Diablo 3 Expansions and their focus

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    Diablo 3 not even released and still I open this thread already, growing out of an offtopic discussion in another thread, because I find it rather interesting.. so here it goes:

    There was a leaked/forged schedule where two D3 expansions were mentioned. Do you think there will really be two expansions and what will their focus be?

    Personally.. when I think of D2 I always felt like it was weired to fight against Baal after Diablo was already dead, but that probably just happened because there was need for some new enemy for the backdoor addon. I think they will change this now. They probably have storylines for the entire D3 series already set up. My guess is the main game will focus on Azmodan and the black soulstone, for the first expansion I am completely clueless, but the second expansion will probably be Diablo. Maybe the black soulstone is even the thing that will carry the story through all expansions right up to the end.

    If so.. Blizzard would have the advantage to be able to release two full price expansions and they can totally be sure that they will be bought, because we all want to fight Diablo... I sure do.

    What do you think? Will we actually have to wait two or three more years to fight Diablo or will he be in the main game? What might be storylines for the expansions?
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    Regarding money they make they will wait with those addons. Won't expect one for at least 1 1/2 years after release. Minor patches, but why pushing it to it's final version where sooner or later none will care anymore? Let's be honest: one of D2 (LoD)'s big advantages was the wipeout of your chars and the new ladder starting over. Otherwise you'd have had all the items you ever wanted, simply because people duped the hell out the game, though even tiny drop chances will make items drop over time, that said, with all expansions being released as soon as in the next 2-3 years, the game will be dead maybe 2 years after the last one. The RMAH will pay off, but in no comparison to world of warcraft. So the way to go would be not to push too much content out at once, but keep a good amount of new stuff, so people won't get too bored. Might be wrong but I won't expect expansions within the first two years after release.
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    You are almost off topic here. I think you are right hower, but do you think we will fight diablo this year or in two to three three to four years in an expansion? And what might be a "filler" addons plot to make the schedule complete? Some other brother like Azmodan trying to grab the black soulstone?
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    /push since it got spammed away

    or is there no one else thinking about this? You guys all sure we will fight Diablo this year? I want theories n stuff!
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    I believe in the span of diablo 3, if not in diablo 3 itself, we will see the angels abandon humanity and eventually go to war with the humans, i think this would make for some very interesting plot development and, and in a way put our fate in our own hands. The reason i say this is if you read the book of cain, you will notice that there is some hostility towards the humans from angels. Just a thought but man i would love to see it. on a side note i also think it would be cool to have the max number of players in one game online increased to 8 in an expansion.
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    I will be very surprised if we can not fight Diablo in this game. Not sure thah we can kill him though. He might slip away into an expansion pack before we get to kill him, if you understand what I mean.

    Like we fight him and his minions but before we get to kill him he disappears...
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    I hope we get to see diablo this game, if we don't i will be very disappointed. However, i trust blizzard, i don't think i've ever disliked over all lore for any of their games. Sure, a billion ressurections of bosses in WoW is annoying (Ony, nefarion, Rag , Kael Thas) but the lore behind them are decent...most of the time :P
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