Diablo is Hardcore - Why I like it!

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    Hey guys,

    I've been lucky to try the beta via a site who gave me 2 hours of free play the other day. Here is what i did like from Diablo 3 beta and why. Feel free to give your opinions

    I Like:

    The gameplay feel like an arcade game. I really like the fact that numbers show up when we hit monsters. Also the gameplay is really fast make us feel to do combo in order to earn more xp.

    I am pretty sure that players will build skill combo between them when they play in party.

    I like the fact the skill are given at random when you level up.

    I like the fact that it take few seconds to cast a town portal, for hardcore players this will be the game to a real challenge. This also the case for when you leave the game, you have to wait 10 seconde before you leave it. This will make hardcore more hardcore and has a big diablo 2 hardcore player this is REALLY NICE!

    I like the fact that they made the quest very begginer friendly. We always know where to go even if we don't listen to what NPC say's...

    I don't know on your side but for me rare items only dropped from Skeleton King. This mean that rare and Unique item seems to drop more rarely then they were in Diablo 2.

    I really like being able to directly go where my party friends are just by clicking the flag on the town. This is a really good improve.

    I like the new items specification who give you more experience when you kill monsters. I see myself build new caracters with this and turn them into Magic finder when i get very high level.

    The fact that its the weapon that determine your skillz damage will make the game very balanced between caracters i think.

    Also, its good to not be able to buy identification scroll... It was just a boring thing to do since they were cheap to buy.

    What i fear from Diablo 3:

    Since there is no more attribute and the skills are random this make the game not enough deep. So I really hope the Runes will fix this when the game is out because i dont see myself play for years if we cant customize our caracters a lot.

    The Normal gameplay could be beatable by a 6 years old child... So i really hope Inferno difficulty will be VERY hard!

    The auction house, i would like to see real money trade in hardcore. I'm hardcore players and if there is money to do with diablo 3 ill be forced to play softcore until the items get sold for low value.

    Hostility in games, I didnt noticed that i was able to hostile someone in a Quest game. I know it's something recreational player will like. But on my part I'd like to hostile someone in a quest game for the fun of it :P

    I hope gold will have a real value in diablo 3. For repair items etc.

    Thats It! Feel free to reply you idea on this and I hope to get a key from Blizz or Dfans so i can make more reviews :)

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