What is your biggest concern about D3?

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    • Do you have any general concerns?
    • Do you have any concerns about a certain feature of D3?
    In general, I'm worried that the hack n slash genre cannot satisfy me as it did back in D1 and D2 days, when it was new - since the genre isn't new anymore.
    I worry that after my first character, it will feel to repetitive and the areas will feel like "been there done that" - despite the randomness.

    There's also a more specific feature that I'm worried about. I've always loved PvP, and I'm worried that the PvP will get boring because Blizzard have decidet to balance the game around PvE, and that in general it won't get much attention from game designers.

    We'll see :-)
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    Having a beta account and being happy with it, the only two things that concerns me about Diablo 3 is expansion packs and the graphics.

    I want lots of packs, not just one pack 4 years later and then another 6 year wait for the next game in the series. That being said, I don't think it is an issue because Bobby Kotick will no doubt want to make lots of money, which means lots of expansion packs for the legions of fans to eat up.

    PS: The second thing that bugs me is the graphics. I expected at least one notch higher texture quality for this day and age and I am surprised we didn't get it. I don't think the graphics are bad by any means, but I think a slightly higher quality setting would have been warranted. However, they can always release an update in the future so whatever.
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    There's not much for me to be concerned about, I don't know what I'm to expect (since I don't have a Beta account :P) Graphics isn't really an issue with me, I was brought up in the times where they put gameplay before graphics (not saying blizzard is doing this with Diablo 3, they always make awesome games!)

    The main thing I'm concerned about with Diablo 3 would probably have to be the goldspammers, the vermin of any online game nowadays! Obviously my choice not being a game mechanic or graphics, but the people that ruin the experience by spamming you with ridiculous whispers of gold buying deals.
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