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    Hey Diablofans,

    This is devildog0491 here, I create youtube gaming videos (link to my channel bellow) I'm looking to build a network of gamers for hardcore diablo fans. I'm still waiting to win a beta key from any number of the random contests I've entered so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

    To all the gamers out there looking to build a network of friends for diablo 3 who are serious gamers or serious about making money in the new AH :d3d: go ahead and subscribe to me and send me a message I would love to meet you guys. Thanks for reading this.

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    sounds like a fun thing :) I am also in the same position as you, waiting for my key. What do u have in mind when the game goes live? What are your plan with the channel etc. More deep informatin would be nice :)
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