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    Despite possibly being the first person in Vermont to get Diablo 2 (skipping college to get to one of vermonts few malls early), my Diablo 2 play consisted mostly of LAN play with roomates, and perhaps a normal playthrough or two.

    Regrettably, partying, girls, and even occassionally opening a text book, got in the way of me having the true Diablo experience of maxing out characters with countless hell runs over battlenet.

    This week I read on a forum that hardcore experienced players are upset with the new magic find stats due to the fact that lower caliber players could join games and "milk" drops off people using characters with more damage heavy stats.

    I'm interested in what other characteristics experienced players find as beneficial in a random teamate and those they find as detrimental to a gaming session.

    I'm hoping to put a lot more time into Diablo 3, and though I play a good amount of FPS, the whole idea of pros vs noobs makes me nervous to join multiplayer games sometimes. As joing random battlenet games is such as big part of Diablo 3 I'd like to know what's expected of me when I join up with people I don't know, many of which will initially be people of a greater skill level.

    I'm glad the new loot system makes the chances of someone thinking I'm a loot thief, but what else could I do unknowing that would piss off the rest of the group?

    Long story short, looking for characteristics of good team-mates and bad teamates in Diablo style play.

    I greatly appreciate any input!

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    Well, i think the biggest issue when it comes to team mates are players that stack up on MF gear and let the others in the group do most of the damage, they will slow down the kill speed of the party for their own personal gain, there should be some balance and group ethics but many people only care about their own personal needs.

    I don't see that many issues arising since the number of players is quite small now, so it shouldn't be to hard to see who's slacking off, i do hope a voting system is present ingame that will let 3 players vote one out if he is just leeching.

    In general i think the game will offer a better multiplayer experience then Diablo 2 did, especially with friends you know and trust.
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    Well I am currently looking forward to playing with a good community of peopl again. WoW has just became a loot pinata, and the community has really gone down the toilet. Every week I force myself to do DS LFR, and each week there is a plethora of loot whores who ninja loot and hold it for ransom to trade. This week, I actually called these ninjas out, and I got kicked from the group and ticketed for harassment. The game community has sunk so low its barely worth playing anymore...I will only log on once a week to do the raids now.
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    I don't see whats preventing you from asking if he can show his gear or you can kick him out it's your game. I'm pretty MF geared players significantly lower damage output will be visible by the naked eye. Not to mention the fact that if he gets a lot of Blue stuff he will want to go to towns sooner rather then later.
    This is a 4player coop game, if you intent do get in a game and not communicate with anyone good luck.
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    i don't know much about how grp works when it comes to items and MF. but i think the MF of 1 person affects all 4 players when it comes to loot so having a MF in grp can be beneficial to all grp even if he have less dmg - cuz most ppl r looking for better items so it's a win win situation.
    however if thats not the situation - i believe most grp will expect all team members to help the killing and fast pace movement as possible, rather it's from all party buffs, healing others with skills or the obvious good dmg dealing. and if ur fighting somewhere else or staying in town will be a deal breaker in most cases. however i believe there will be also ppl from the corners of the scale but alot less - and those ppl will expect u either to change ur build according to their build for optimal strategic gamestyle or on the other hand let u do what u will rather it's what kind of build u play or where ur fighting and playing in the map.

    so imho these r the kind of expectations u will encounter, so u can decide rather u like this or not and just leave if it doesn't fits ur interests.

    as for ninjaing thank god bliz give a personal item table loots so it won't be hell on earth ( or in hell :P) like in d2 when every1 can see all the loot and fastest clicker wins the loot which is absord imo. so on that matter u r fine. however 1 thing came to mind is that alot of ppl might not like the fact that u r so better and faster than them that u start an event or boss before they half way there them selves - so keep that 1 in mind also.

    don't have anymore thoughts on the subject - hopefully i helped the discussion.

    best of luck and hopefully we will meet in game,

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    Thats y u need to make teams with irl friends, for example my m8s from wow guild are already planned everything, from release date and play time schedule to class/build balance and party setup :) now just have to w8 for release :)
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    probably someone that is fairly patient. if they are usually very fast at playing they d slow down if you are a slower player and not just rush ahead killing everything.
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    thanks for the responses, I hope to get plenty of IRL friends playing. always cool when you can link up to chat via skype or something as well.
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    One of key factors that I have found when playing any online game has been communication. Talk with the people you group with. If they don't mind that you lag a little behind the pack in damage but can help with MF or other benefits, they might still be willing to take you along. Not everyone plays at the same level and those that are strict on who they group with will also have to keep to a smaller gathering of players at their speed and level or play. As for getting to bosses/events before others, that should be an automatic. It's not cool to progress the game/story while the rest of the party is still hacking through the mobs while you leap attack across the map.
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    I only see this problem in the public games. I will either play alone or with my friends so I don't see it happening to me. And in all honesty, if you are starting or joining a public game, that is your fault and not Blizzards. But there will probably be some heavy hitters who also have MF to hit harder. I know when farming, I will try to stack MF as much as possible and maybe have a friend kill so that I can get more drops. But I would do the same for him.
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