What's your gaming setup look like?

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    Mine is gonna be my laptop hooked up to my 32" tv via hdmi. also have a keyboard on my lap with 5 speaker surround sound.... all while sitting on a comfy-ass leather couch.... and playing a Witch Doctor

    What's your gaming setup look like?
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    i7 Macbook Pro 15" with 8gb Ram and a 24" monitor.

    Nothing special i know! I hope it runs the game smoothly in higher settings.
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    Im currently on an Asus G73SW (Republic of Gamers laptop) with Intel i7 and GTX460M.

    Though i also have an 27" 2560x external LCD. Though I cannot run anything on 2560x1440 while connected to my laptopt since it doesnt support that screen res. So I will buy a new computer as soon as we have an proper releasedate of Diablo III.

    Sell my laptop and get an proper Big Tower instead ^^
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    Funny you should ask this ... I would say the main reason I started upgrading my computer last year was because of the (well what I thought was) the imminent release of D3. Well besides the fact Im sort of a computer geek and spend Alot of time messing around on her (wife calls her the mistress).

    Computer is slowly coming together ...
    Started out with:
    - case: antec p150 - lian li pc-7fnw (basically went from a smallish/solid/silent/study case (that was really beat up because its been threw like 8 moves). To medium size/much lighter/sleeker/a bit noiser case (of with a window which I absolutly love).
    - PSU: antec 550 neoHE - corsair ax850 both psu's are silient the neoHE maybe a bit more; but thought I might need the extra power in the future for upgrades and I also wondered about some bsod that I was occasionally getting and someone suggested I change out the PSU ... needless to say; it wasnt the psu but still happy I upgraded (dont have to worry about my mistress not having enough power).
    - SSD and Finally upgraded to windows 7: figured since I was going to do a new install I decided I'd buy into all the hype and try out a new SSD ... I first bought a intel 320 140 gig drive but quickly sold that and bought a bigger 256 m4 crucial (excellent drive). Happy with the purchase and my system runs great on it ... oh and it did take me awhile to finally migrate to win7 ... was just so used to win xp.
    - q6600 and dfi lanparty mb - 2700k and asus p8z68 along with 16 gigs of ram - this was quite a pricey upgrade. Works much better in windows 7 then did my q6600 chip.
    - 5770 ati to a 6850 ati (small upgrade; got a cheap deal at christmas). Will plan to upgrade this further once the newer cards come out (not impressed with AMDs release atm).
    - mx518 mouse to g400 - same mouse just different look; my old one was like 6 years old.

    future upgrades in this order:
    monitor - running a 25 inch asus want to go up to a 27 inch so waiting to see what comes out in the near future before d3.
    vid card - will probably get a nvda card since ati's are too pricey and not doing as much.
    sound card - my audigy 2 wont work in skype that well (bug with win7 64 bit and its mic). Also could use a new one; this one is 8 years old now?
    harddrive - oh want to get some extra storage ...

    anyways ... thats been my upgrade path in the last year~ while my wife got kitchen goods with our wedding money I got a few parts for the mistress :)
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    XFX Radeon 6970 2gb
    8GB ram

    Should be able to run the game pretty well i guess :) Maybe ill try connecting the computer to my HD TV to get the best experience once diablo 3 arrives!
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    i5 2500k
    40gb ssd
    500gb hdd
    8gb 1866 ram
    26" 1080p LG 3ms monitor

    Bought it a month ago i think, basicaly just for Diablo it should be enough for its needs, atleast i think it will be.

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    i5 2500k
    500gb 7200 rpm hd
    8gb ram

    >=) come at me bro!

    Mine is gonna be my laptop hooked up to my 32" tv via hdmi. also have a keyboard on my lap with 5 speaker surround sound.... all while sitting on a comfy-ass leather couch.... and playing a Witch Doctor

    While this sounds completely imba, tv's dont have good resolutions for gaming. Also, playing a mouse based game on a couch seems like a bit of a challenge? o.o
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    Nothing serious at the moment really, but planning on a upgrade upon closer to the release date.

    Antec Nine Hundred midi tower
    Asus P5K Premium LGA 775 motherboard
    Intel E6850 Dual Core 3,0 GhZ
    Radeon HD 5850 Graphics
    OCZ Reaper HTC DDR-2 1066 MhZ 2.00 GB RAM
    17" Dell no-model-name screen
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    i7 3,4Ghz
    27" screen
    Nvidia 580 GTX
    8Gb ram
    1 TB HD
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    I'd been putting my new PC together in anticipation of a March release... I guess I was a bit premature.

    Still, my previous system was an AMD Athlon64 from 2006, yikes.

    So, new build is:

    Intel i7 2600K, on Asus/Intel z68. Water-cooled (Antec Kuhler 620)
    Corsair 16GB DDR3 1600
    Corsair Force GT 120GB SSD + 1TB spinning storage
    Asus GTX 560Ti 1024mb
    Blu-ray drive
    In a Coolermaster Silencio 550
    27" Iiyama LED-backlit Full-HD screen

    Runs everything really nicely. A bit overkill for D3 maybe, but I've been keeping busy playing Kingdoms of Amalur - Reckoning until the game is released, amongst other things, testing BF3 etc.

    Need to get some D3 posters and stuff to improve the atmosphere of the room, though :)
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    Depends where i sit.

    When i feel like chilling with friends or just casually playing a game i play in the livingroom. There i've got all the consoles and my old i5 pc connected to my 52'' led so my and my friends can sit on the couch and game-on

    in the gaming room (yes lol, theres a room in my house dedicated to just games.) i've got my main game-pc hooked to two 27'' and next to that theres my laptop. Small 7.1 surround set there and an awesome chair.
    Tho i must say that since me and my gf live together i hardly spend any time on the main pc. I prefare to sit in the livingroom together and play games there.

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    I play games on my Mac Book Pro 15 inch. It's not exactly a gaming laptop but it runs WoW nicely and SC2 isn't too shabby either. Not sure what to expect with D3. I have a Windows 7 bootcamp partition so if the Mac version isn't great at launch I can switch over to that if needed. I'd love to build a proper gaming rig one day but I don't have the interest in games to justify the cost. Plus the last time I tried to attach a fan to a processor I freaked out thinking I had broken the thing. So perhaps I should stay away from custom builds. ;)
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    27" i7 iMac w00t.
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    hmmm ok maybe i went a bit overboard...

    I7 2600k
    GTX 580
    256gb SSD
    1tb HDD
    8gb Ram
    27" LCD
    Coolair cooling/power
    Merc Steelseries Gaming Keyboard
    Alienware mouse/headset

    still paying for it off my credit card... was worth it tho being able to play games like bf3 and metro 2033 on max graphics settings ... anything i can do to try and make the wait for Diablo 3 seem quicker
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    Using an rather old system. (3½ years old actually, but it was high end at the time, so it still runs smoothly)

    Intel Core 2 Duo E8500, 2x 3,17Ghz
    MSI P7N SLI Platinum
    GlacialTech Igloo 5062Silent
    Compucase HEC Windmill 550W
    Albatron Nvidia 9800GTX 512MB DDR3 3 x SLI
    GeIl 4096 MB DDR-II PC6400 Black Dragon Kit

    Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0 and a simple Logitech Y-SAE71 keyboard.

    It's pretty solid and still runs new games at very high details, but it failing slowly. My Graphics card burned a few months ago, but a friend of mine had a spare I could get so just replaced it with that :) But I do look forward to getting a new rig :D
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    Al these mac infestations is giving me a itchy trigger finger,

    CPU: 990x Xtreme 6 x 4.98ghz
    MOBO: Asus Rampage 3 Extreme
    Video card(s): AMD 6990 x 2
    RAM: 24Gb Kingstom Hyper X
    HDD: 5 x 2Tb Wester Digital Black Caviar
    SSD(s): Intel 510 serie 120Gb + OCZ OCZ3HSD1IBS1-720G 720gb
    Speakers: Logitect z5500
    Monitor: Acer GD245hq

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    Currently sat on:
    i7 930
    12gb triple channel PC3-16000
    GTX480 (damn it can get hot)
    24" HD Dell Monitor
    Nice comfortable Leather chair with space for putting my feet up
    Win7 x64 (obviously)

    Nice machine, spend about £1100 on it just over a year ago i think, wife wont let me do anything else for another 2 years or so but i dont drink or smoke etc so got bugger all else to spend my money on.

    EDIT: OOh i use the Roccat Kone+ an Roccat Isku Talk KB And mouse - so damn cool
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    Midrange Pc with 32" TV as a monitor, a packet of biscuits and a cup of tea.

    Sorted! :)
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    Amd PhenomX4 B55 @3.8Ghz
    Amd 5770 (OC OC (OverClocked OfCourse)) with custom cooling
    Win 7
    OCZ 120GB agility 3 + F3 1TB
    8GB 1333hz DDR3
    24'' Full HD Screen

    I think i'll do medium/high settings
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