy cake with it!
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    I would love to be able to play the RMAH but I ain't good at even playing the WoW market. Plus I wont sell any items till I have no further need for them. My characters will have higher priority over selling. And I only feel like selling legendaries because that will always be a seller.
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    There will be groups setup to be gold and item farmers who will make money from it. I doubt the average player will make more than enough to pay for their game habit. Either way there will always be lazy people who want the top gear for no effort and will pay for it so someone will make some $$. Just won't be me and that's fine, I'd rather have a life.
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    I'd imagine that hardcore farming would still only make you a little money. Definitely not enough to sustain yourself on lol. And to the people saying they'll be botting to make money, blizz is going to be cracking down on that bigtime. They're not going to stand for people botting to make RL money.
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    I was pretty good at playing the Auction House in WoW atleast.
    Making few thousand gold per day without farming/questing etc, was really eazy.
    But i doubt that it will work the same way in Diablo, and especially not the way to earn lets say the income of someone who goes to work a whole month.
    I will again do my magic on the Auction House, but i will try to avoid the RMAH.
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    I won't to be rich, but I will try to make some extra money sure :)
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    If i get even remotely lucky..(which in the past Diablo games isn't the case) and I get those rare items that people seem to have the extra cash for, that might be the only time I ever use the RMAH. Other than that, I don't plan to touch it at all.
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    This time next year, I'll be a millionaire.
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    I'm just thinking to the items in Diablo2 if I would've paid for any of them and how much. For the fairly rare runes perhaps I might have considered paying a few dollars ($10-15) for them (Vex++) and then for things like unique shako or the some of the other rare pieces to the elite sets. Then I have to consider how often I found one of those items I might have thought of buying and I can't help but think that at best I'd make $10/day once the RMAH kinda settles into a balanced economy. I figure in the first few weeks/month or so there will be oportunities to make perhaps $60/day but I'd be guessing. For myself with a career I'd probably think long and hard about selling a great item I just found early after release. Who knows maybe I'm way off but I doubt anyone is getting rich off the RMAH. I guess the shift in the gaming industry is to sell these downloadable content patch updates that people buy on Steam etc for $2.99-$15 so maybe there is a high percentage of people willing to drop money on a game at a regular rate. I plan on spending the majority of my playtime in Hardcore so I guess its pretty much moot.
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    If I end up playing this game as much as I played Diablo 2 (which is likely!), I don't see why I shouldn't at least give it a shot. I like money though.
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    the only ones getting rich will be Bli$$ard
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    I'm going to sell every item of value I find, then I investigate that money in BlizzardActivision Shares :D. And you'll see after one year I'm rich.
    No seriously in rich countries as a "normal" person you won't get rich by playing diablo, but you can buy the next blizzard game with this money, for example.
    But this whole thing disturbes this game i think, if everyone just plays for money.

    If I find a great item, which I can't use, I'll give it to a friend or sell it for gold!
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    I hope that I will be able to equip my chars without spending money It was possible in the Diablo 2, so lets hope we can do it in Diablo 3 as well ^^.

    As far as getting rich by selling diablo 3 items is concerned: I doubt that there are that many items that are really that valuable in the end. So, if you want to make money here you will either need to be really lucky or own an army of bots/slaves.
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    I do not think I will become rich. An extra 50-100 dollars a week or so would help a lot. With the economy the way it is now any buck helps lol. Plus depends on luck if you will make a lot of money or not.
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    Very few people will get "rich" on the RMAH. I also wonder if the removal of the listing fee will help or hinder this process. With a listing fee people would think twice before putting something up at an over-inflated price hoping to find someone willing to pay that amount. Right now we can only make guesses on how this will play out in the wild
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    Like most others I can't really see anyone in the developed world making a career of this. I suspect that it will be mostly farmers that provide most of the items and gold. Still you might get lucky now and then and find things that translate to real gains. More of a nice bonus to playing a game then trying to deliberately make money..
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    Do i plan to make money?. well hopefully, but i do not think i will the only items you will make money on the high lv stuff. the thing would be the "gold farmers". they will mess up the RMAH so bad that everything will be worthless.
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    I've already quit my job I'm gonna make so much fucking money.
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    I think that I might use the Real Life Money Auction House sometimes just to try it out. Though I don't plan on getting rich with it because that is just nearly impossible. I like the idea of having the Real Life Money Auction House but I won't be using it for every item. I'll probably still keep ending up putting it on the normal Auction House in the end.
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    There is definitly a market for it, but theres so many variables you cant account for. Prices, availability, etc.
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